Monster Integration - Chapter 756 What did I do?

Chapter 756 What did I do?

After running around for five minutes, the Eight Star Silver Elite Grimm Monster was finally killed by the humans, and now only the Leader Nine Star Silver Elite is the only one that is left alive.

It is quite strong and is giving a hard time to the girl who is fighting against it, though the girl is a little weak but not much. She is just slightly weaker than the Grimm Monster, but that had offset when the Six Eight Star Elites had joined the battle.

They had fought the b.l.o.o.d.y battle for more than an hour before they were able to kill the Nine Star Elite Grimm Monster. Though they can kill it, they have paid quite a hefty price to do it.

Three of the Eight Star Silver Elite are grievously injured by the Mystic Skill of the Grimm Monster. Their condition is quite severe and could die in a few minutes if they did not receive anything that could counter the energy of the Grimm Monster's Mystic Methods.

I was planning to help them if they did not have the medicine but looked like I've underestimated the resources that Nine Star Silver Elite wields. The girl had taken out three potion bottles from her storage and fed them to the seriously injured teammates.

Few seconds after drinking the potions, their condition seemed to stabilize, and five minutes later, they had become good as new.

After they recovered all seven of them walked to the Abode and returned with hundred-some humans who looked wretched but had a happy smile on their faces. I had seen such a smile many times when I rescued people from the Grimm Monsters.

It is the smile one had when one survives from the utter despair, it is quite endearing. Rescuing the people from the Camps is the easiest part of the job, the hardest is to take them to safety from this h.e.l.l-like place where one could find the powerful Grimm Monster at every step.

I stayed on the tree quite a while before I moved out to search for the prey. Now I have seen how the breaking of camps works; I will be able to do it myself, but I will have a much easier time dealing with minions of Grimm Monsters that team before as I have Ashlyn who is capable of killing hundreds of them in a minute.

Half an hour pa.s.sed since I had left the tree, but since then I wasn't able to find a perfect opponent for myself, all the Eight Star Silver Elites I've come across were weaker or equal in power of that Black Vein Hyenaman I had fought, so I let Ashlyn deal with them.

I've no interest in fighting against the Grimm Monsters that are weaker than me, they would not help me in my improvement.


I muttered after some time when I finally found the Grimm Monster that is stronger, it is a lot stronger, it could be said to have reached the limit of Eight Star Elite that even I am not confident in killing.

That is why I am very excited to fight against it; only Grimm Monster this powerful would give me a real challenge and help me improve.


I started to move toward it but suddenly I stopped, there was Nine Star Elite that had just entered my range, and when I saw from what tribe it is, a grave expression appeared on my face and I covered myself with the thick Killing Energy before I started move away slowly.

The Grimm Monster that had just entered my range is from the Horned Dogman Tribe; this b.a.s.t.a.r.d has a very sharp nose that even with the killing rule covering me, I still have no confidence that I could stay undetected from it.

Ever since I had entered the Mariana Hill, I had my body covered in faint Killin Energy as a precaution so that it could erase any smell that released from my body, but it is not able to erase all the scent and some of it remained.

Which is why I covered my body with the thick killing energy and started to slowly fly away from my spot as with this thick killing energy covering me most of my smell would vanish, so even if it came after me, it would be able to catch my smell to my old place.

With the Void Boots, I can easily fly a few inches up from the air, so I would not even leave behind the slightest blueprint.

If it were any other Nine Star Elite, I would not have taken this much precautions, but this Grimm monster is not the normal Grimm Monster but the infamous Horned Dogman, a Grimm monster which is famous across the continent for its sense of smell.

I slowly flew away in the air while prolonging the distance from the Horned Dogman; it did not seem to notice me as well as it was going on its way, seeing that I couldn't help but sigh and a relieved smile appeared on my face.

Suddenly the smile that came into my face had disappeared, and as Grimm Monster suddenly stopped as the great change came over its face. It is that of surprise and anger.

It did not move from its spot, but the horned on its forehead started to glow, it glowed for three seconds before it stopped and just as it stopped, the Horned Dogman abruptly turned and began to run toward my direction.

I stopped for a second and saw it coming toward my direction while bearing extreme killing intent. I don't know what is happening, but I am very sure this is not a good thing for me.

Seeing that I covered myself with swirling Armor and started to fly as fast as I could without making too much of the noise, but my speed was too slow, as within two minutes, the Grimm Monsters had reached my old place, and it's horned started to glow even more brightly.

This time the horned glowed even more brightly and for a more extended period, and a few seconds later, when it stopped, the Grimm Monster instantly sped toward my direction with a furious expression.

This time I am very sure that Grimm Monster is after me, and for what reason I don't know, but I know about one thing that I should not get caught by the Grimm Monster; otherwise, I will pay the hefty price.

Bang Bang Bang…

So, without care for the sound I will make, I activated the mini blast at full power and shot through the air, what I am doing is very risky but getting caught by the Grimm Monster is even riskier.

Grimm Monster seemed to hear the sound of the mini blast and shot through the air, and with no obstruction of trees, I was able to see its small figure at a few hundred meters distance.

"You dirty Human b.a.s.t.a.r.d, you will pay for what you did!" shouted the Grimm monster.

What did I do? I have never met you f.u.c.king animal, what did I to you that you started to chase me like a bloodhound.