Monster Integration - Chapter 776 Yellow Thorn Peaches

Chapter 776 Yellow Thorn Peaches

Time pa.s.sed by, and finally, I am just 1 meter away from the Yellow Thorn Peach Tree, but I had already reached my limit. All the blood veins in my body started to pop up, and there are very tiny cracks forming on my Soul, which gets bigger and bigger every second.

My Soul and Body are very tensile, but this Gravity and Suppressive energy has taken them to near their limit.

The more I stay in my place, the greater my injuries are becoming; if I am right, then I will be only able to stay at my current place for fifteen minutes max before my body starts to collapse.

I could take steps and let my body bathe in the suppressive energy, and I am sure within a day, the suppressive energy will make my body and Soul strong enough I will be able to get close to the tree, but I do not want to wait for that long, the wait will be too much for me as I see the tree a meter ahead of me.

It is not like I am out of options, my Supreme Combat Exercise has reached the 24th circulation, and as long as I break the wall that is stopping my circulation, I will be able to create the 50th minor seal and with it 5th Amethyst Seal.

But it is harder than it seems, I had been trying for the past hour, but I wasn't able to break that wall.

I looked ahead, and my expression hardened, I will not be able to break the wall through the normal means, to break it, I will have to challenge my limits and bore some pain.

Step! Crack Crack… "Ahhh…."

I took a step forward, and just as I did, I started to hear the cracking sound of my bones as I was a.s.saulted with soul-crus.h.i.+ng pain. This time it is not an illusion, my Soul and body are really getting crushed by the immense pain.

I am sure that I can only stay under this pressure for a maximum of three minutes before I start to become a puddle of gore under this pressure.

I knew something like this would happen, but it still blew my mind and distracted me from the thing I should be doing for at least half an minute.

I took a single deep breath, which is felt like inhaling thick mercury inside me, but I bore the uncomfortable sensation and closed my eyes. Inside I fully concentrate on building the momentum of energy, as I know I only have one chance; after that, I will have to take a step back or I'll die.

I continue to build the momentum of the energy without care for the pain and injuries I am receiving. I built and built the momentum until it finally reached its limit, and seeing that, I completely released it on the wall that is blocking my path.


The torrent like force finally crashed on it the wall, I thought it would sure blast it apart, but not a crack had formed on it, seeing that I felt complete disappointed and about to take a step back when I saw numerous cracks for forming on that wall at alarming speed and within second that wall blasted apart in the smithers.

As the wall blasted apart, the 50th minor seal started to form, seeing that I began to provide it with energy. Earlier it used to need more than a minute to be created, but with this extraordinary pure mana, six seconds are more than enough.

In six-second, the seal was completely created and started to spread the cooling energy through my body, which did nothing except for giving me a slight refres.h.i.+ng feeling.

The minor seal released its energy for just five seconds; as it released the energy, it got sucked by my body that energy did not have the chance to circulate throughout the body.

As the 50th Minor seal completely spent the energy, it went back to the other nine seals and started to spin slowly and as they spun they created sucking force to suck the mana out of my body.


I was to provide it with the mana when I found out that it is sucking suppressive energy present in my boy at an astonis.h.i.+ng speed that in just three seconds, it sucked all the energy it needed and resplendent amethyst seal created as it released refres.h.i.+ng energy throughout my parched body that not only started to heal my body and Soul but also started to make them stronger.

I am in shock seeing what is happening, the seals of supreme combat exercise only one time have taken the other energy other than my mana, which is 'White' Grade Origin Water.

Its usage of White Grade origin water is understandable as the Origin Water as it had a tiny part of the Origin in it, and it very mild energy but this suppressive energy is different. It is completely overbearing, but Amethyst Seal sucked it apart in just four seconds.

The refres.h.i.+ng energy transmitted in my body for a minute before it stopped, and I again felt mountain-like pressure cras.h.i.+ng into me.

The pressure is really great, but this time, my body was able to bear it. As I scanned my body and Soul, I found it had barely reached the Peak of Nine Star Elite; I still needed to strengthen it quite a more before it reached the absolute Peak of Nine Star Elite and I am very sure that training day or two in The Garden will do the job.

Now that the 5th amethyst seal is created, I again focused on the Yellow Thorn Peach Tree, which is less than a meter distance from me.

'f.u.c.k, so hard!'

I cursed in my mind as I tried to circulate the Supreme Combat Exercise as I found it extremely hard, harder than breaking into the wall and it is not Supreme Combat Exercise, the Body Cleansing Exercise had also became hard, I found when I practiced in the morning.

I know this level of difficulty is not normal as my father had created the fifth amethyst seal before, and he mentioned something about it being difficult, but he did not say it will be this difficult; if it had been this difficult, my father would have mentioned it to me.

So I could only conclude that I am having a hard time practicing the Supreme Combat Exercise and Body Cleansing Exercise due to my changed const.i.tution, and it will become harder as I grew powerful.

Shaking my head at those thoughts, I continue as no matter how hard they get, I will break through them, and the rewards I will get after doing that will also be great, so it is not that I am suffering or anything.

Step Step Step…

With my strength increased by the Amethyst seal, I continue to take steps toward the peach tree; first, I was fine, but soon I started to get injured by pressure, but I did not mind as the peach tree is near.


Finally, my bleeding self took that last step and reached near the peach tree and saw glowing Yellow Thorn Peaches; I felt that all the efforts I took and all the pain I had experienced all of it was worth it.