Monster Integration - Chapter 775 The Garden I

Chapter 775 The Garden I

Seeing the light, a smile couldn't help but appear in my face. It was not easy to reach this far, especially the past hour. The suppressive energy is very dense here; if not for me circulating the Secret method and Supreme Combat exercise, I wouldn't have been able to walk this far.

Even now, I am feeling a very high suppression that makes me feel like I am swimming in the sea of mercury, which made taking each step very hard.

I turned off the glowing torch in my hand as I walked toward the light, the purpose of the glow torch was to provide me with the light, and now I can have light from the end of the tunnel, there is no need to use it.

Step Step…

I moved toward it, taking each step at the time while doing that I circulate Supreme Combat Exercise and Secrete Method faster and faster to mitigate the pressure released by the suppressive energy.


It took me 20 minutes to cross the short distance to the cave end, but I finally reached it, and through the door, I saw the scene as amazing as I saw when I fell into the forbidden ground.

What I see in front of me is a Huge Cavern, bigger than what I had encountered in Forbidden Ground. It is filled with green smoke and light. It had completely covered the cavern, I couldn't see one third of the cavern due to it. This smoke and light seemed to come from the thing in the centre of Cavern which was completely blinded by the green smoke and light.

The blinding light made it very difficult to see what that thing is and not to forget the distance between me and that object is at least fifteen kilometers, so even if I am there was no blinding light, I would have been able to see it perfectly without getting close.

I looked for the blinding Green light in the centre for a while before looking around, and I am quite shocked by what I saw.

Looking at such deep underground and suppressive energy released by that blinding object, no life would grow there, but they will be very wrong. This cavern is flouris.h.i.+ng with life.

There are so many trees here that one could call it a huge Garden. They are neat formations as if they are planted by someone which feels really impossible because the rarity of trees here is off the charts. Each every tree rares more than other, especially that is closer to the light, they are f.u.c.king rare.

I would not have imagined, the tree of Yellow Thorn Peaches which is one of the rarest fruit in the Knight Grade is the most outer layer, I will just as have to walk for four meters I will reach the trees.

There are hundreds if not thousands of trees of Yellow Thorn Peaches present here and that is for the most outer layer.

Seeing the Yellow Thorn Peach Trees, I couldn't help but licked my lips seeing that and took a step inside the cavern. In my greed I failed to notice that Ashlyn who after seeing the tasty thing would leap at them like mad had flown away from my shoulder and now is sitting little distance from cavern distance.


As I took the step inside the Cavern from the entrance, I felt like a force of mountains cras.h.i.+ng into me. This time not only is there dense suppressive energy but also Gravity, which seemed to not only affect my body but my soul too.

Feeling such pressure of suppressive energy and Gravity, I wanted to take a step back immediately, but I did not; I stayed rooted in my spot while madly circulating the Supreme Combat Exercise and Secrete Method.


Suddenly a bright smile appeared on my face as I finally created the 49th minor seal of Supreme Combat Exercise. I have just stepped away from creating the 50th seal. For the past seven hours in the tunnel, I had tried to use the suppressive energy to break through that limit, but I was unsuccessful doing that but here one step in the cavern, and I was able to create a 49th seal.

Within a few seconds, the seal is completely created and started to transfer the energy throughout my body, which is not much to me, but I am still happy as now I am only one seal away from creating an Amethyst seal, which I am planning to create as soon as possible.


After the 49th seal was created, I again started circulating the Supreme Combat Exercise and Secrete Method, and I took another step toward the peach tree. Just as I took the step, the pressure on me had increased two-fold, and suddenly I felt the artifacts I am wearing became very heavy.

Seeing that, I did not waste time and stored everything in my storage right, which had become quite hard to operate. Now except for the clothes and storage ring on my finger, I am not wearing anything; I even stored the normal storage packets into the storage ring as they have become inoperable under such pressure; only the storage ring could be operated.

Step Step Step Step…

I took one step, then another, and soon I crossed the one-meter distance and was even able to reach the 4th circulation of the 50th seal amazingly. The pressure here is so high that as long as I try my all, I am confident that I will be able to create the 5oth seal here.

But it will not be easy, the pressure here is already very great, and if I am right, only those who are at the Peak Nine Star Elite will be able to reach near the peach tree, and that is not good news for me.

I am not Peak Nine Star Elite, at least my Body and Soul had not reached that level yet. I can project the power of Peak Nine Star Elite because of the Swirling Armor, but without it, I am just an ordinary Nine Star Elite.

So, reach the peach tree; not only will I need the power of the 50th seal, but I will also need to bear some fearsome injuries, and I am ready for it.


I continue taking a step after step, with each step, I would make small progress. I was just scanning my body for the progress I am making under this Suppressive Energy and Gravity when I notice something strange, which brought a dazzling smile to my face.

I notice that suppressive energy enters my body or I might say that I am swimming in the river of the suppressive energy, so with me taking a breath to practice, some suppressive energy would enter my body.

Most of it would pa.s.s through my body, but some of it would stay and make my body stronger. The rate of progress is very slow, almost unnoticeable at first, but as I entered the dense energy, its effects had become very noticeable.

Though its speed is still slow, if I come in contact with the more dense suppressive energy, then with the help of the power of Amethyst seal, my body and soul could definitely reach the Peak Nine Star Elite.