Monster Integration - Chapter 782 Kill I

Chapter 782 Kill I

"It's all good now!"

I said as I closed the entrance of the cave with vines, five days ago, I had cut the Vines in excitement. Now they have grown a little but not much. So I moved vines beside it and hid the entrance.

It looked perfect; if one does not look carefully, they will not spot any problems with it. The secret of The Garden is too shocking, the fewer people know about it, the better.

The people who have come before me also understand it, with the level of strength I have, it will be very difficult to get entry into the Garden again if I notified the Guild of adventurers Paradise.

It will become the property of the powerful, and I might as well be killed to protect the secret. So even if I want others to get benefits from it, I will have to keep it secret and only disclose when I have enough strength that no one will be able to take from me without my permission.

It had been sixteen days since I went out of the city for the Mission, and the requirement of my mission is only for that of the fourteen days if I want I could return, but I will not.

I plan to spend two more days in Mariana Hills, testing my powers against the Grimm Monsters of the same level, and I won't have to worry about Rachel worrying about me as her Mission is longer than me; she has three more days before she could return to the city.

So, returning early will be useless for me, so at that time, I might as well destroy some camps and fight some Grimm Monsters.

After walking away from the cave entrance, I did not directly search for the Grimm Monsters to fight. There is one thing I have to do before I could start fighting Grimm Monsters, and that is to calibrate the weight of my sword.

With my advancement and cruel training I have put myself for these past few days, the 300KG have became light to me. I want to increase the weight of the sword so that it could become heavy again.

When I first came out of Forbidden Ground, I had thought that by the time I had reached the Peak of Nine Star Silver Elite, I might become capable enough to lift my Totem Artifact but it seemed like I was desperately wrong, I will need to become Golden Elite before I could use my Totem Artifact.

I took out the Grimm Sword from my storage, and as I had expected, it felt surprisingly light, it felt like I am not using the Grimm Sword but the Red Sword.

Feeling the sword in my hand, I activated its weight array. As I did it, the weight of the sword kept increasing. I closed my eyes and let my weight increase. I want to make it as heavy as the sword I used during the training in The Garden.

Time pa.s.sed by, and soon, the weight of the sword became equal to the sword I had trained in the Cavern. When I measured its weight, I was very surprised, because the Grimm Sword now weighs 612 KG, which is little more than double the weight of Grimm Sword used to have before.

Seeing such weight of the Sword, I have become very confident that as long as I become Golden Elite, I will be able to wield my Totem Artifact.

I did not store the sword back into my storage after I adjusted its weight; instead, I placed it on my back to get used to its weight. The weight of the sword is heavy for me too.

"Ashlyn, let's find some Grimm Monsters to kill!" I said and started to walk out of the deep valley. Just a minute after getting out of the Valley, we encountered the first Grimm Monster.

It is a team of sixty Grimm Monster with three Nine Star Elites, and in three Nine Star Elite, there was one peak Nine Star Elite. Ashlyn had killed them all within three seconds, including the Peak Nine Star Elite.

Her attack was so fast as the except for Peak Nine Star Silver Elite; no other Grimm Monsters knew how they died.

As time pa.s.sed, Ashlyn kept killing more and more Grimm Monsters that we have come across. In just half an hour; she had killed more than a thousand Grimm Monsters.

There are plenty of Nine Star Silver Elites in Mariana Hills, but those above it are quite rare. It is very difficult to find that I had used to find the maximum of three Grimm Monsters daily to that level.

"Looks like we have to go deeper," I said Ashlyn after two hours. In the two hours, the Maximum level of Grimm Monsters we could find was Peak Nine Star Silver Elite; we were not able to find the monster that is higher than that.

If I want to find the grimm monster of my level with surety, then I have to go deeper. The depth of Marian Hill's is very dangerous even for people of my level. I have to be cautious once I get there.

As I made my decision, I had wasted no time in acting on it. I flew at the maxim speed I could without attracting too much attention.

'It is amazing!' I explained in my mind; I had never known flying in the trees could be this amazing when not using the Killing rule. Currently, I have stopped using the my killing rule as I flew.

I am flying low, but my speed is quite high, and I am flying in a hill among thick trees. Every second, I had to move to avoid trees, a slight mistake on my part and I could crash against trees, especially when my senses aren't heightened.

While flying, I have many times survived the crash and even have to move at an unnatural angle to avoid the trees, one time I've also gone upside down just to get a kick of it.

Chew Chew…

Suddenly Ashlyn chirped, and I stopped, nearly cras.h.i.+ng on the huge tree that is in front of me. "Did you find one?" I asked in a calm voice while activating my killing rule and bracelet to extend the range.

Chew Chew

She affirmed and began to lead me toward the Grimm Monster. The Grimm Monster is clearly out of my range; otherwise, I would have sensed it.

I am quite happy about finding the Grimm Monsters as I had not thought I would not come across one before I reached the deeper part of Marina Hill.

As minutes later, we started to move toward Grimm Monster, I had finally sensed the Grimm Monster that Ashlyn sensed. It is a team of five Grimm Monsters; the leader of the team has power above the Nine Star Silver Elite, while the other four are the Peak Nine Star Silver Elite.

This is a very powerful team, and it will be wonderful if I can kill the leader as it will be akin to killing a hundred Peak Nine Star Silver Elite.