Monster Integration - Chapter 790 Crimson II

Chapter 790 Crimson II

"Let's go," I said to Rachel as soon as we got completely ready, she nodded, and both of us jumped out of the window and flew toward the city gates.

As we left our apartment, sirens started to blare across the city and hearing that all the people stopped on their tracks before they began to check their holowatch in a hurry.

The deployment order is not for everyone; only those who have power over Five Star Silver Elite could enter this Battle. As people read it, I could see a sigh of relief appearing on their faces.

Every Battle is perilous; thousands of people die in them, even people as powerful as the Golden Elite fall in the battles, much less the Silver Elite, so even I have to be careful.

I was already close to Golden Elite, but drinking the position made of Yellow Thorn Peaches, my power had increased even more, and now I am just a step away from becoming Golden Elite.

There may be a difference of steps between Golden Elite and me, but that step is very hard to take. I will need to increase my Soul Power and Physical strength multiple times before I could take that step.

The power of the Golden Elite is immense; even the weakest Golden Elite could squash me like an ant, this is how the big difference of power between Golden Elite and me is.

So, in this Battle, I should steer clear of Golden Elites, once their gaze falls on me, no one will be able to save me.

Soon we reached the city gates, and from it, I could see people in five different groups standing in the neatlines. These five groups of people represent five S Cla.s.s Guilds.

In Fort Cavendish, the outpost I was before there were four S Cla.s.s Guilds, but in Milfred, there are five. Other than the four before there is one extra called Sky Hammer, these Guilds could be said to specialize in brute strength and used heavy weapons.

Ever since I started using the heavy sword, Rachel had teased me many times, saying I should be a member of Sky Hammer instead of the Raging Thunder.

"Be Careful," I said to Rachel and kissed her, the kiss lasted for quite a while before I let go. "You too," she said as she gave me a quick peck on lips before we moved toward our separate camps.


Soon I landed beside my guilds group and stepped into the line like others. There are only five groups in front of City Gates, but not all people present here are the members of the Raging Thunder.

The Guild system is an extremely complex one, every Guild except for S Cla.s.s Guild and a subsidiary of another Guild and they all connected to five guilds, which is why for members of the subsidiary guild, it is quite easily enter the S Cla.s.s Guild as long as they pa.s.sed the test which is said to be quite difficult.

Ten minutes pa.s.sed by, and the number of people grew exponentially that even I was able to imagine, the city had so many powerhouses. I would not have been shocked to see such numbers if it were just a normal silver elite, but these fifty thousand present all five groups have power Six Star Silver Elite.

I thought such a number of high-level Silver Elites could only be found in Warzone, not in Midzone like a Milfred.

I was in my thoughts when I suddenly everybody quieted down as the Guild leader of every Guild had come bringing a group of hundred people behind him.

It is said that the Guild Leader of every S Cla.s.s guild in the Midzone is a Limit Breaker. They have broken up the limit of the human body and stepped into a different realm.

They are still at Knight Stage, but they crossed the limit of power of what Knight Stage should have. They are called 'Platinum,' and each platinum has the potential of the fight against an average Lord Stage powerhouse, which is mindblowing.

I have heard how powerful the Lord Stage Powerhouses are; they are people who have fused with the Inheritance, which provides them terrifying power. They are powerful enough to kill hundreds of Golden Elite with their casual attack, but 'Platinums' are the powerhouses that could fight against them.

"Today Grimm Monster's cross the boundary, they slaughtered our Fellow Humans and Feasted on their Flesh, if we did not take revenge on them by completely slaughtering them, then we will not call be able called brother and sister of those who martyred under the Blade of Grimm Monsters." Said Pet.i.te girl in bright red Armor.


Hearing her, all the people raised their weapons and started to shout loudly while I messaged my head in little worry.

That little Red is from Red Flag; these b.a.s.t.a.r.ds are extremely crazy in the fight, but seeing how the other four guild leaders let her lead the Battle, she must have been powerful and have some capability in leading otherwise other four Guild Leaders would have never let her lead.

"My brethren, we are going to slaughter the Grimm Monsters, slaughter them till there is no Grimm Monster left," she said while moving her fist in the air.

She looked quite fierce despite having a pet.i.te figure; one would not imagine a cute looking girl could have such fierceness in her.

"Ting Ting Ting…"

Soon the battle plan appeared on my holowatch, and I have to say the battle plant is quite great; it is a pincer attack. She wants to annihilate all the force that Grimm Monsters and if her plan became successful, then we would annihilate all the Grimm Monsters that had attacked.

She had divided all the fifty thousand people into two groups of twenty-five thousand. The first team of twenty-five thousand would use the force of the Grimm Monsters directly from the front while the other twenty-five thousand people would be divided into the fifty groups of five hundred, which would surround the Grimm Monsters and attack.

The plan is very good, but it will be quite difficult to execute as according to the intel the Guild had got, the Grimm Monsters have nearly four times the number than us, it will be quite difficult to execute and confine and kill strategy.

There is another problem with the strategy that the Battle will be fought in the hilly area and not in the plain. Little Red wants to use this problem at her advantage.

Humans have always fought against the Grimm Monsters in a lesser number, which is what she wants to use as an advantage, and since we are fighting in the hilly area, it will be quite difficult for commanders to take a full view of the Battle quickly.

There are many disadvantages in this strategy, and it puts too much pressure on each human, but if we can overcome this pressure and fight with our all, then there is quite a high chase we will annihilate the Grim Monsters.

This strategy matches up the crazy behavior of the Red Flag members; if it hits, then it will work like wonder; if not, then most of us will get slaughtered by the Grimm Monsters.