Monster Integration - Chapter 768 Saving II

Chapter 768 Saving II

Two hours pa.s.sed, and we have crossed the halfway distance already, just two hours more and we will be out of the Mariana Hills, only after getting out of Mariana Hill we truly will be safe.

It was a good thing I have Ashlyn with me which made the travel out of Mariana Hill's very safe, if not for her, I would have had to fight all the battles and it would have taken a day or more to take them out of the Mariana Hill's and that is in the lucky day.

I now truly understood the difficulty of this mission and also realize the reason why guild offers so many merit points because nearly half of these rescue failed, there are just too many Grimm Monsters that it is very difficult to deal with them with the sufficient luck and power.

As I leading a people out of the forest, an idea came into my mind and I have to say, it is pretty good. With Ashlyn taking care of most of Grimm Monsters, I am quite safe and free, then why I don't utilize this free time instead of wasting it.

I immediately let a part of my conscience sank into my storage and there I started to open the storage. Ashlyn had killed a s.h.i.+t load of Grimm Monsters in this past few days and I did not have a time to open all of them, h.e.l.l with the number of Grimm Monsters she had killed, I did not open even 5% of storages.

So, I started opening then, I started with storages of the Eight Star Silver Elites storages as Ive already opened the storages of Nine Star Elites and G.o.d lot of good stuff from there.

Time pa.s.sed by as I started opening one storage after another and like always, I am having quite fun doing it as each storage is like a treasure chest that had a countless treasure hidden under them.

Most of the storages did not some special or rare to offer but some did, like two storages I had checked earlier. One had very rare ore that had value to a Natural Treasure while on one storage, I had found a very precious herb which only grows in a special environment, its value was even greater than the Ore I had found.

These are the storages Silver Elite, even if the Silver Elites are not top of the food chains, they still at the top, and all the things they have contain an immense value. Any casual thing from the storage of silver elite will be enough for normal people in the republic to lavishly for the rest of their life.

I kept opening the storage but that is all I did not do, I also fight some Grimm Monster once in while to maintain the image of myself, so it would not look too easy to get out of the Marian Hill.

Time pa.s.sed as we pa.s.sed through the hill after hill and such more than an hour had pa.s.sed. Now we just have to fly for half an hour at our current speed before we cross the Mariana Hill.

That couldnt help but put a smile on my face, I may look carefree but I am extremly stressed. The Mariana Hills is very dangeroes and there are many Grimm Monster here that I and Ashlyn are no match.

We have come across such Grimm Monster, Ashlyn had told me that she had sensed a Grimm Monster that even is no match of. That time, instantly changed the route and took a short detour.

Even now when I opening storages, ¾ of my soul power is still being used in keeping track of surroundings, and the bracelet also helped very much as with the help of it, I have to use a lot less energy than before.


We were just fifteen minutes distance from exiting the Mariana Hills when I stopped and just as I did, the people behind me stopped uniformly without creating the chaos.

"There is powerful Grimm Monster coming toward us, you guys stay put, I will come quick dealing with it," I said they all nodded and formed a defensive circle to fight any Grimm Monsters that to came.

I have seen it happen too many times that I am not getting surprised by it anymore but still, I feel pain whenever I see them like this. Just one look at their face, it is enough to tell that they will fight monster till it dead or die trying but they will never become a captive again.

I gave them a rea.s.suring smile before I disappeared from their eyes with fain booming sound.

The Grimm Monster I am going to fight is Nine Star Elite, this one was able to get close due to Ashlyn being busy in a fight with two Nine Star Elites. Even against two Grimm Monsters, she is a clear advantage but it will still take her some time before she could kill them.



My sword clashed against the Grimm Monster's hammer before it could finish the sentence. I have no interest in the chitchatting with the Grimm Monster, I just want to finish it quickly as possible and continue to my journey.

I have already planned everything for the next eleven days and that plan included crus.h.i.+ng at least two Grimm Monsters camps daily. It will be a very difficult task but is possible if I give my all and that is what I had to kill this Grimm Monsters quickly as possible.

Clang Clang Clang Clang… Puh Puh Puh…

I launched intense attacks at it, with each attack having greater than previous. The Grimm Monsters shocked seeing this and started to use its all strenth to defend. Though it is able to defend, it was not able to able to save itself from the injuries.

Slice Slice Slice...

It is puking blood nonstop as it is taking steps back, seeing the blood coming out of its mouth, my attack became even fiercer than withing just two minutes of started to fight, I was able to bypa.s.s its defense and make cuts across its skin.

Though the cuts are not deeper as it will always survive somehow. If I could have able to make the cuts deeper then I could have used my Mystic Method to finished it off.

But it will not take long, it only took me two minutes to breach its defense, so it will take me a maximum of two minutes to kill this Grimm Monster if I used my mystic method.

Another minute had pa.s.sed and now the Grimm Monster have become completly bloodied, there is barely any s.p.a.ce on it its body, that hadn't been marked by my sword.

���You forced me and now bear the wrath of my Myst" Its sentence cut into half as it saw the sword which is covered in a cloud of Dark Grey Sand in its chest.

I had killed this Grimm Monster the same way I had killed Iron Rhinoman and interestingly it has the same looked of confusion that The Iron Rhinoman had on its before dying.