Monster Integration - Chapter 758 Nine Star Silver Elite

Chapter 758 Nine Star Silver Elite

Sup Sup Sup...

The Grimm Monster brought down its hand and the twelve knives came at me with the speed I've never seen before, despite being prepared for them, I felt completely unprepared.

Breeze Of Withering Sand!

I activated my Mystic Method as well, I used it as a s.h.i.+eld. My mini blast is powerful; it is a notch more powerful than the common Mystic Methods. I hope it would be enough to deal with this barrage of attack.


As the fire knives crashed into the s.h.i.+eld of dark grey sand, it immediately enveloped them and started to whittle away their power.

The Grimm Monsters seemed surprised seeing my Mystic Method was able to stop it, but it is not worried; it is very confident that his fire knives will soon its knives would burn away all the dark grey sand before cras.h.i.+ng into me.

But it was in for the big surprise, not only it but me too, as the both of Mystic Methods clashed, trying to burn each other, it is the Dark Grey Sand that came out as the winner.

Though what is left from the Dark Grey Sand is not enough to harm the Grimm Monster, that is not important. What is important that my Mystic Ability outlasted the Horned Dogman's Mystic Ability; this means my Mystic Ability is stronger.

I am kind of shocked seeing this, as with one's power, power of Mystic Abilities power would also increase. So, even if Grimm Monster's Mystic Method is a normal mystic method, it is more powerful since it is launched by Nine Star Elite, but it looks like I've grossly misunderstood the power of the Dark Grey Energy, which is refined by the tower.

With it outlasting the attack Nine Star Elites Horned Dogman means, it poses a fatal threat to Nine Star Silver Elites, but possessing thread does not mean I will be able to kill a Nine Star Elite.

It's like giving a very sharp sword to a child, though the child has the sword, but will it be able to kill an adult? No, an adult will easily kick away a child without a problem despite it having a sword in its hand, which could easily kill it.

In the conditions I am in, I have a weapon in my hand, but I will not be able to kill the Horned Dogman unless it comes very close to me and my attack directly lands on its body.

"Don't get too happy, that was the weakest attack of my mystic ability!" the Grimm Monster said, and the next moment, twenty-four flaming knives in the circular fas.h.i.+on appeared behind it before they shot at me.

Seee Seee Seeeā€¦

This time also, I activated the mystic skill, but the amount of the Dark Grey Energy I used was greater than before. When the two energies clashed, they started to burn each other before the knives completely burned out like before.

It may look like minutes had pa.s.sed, but barely a few seconds had pa.s.sed since the attack of knives and my Dark Energy wiping it.


The Grimm Monster snorted furiously before it summoned another attack, this time it is even more dangerous than the last time; there are a total of thirty-six flaming knives arrived behind it, and just as they appeared, it had launched them on me.

Sup Sup Supā€¦

My heart couldn't help but shudder to see this attack, I know I can't underestimate this attack, a slight mistake on my part and I might lose my life, so I directly used three times more Dark Grey energy that I had used the first time, simply said I am using three petals worth of energy at once and doing that, I've become quite tired.

Sup Sup Supā€¦

The knives came at me even faster than before. I barely had the time to utilize the Mystic Methods and I used it, I couldn't help but feel a weakness coming over me.

The toll this Mystic Method took was too great, if it had been normal grey energy, I would have been fine, but with Dark Grey Energy, I have to bear quite a price for its higher power.


The two energies clashed, and the mood of Grimm Monsters worsened; even more, I thought it would fly in rage, but to my surprise, a bright smile had appeared on its face.

"You are very strong for your level. I thought my brother had died from the hands of some weakling, but no, he died by hands of Strong, he had died a Warrior's death!" Grimm Monsters boomed, if it had been a human who was saying this, I might have thought he would let me go, but it is Grimm Monster.

"You should feel proud that you will be dying under this move of mine, till now only Nine Star Elites had the opportunity to die under it." It said and next moment forty-eight Knives appeared behind it.

The summoning of this many knives seemed to have taken some toll on it as its body had become slightly pale.

I thought they would come at me, but no, the forty-eight knives started to merge each other rapidly and turned into the meter-long flaming sword. The threatening level of this flaming sword is far greater than those that die eight knives before.


It said and released the flaming sword at me; I did not hesitate to use all the power of my Mystic Method, which is unfortunately not much. I have already used the six-petal worth of the Dark Grey energy, now only left with three petal worth which is similar to the last amount.

'Looks Like I will have to use that!' I thought right after I used my mystic method; the mystic method will be able to stop that sword for a few moments, which will be enough for me to use that.

As for what I am going to do, it's simple; I am going to suck a s.h.i.+t load of occult energy; for others, it may take a few seconds to me; it will only take an instant.

My const.i.tution allows me to suck more occult energy in less time and also mitigate the damage, so even if I reached the death door using Occult Energy beyond my limit, I would be completely fine as long as I rest a day or two.


I was about to suck the occult energy and add to the mini blast that had been ready; when my gaze automatically concentrated on the Flaming Sword that had just crashed into the Dark Grey Sand Cloud.

It is making a sound of burning as the dark grey sand particles swarming at the flaming sword as the moth swarm toward the flame only to burned apart.

The dark grey sand which usually overpowers the fire is now getting burned by the fire, as I watched the fire burning the sand, I had felt like I had understood something.

Something about the fire that I had been wanting to understand for so long, now finally being understood by me. It is such an amazing feeling that lasted only for the moment but had done a job that I had been so desperately trying to do for months.

From Eight Star Silver Elite, I have finally become the Nine Star Silver Elite, now fighting this Grimm Monsters would not be much of a problem for me.