Monster Integration - Chapter 781 Getting Ou

Chapter 781 Getting Ou

Annihilation, the aura of Absolute Destruction, spread throughout the Holy s.p.a.ce. It is so fearsome that one could be wiped out of existence, everything would turn into nihility once they contact this aura.

It is terrifying to the extreme that if I had my real body present here, I would have soiled my pants. I am fine because of protection; otherwise, I would have turned to smoke a long ago.

The silver-grey rock globe started to s.h.i.+ne, and with it, there is change happening to it, some parts of tuning into liquid slowly.

As time pa.s.sed and the process continued as it sucked more and more energy from the vine until it became completely liquified and now it looked like a ball of silvery grey liquid. If it had been red, it would have looked like a huge drop of blood, just as that thought came into my mind, it struck me.

'This is the Blood Of Annihilation that they were all crazy about.' The Abomination was ecstatic about having it, and now the being in The Garden got shocked seeing it that it had nearly killed me.

As I was watching, the scene in front of me blurred, and I found myself back in the Garden. I thought I would see something amazing, I was sure of it but instead of seeing it, I was sent back.

I found I am still performing the Supreme Combat Technique and seeing that I got excited before all my hopes got dashed when I found I am still performing the first pose, and it had barely ten seconds since I blacked out.

I wanted to check on other things, but I first pacified Nero, who is wailing. He had sensed my emotions earlier; It took me a while to pacify him before I asked it to eat the energies around it.

When I looked at its speed of eating, I felt relieved, and a bright smile appeared on my face. Last time at every 1% of mutation, it's eating speed used to increased by one time and this time also is the same, it had mutated about 10%, so its speed had increased by ten times.

Still, it took more than one minute to eat all the energies present in my body except for of course, the suppressive energy.

As Nero finished eating, I had expected to fall myself down due to extreme tiredness as I usually do, but this time, I had found that there still quite a bit of energy remaining; I was quite surprised seeing that.


I shouted ecstatically in my mind when I checked the condition of my body; I am quite surprised as it was way stronger than before, not only my body but also my soul had advancement.

I am now officially above Silver Elite, and Below Golden Elite, as for how I got the big push to reach here, I did not have to think much.

When that being spotted 'Blood Of Annihilation' in me, It was so shocking that its aura which fluctuated a little, which brought me out to my brink. That being instantly healed my injuries with Suppressive Energy.

That suppressive energy not only healed my injuries but also gave me enough push that I could break out of Silver Elite.

Seeing I have energy, I tried to move toward the 2nd pose of the sixth movie, but I had failed. I tried till I was dead tired and fell on the ground in exhaustion and unknowingly fell into sleep under such high pressure.

It is very risky to sleep here, as I am very close to the next boundary, I will just have to move my leg a little, and it will be crushed. Even now, when my strength increases, I do not have a bit of confidence to survive even a second under that pressure.

When I woke up the next morning, I felt quite refreshed and suffocated at the same time, last night I was dead tired by intense training and numerous shocks that slept profoundly, but now that I have woken up, I started to feel that immense pressure.

I have already gained most of the benefits of this place, but I am still staying here one more day to train. The suppressive energy and Gravity is very good for the training of the body; I want to increase the weight of my sword tomorrow.

It took me forty-five minutes to freshen up and eat before I came back near the tree where maximum pressure is and took out Greatsword, which feels a little lighter than before.

It is not the Grimm Sword I usually use but the other, it is the lightest Greatsword I have. In the Garden, whatever nonliving things I come across will have to bear the same amount of pressure as me.

I had taken out the Grimm Sword, but it fell down with so much weight that it had nearly buried in the ground. Which is why I am using this blue color greatsword, which is the lightest Greatsword I have.

When I first took it out, I was barely able to lift much less practice, but after training in the s.p.a.ce, I was able to lift enough that I could practice for a few minutes. Now with my strength increased again, I hope I will be able to practice it for half an hour at the least.

'I lasted more than I had expected!' I said as I sat on the ground tired, I had practiced little more than an hour before I had to rest, which is quite shocking as I usually only practice for ten to fifteen minutes before I have to rest for a while but this time I had lasted for an hour.

I rested for five minutes before I continued to practice again, and such a day had pa.s.sed between the practice. I again slept tiredly before waking the next morning and starting practicing again.

I was planning to leave after day, but I ended up staying two more extra days seeing the progress I am making in my sword practice. Such as five days hd pa.s.sed since I had entered this cave and four and a half days since I entered this cavern and since then, I had not taken a step outside of it. I ate and slept under the pressure of this cavern.

Now that the time of leaving had come, I felt a little melancholic. The Garden has given me many benefits and will give me more when I return. That will be only when I will reach the Peak Golden Elite; I don't know how much time it will take, I hope it's soon.

I took one last look at the cavern before I walked out of it, and just as I did, I felt like a light as a feather, there still suppressive pressure in the cave but it is nothing compared to what it is inside.

I started to walk outside of the cave unlike when I entered the cave, this time I felt no crus.h.i.+ng pressure, which is why it took me just one and a half hour to get out compare to seven hours in getting in.