Monster Integration - Chapter 755 Watching

Chapter 755 Watching

I started to get deeper and deeper into the Marianna Hill's, and the deeper, I got the more powerhouses I would sense. In just an hour, I have sensed four Nine Star Elite.

One time, I barely escaped from one as it had sensed me; if not for me stopping and hiding quickly, I would have been detected by it

Another hour had pa.s.sed, but I did not find the Grimm Monsters camp. I would have been able to find one by now if I had asked Ashlyn, but I did not ask her. This area is filled with powerful Grimm Monsters; if she caught the attention of any Nine Star Elite, it would be troublesome, so she should stay closer to me.

I wish the map that the guild provided had camp marks in them, but that is simply unrealistic. The camps of Grimm Monsters are temporary; they stay there for a few days to a week before they get disbanded.

Some more time pa.s.sed, and It would take me a whole day to find a camp when I heard some sounds. My mood lightened up immediately and swiftly moved toward the sound, though my speed is great, I am still cautious.

Ten minutes later, I reached the place where I heard the fighting sound and quite a pleasant surprise.

'I did not think; I would get a full tutorial on how to break the Camp!' I thought while looking at the Group of four humans led by beautiful young women attacking the huge Abode.

The place they are attacking could not be said to Abode but big Manor. It is a well-hidden location, but if one is close enough they will be able to see it. From the intel provided by the Guild, I know that camps are just big Abodes.

The Grimm Monster uses the single abode at the Camp as it is easier to attack and defend from.

There is no strategy to attack the camp than to attack it directly; it is a strategy that works the best but to employ that strategy one needs to have sufficient strength.

Like the four humans' one is Nine Star Elite while the other three are peak Eight Star Elites. They are attacking the Abode at their full power and will keep the attack till the defense of the Camp is broken, or the Grimm Monsters come out on their own.

The humans continued attacking while taunting the Grimm Monsters with very explicit curses, and to be honest, this is the first time I've seen someone curse with these really bad words, and top of that, the one that is cursing is the girl.

Cursing is the genuine method, and the guild even suggested and given quite a lot of examples; when I read some of those curses provided by the guild, my face couldn't help but turn red.

The humans kept cursing and attacking the abode of the Grimm Monsters; I had thoughts that cursed would not work much, and they would have to attack the abode for quite a while before they could break through the abode, but I was wrong, just three minutes after the human started cursing, the Grimm Monsters came out in rage in the lead of the Nine Star Elite Grimm Monster.

"Such huge numbers!"

I couldn't help but mutter when I saw the number of Grimm Monsters came out of their Abodes. There are about eighty to ninety Grimm Monsters, with all of them having the power of Five Star Elites and above.

The main powerhouse of Grimm Monsters is their Nine Star Elite leader and four Eight Star Elite. If one looked at them, they would think humans are at an immense disadvantage, but they are not that much of a disadvantage.

These four are not the only ones the Humans are, there are three other members hidden behind, and all three of them are peak Eight Star Elite, so as long as they can clear the crowd, they will get a clear advantage against the Grimm Monsters.

The leader of Grimm Monster cursed something profanely before it promised to eat them alive, the same usual stuff before it led its minions to attack the humans.

So the four humans started to fight Grimm Monsters, and from the start, they are at a clear disadvantage. Not to forget having one more Eight Star Elite on the field, they also have a huge number of lower-level powerhouses.

Though this lower level Grimm Monsters are not much threat to humans individually, when they attack in, they become reasonably dangerous that even nine-star elites have to take a note of them.

The battle continued, and the four humans got defensive from the start, but despite that, the three humans that were hiding had not come out.

I did not understand their decision for not coming out, but I am more than happy to watch as I will know the reason soon.

Time pa.s.sed by, and it has been hours since the battle started; the condition of the humans has become quite grim as they have become a hitting target of the Ninety something Grimm monsters.

These Grimm Monsters seemed to enjoy this very much, sieging the four humans and attacking them on the four sides, as I was watching this suddenly a thought came to my mind and I understood why those three people had not attacked yet.

They are using the Grimm Monsters nature in their favor; the Grimm Race is a warrior race with chaotic emotions. They usually became humans, but ones they lost in the battle l.u.s.t they forgot about everything, including self-preservation.

That is why it is so easy to kill some Grimm Monster, after seeing things getting hard, half of the Grimm monsters continued to fight while others ran away. These three people wanted Grimm Monsters to get lost in the battle, that when they attack, not many Grimm monsters will be able to run away.

It is a dangerous but sound strategy and perfect for such a place.

Fifteen minutes pa.s.sed, and another change has come to the Battlefield. The three people that were hiding behind had attacked suddenly. They came down swiftly and mercilessly on the Grimm Monsters.

Their speed is so great that every attack of them would kill a Grimm Monster, by the time the leader and four Eight Star Elites notice their arrival, half of the Grimm Monsters have already been killed.

The leader seemed fine, but the Eight Star Elites and Grimm Monster below them had started to panic. As now humans now clearly have more Eight Star Elites than them and could kill them if grouped up.

Panic Spread amongst the Grimm Monsters and some Grimm Monsters started to run, including one Eight Star Elite, but the Humans easily stopped it.

"Ashlyn, go kill those Grimm Monsters that managed to run away," I said to Ashlyn. After bobbing her head, she flew away from my shoulder and returned a few minutes later, killing all the Grimm Monsters that had run away.

There is also quite a change occurred in the battlefield; all the Grimm Monster below the Eight Star Elite are killed, and even three Eight Star Elite Grimm Monsters also got killed, the last one survived till now because of its speed but will die soon as six humans have already besieged it, and there is nowhere it could run.