Monster Integration - Chapter 759 Nine Star Silver Elite II

Chapter 759 Nine Star Silver Elite II

As I had expected, I had just needed the spark to advance my Sunfire Rule, and I finally got and got from the enemy's attack nonetheless. My Sunfire had advanced to the High Level of Basic Grade and I had said before, once I got the spark to convert all the insight into the compression, then the progress of the Sunfire Rule would be greater than the Killing Rule that had happened.

The comprehension of my Sunfire had now reached above the Killing Rule, and it even started to suppress the Killing Rule in my source a little.

It all happened in an instant, I've become Nine Star Silver Elite from the Eight Star Elite in an Instant.

Though my strength has increased, I am still in danger, the flaming sword has nearly finished burning up all the Dark Grey Sand and will come at me any moment.

If my killing Rule had advanced, I would have been a little worried about this attack as it is the most sensory typeRule holder would as most of the power it gives worked in the background but Sunfire Rule isn't like that, Sunfire Rule is pure offensive Rule, each and every part of it fill filled with burning power.

So, as my Sunfire rule advanced, I did not wait even for a moment and activated the Mini blast, earlier I was planning to overdraft the Occult energy for the power, but now there is no need to use that dangerous way.

Bang! Sup!

A soft bang sounded, and I disappeared from my place and appeared ten meters away with a slightly pale face with which is quickly recovering. If one will look at my shoulder, they will see it charred.

'It is not easy to avoid such a powerful attack!' I said in my mind. It had been barely second pa.s.sed from its summoning the powerful attack to the advancement of the Sunfire Rule to me dodging the Flaming Sword, but it felt like minutes had pa.s.sed as so much happened in a second.

I looked at the gruesome wound on my shoulder that I got from being grazed by the Flaming Sword. Yes, the Flaming Sword had just lightly grazed me, not hit me if it had hit me perfectly even on my shoulder, I would be at death's door, the energies that flaming sword is made of are really very dangerous.


I couldn't help but take a sigh of relief seeing the injury on my shoulder healing; earlier the three potions had drunk made of the White Grade Origin Water, I had drunk them in advance to survive from such injury.

"H..How did you survive?" Horned Dogman asked in a shocked voice; I was so grossed over my advancement and injury that I had completely forgot that I am fighting a very powerful enemy.

Horned looked very shocked; it had never thought that the Eight Star Elite it was fighting would survive its fearsome attack that most of the Nine Star Elites had fought and failed to survive.

"Surprised?" I asked back while trying to control my Swirling Armor, with the Advancement of Sunfire rule, I had to calibrate My Swirling Armor. The earlier use was forceful, I was quite lucky that it did not puffed away after the forceful use.

It's a good thing that I had thought about this scenario very deeply and needed just a few seconds to calibrate the Swirling Armor to accommodate the power of the newly Advanced Sunfire Rule.

"Don't get too early!" Horned Dogman shouted and summoned out another flaming sword and attacked.


Unlike last time, this time, I was more prepared and able to dodge the attack before it could reach me, but this Horned Dogman is no weakling either, it had launched another attack at my newly appeared spot


One after another, it had launched five flaming swords, and I was able to dodge all five flaming swords, albeit barely, but I did it.


The five attacks were no simple attacks, they were powerful attacks of the Mystic Method, even if Grimm monster whose bodies are filled vitality had to pay the heavy price to use it.

The Mystic Method had taken quite a toll on it and it had not become only pale as paper but also sweating from every part of its body.


'A Perfect Chace!' I muttered as I saw its condition and took out my Greatsword and activated Mini blast. I instantly appeared in front of the surprised Horned Dogman and swung my sword.

"Don't underestimate me, puny human!" The monsters shouted and took out a white three-meter long blade and slashed at me.

I couldn't help but get surprised seeing the power of its sword, despite looking pale as paper which could be crushed easily, it had managed to put fearsome power into its slash.

"Looks like, I can't underestimate any Nine Star Silver Elites.' I thought in my mind.


Step Step Step Puh…

Our swords clashed, and just as it did, we stayed still for a moment before horned Dogman Started to take a step back while puking the Blood and looking at me in shock.

"Ni..Nine Star Silver Elite, You Have Become a Nine Star Elite"

It had thought I must be over drafting the Occult energy when I was dodging its attack, it had never come to its mind that I must have made the advancement and became Nine Star Elite.

But now, after experiencing my power, it has clearly understood that I've truly become a Nine Star Silver Elite and asked in a stuttering voice while taking steps back.


Puh Puh Puh…

Seeing it is down, I did not let go of such a golden chance, I launched attacks at it, one after another, never giving it a chance to recover fully.

I kept launching one attack after another, and with such attacks, I got more and more control over my power, which made my attacks more precise and powerful.

Slice Slice Slice...

After a few minutes of relentless attacks, I was finally able to bypa.s.s the defense of its sword and injured its skin. When that happened, my attacks have become even more ruthless and powerful.

Now, that I could injure its body, how can I back down. I kept launching attacks with each attack aimed at a fatal spot that, once I was able to hit there, it would directly reach the underworld.

Though my attacks are powerful, they are not able to hit the fatal spot, the Grimm monsters would somehow dodge them at the last moment, but it will not be for much longer, I can feel that if I continue my relentless attacks, I will hit the fatal spot soon enough.

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d, you have forced me!" Grimm Monster shouted at the hoa.r.s.e voice, and I felt a sharp rise of killing intent from it. It had been uttering threats for quite a while, but they were fake, but this one is very real.

A moment after it issued a threat, I felt a spike in its aura, sensing that my heart couldn't help but harden, and I instantly had sucked a large amount of occult energy, which increased my power tremendously.


Not wanting to keep this immense overdraft occult energy in my body longer that second, I immediately attacked it. My attack is three times stronger than my previous attack. Seeing that even its eyes popped out, and it wanted to say something, but before it could do, my sword had pierced through its chest.