Monster Integration - Chapter 767 Saving I

Chapter 767 Saving I

"Whew, that move took a lot from me!"

That move was the sudden inspiration that struck me after I saw the Iron Rhinoman coming at me. The inspiration was sudden, and I decided to take a chance with it, and fortunately, I succeeded in the first try.

This move is a higher version of Mini Blast; for this move, I create a mini blast all over my body but instead of acting it out, I transfer all the energy they produce to the single point, this gave me enough energy to perform a move that could Rival a Mystic Method without using the Mystic Method.

But this move has a lot of requirements, it needs fine control over energy, strong physical body, and strong soul power. To manage all the power released by all the Mini Blast, I need to have excellent control over the energy.

I need to have a lot of soul energy, to protect the Swirling Armor from puffing away by the power created by multiple mini blasts and strong physical body to bear the load of this concentrated power. This ingenious move did not give as much strain as the powerful move of Mystic Method.

The only problem is this move is not perfect, a slight mishandling of the force and I might injure myself or my swirling armor could puff away and not to forget the strain it puts on the body, so with every usage, I will have to rest for a minute at least.

Still, even with all the flaws as this move is the best, as long as I fixed the destabilizing factor of this move which I am confident in fixing, I will be able to use this move every minute without much care for the energy as I have to do with my mystic method where I have a limited amount of energy.

This move is fantastic and I have to name it, but I decided to hold off on that despite having the name in mind; I planned to name it when I fixed all of its little flaws.


I took out my sword from confused looking Iron Rhinomans chest, this poor Grimm Monster till the last moment of its life, it was not able to see how it was killed.

After feeling a moment of pity for it, I collected its body and started to collect the bodies of the Grimm Monsters.

This fight was bountiful, not only it had increased the comprehension of my sword style, but it also inspired me to create a fantastic move which could Rivel a Mystic Method and not forget these bodies of Grimm Monster which will help me create another load of the Mana Crystals.

After collecting bodies of Grimm Monsters, I handed to ashlyn Runic Disc and gave her instruction before I started to walk into the abode.

"Those f.u.c.king maggots!"

I said with rage-filled eyes, and as I saw the condition of the humans inside it, there are about a hundred humans who are lying in the dirty tore clothes; some of them are even naked, which wounds and dirt pasted all over their body.

There are also some bones in the corner; just one look is enough to tell they are human bones.

There is also weirds smell lingering in the hall; ive never smelled this smell but instinctively knew it is the smell of s.e.x. Ive read about Grimm Monster liking to watch humans s.e.x, but this is my first time seeing the proof of it.

The Grimm Monsters not only ate their fellow humans in front of them; they even made then have s.e.x forcefully.

They have been treated worse than animals and seeing that extreme killing intent couldn't help seeth through my body, but I controlled it as it is not time to show the Killing Rule.

"You Guys are safe now!" I said loudly, some of the people had noticed me when I came inside the abode while others had just looked around with dead looks in their eyes, only after hearing my loud voice did they notice me and s.h.i.+ne and started to return to their eyes.

"The G..Grimm Monsters?" one young woman asked finally as I started to open their binding and provide them with the new clothes. "Don't worry about them, I've killed them all," I said, hearing that, s.h.i.+ne in their brightened once more.

"I will set up an abode for you guys to clean up and eat, just be fast you don't want to stay in this area any longer right!" I said as I brought them out of Grimm Monsters abode.

I did not waste any time setting up an abode and set up to only have showers in it. All of them went inside quickly and cleaned up thoroughly within fifteen minutes.

"As you can see, we are hurrying, so I can only offer you this," I said and took out food packets to give them. Seeing the food packets, all of them leaped at them as they have not eaten for a day, which is likely the case seeing the condition of their bodies.

While they were eating, I took out 102 sets of Artifacts from my storage. There are shelves and shelves filled with such Artifacts in my storage.

The set included Armor, s.h.i.+eld, a sword or other fighting weapon, and void boots. All of these people are at Brigadier Stage so that they won't have a problem flying in them. As I've said, no things go to waste, if I had sold all the Artifacts I've have, would I be able to give them to these people?

"Thank You!"

They said as they picked Artifact sets and started to wear them with great familiarity.

"Did you guys understand, if you have any question then you guys can ask now," I said as I explained the exit strategy to them. This forest is extremely dangerous and such a large number of people are ought to attract some attention.

I had just explained a plan to them; the plan is quite a simple one. We just flew a few inches up the ground with the speed that did not create any sound; it may sound simple, but it is difficult to apply in this hilly area, which is filled with the hills and dense wood.

"Ok, then let's go," I said and flew ahead, and they flew behind me with a group of eights. I did not ask then follow behind me directly; it would have been too chaotic.

I divided them into groups of eight and appointed group leaders, so there would be no chaos, and every group leader would be responsible only for his or her group not others.

We started our journey, and a few minutes later, a problem occurred, but it was quickly fixed before we continued again.

We traveled in a huge group, and such groups tend to attract attention, and it did, and it was way more than I had expected. A lot of Grimm Monsters came out hearing the huge movements, but they were all killed by Ashlyn before they could reach our group.

I had given Ashlyn the runic disk before so she could work invisibly, without feeling any restraints. I have to say Ashlyn is doing an excellent job killing the Grimm Monster; she would kill a Grimm Monsters with a single fireball of hers before storing them into the runic disk.

To not make this mission look too easy and not wanting to face any inquiries from the guild as these people would go through full interrogation before being released. I asked Ashlyn to let go of some Grimm Monsters so that I could kill them in front of these people for a show.