Monster Integration - Chapter 752 Spoiled

Chapter 752 Spoiled


The Greatsword pierced through the chest of the Grimm Monster easily; it wanted to resist against the incoming attack, but unfortunately, it could not, over drafting the method and going beyond the ability of the body had cost it quite much.


I sighed and closed my eyes; this fight I had fought with my ability and did not use any external a.s.sistance like a potion or anything. I wanted to test the limit of my body, and what is the limit of damage it can endure, which is why I did not take any healing medicine during the combat, which I easily could.

If I had taken medicine, I would be in a much better condition, all the bones in my body hadn't been broken apart, my skin wouldn't have been split into several places, and internals wouldn't be in shambles.

But all of its worth it as I was able to see the limit of my body, which amazed me to my core. If I had similar strength and but I had an old Body; it would have turned into the b.l.o.o.d.y paste under Mystic Method under the three moves, that would have been my limit.

But my current body's limit uncomparable, even after enduring such a powerful attack of the Mystic Method, I am still alive and kicking; the resiliency of my body is off the chart. Not only had my body squashed the residual force of the Monster's attacks, but it had also started healing.

If I did not drink the potion and only rested for two-three hours, all my serious injuries would be healing, but unfortunately, I did not have that much time to test it.


So, I gulped down the potion, and next moment, I felt a torrent of revitalizing energy spreading into my body, healing all my injuries. As my wounds healed, I could hear the distinct sound of the bones joining clearly.

In less than a minute, all my injuries had been healed. Seeing that I immediately take off my clothes, clear it off the blood before wearing the new set of clothes. Usually, I don't change my clothes after the battle in the open, but my clothes had been teared so much and became completely b.l.o.o.d.y that I did not want to walk wearing them.

I took out my sword off the Grimm Monsters and started to walk toward the humans. In fighting with the Grimm Monster, I've gone too far, it will take some time to reach there, but I am not worried, Ashlyn is there, even if some Eight Star Elite came, she could handle it with ease.

Five minutes later, when I walked out of the forest and saw the condition of the Camp, I was quite surprised as more than half of the Grimm Monster are flying on the ground like dead fish in pain, but not a slight sound is coming out their mouths.

These Grimm Monsters must have tried something funny; otherwise, Ashlyn would not have punished them as such.

I did not waste time and started to open the binding of humans and give them potions to heal their gruesome injuries that were given to them by the Grimm Monsters.

"You guys have five minutes to finish everything!" I said after I finished opening their binding, five minutes will be more than enough to tend themselves and eat something quick.

I would have let them have little fun with the Grimm Monster, but there is not much time. It is already evening, and I have to take all of them to a safe place before I return.

With my instructions, they rapidly picked up their storages, which I found in the Grimm Monsters storages before they moved toward Grimm Monsters and started to torture them at their heart's content.

Seeing that I couldnt help but shake my head, I had given them five minutes so that they could change and eat something quickly, but these people forget everything and started to torture Grimm Monster, paying back the torture that Grimm Monsters did on them.

"Time Over!"

I said, and all the bodies of Grimm Monsters went limp as I told ashlynn to kill them all and she did in a moment.

Only seeing that humans finally let go of the Grimm Monsters bodies. I quickly collected them while feeling happy as Ashlyn had killed not only them but also elementalise them.

The Yellow Grade Runic Disk, I have perfectly capable of harvesting Elemental Crystals, but it is according to Grimm monsters element but with her elementalising these Grimm Monster, the mana crystals I will get from them will

be of fire type.

"Thank You!"

I heard again, nearly all of them had thanked me for saving, but these times thank you were different; this was far too emotional. They felt like they have lost their dignity to Grimm Monsters, with me not stopping the torture of Grimm Monster had let the regain their dignity a bit.

I could just nod to such an emotional thank you before turning to everyone.

"Let's go!"

I said, started to lead them out of this dangerous area. I think leading the people ould is one of the most difficult tasks of this Mission, especially when the number of people is above fifty.

They leave tracks; they make noises; it is easier to spot and track such numbers. It is a good thing I have Ashlyn, who can help me; otherwise, such missions would have been a b.i.t.c.h.

Chew Chew…

'What?' I asked her back as she had some weird request of me, she wanted the Yellow Runic Disk, I don't understand this question as first as most of the things she wants is food or related to food, this is the first time she asked something like Runic Disk, to be honest, she asked for yellow Grade Runic disks.

Chew Chew…

"Fine, you can play with it, but don't break it," I said when I handed Ashlyn the Yellow Grade Runic Disk. I don't know why Ashlyn wants it but seeing adamant she was about to have it; I gave it to her as for the words I've said, I said them for the people behind me.

I could hear the words' Spoiled' and 'Bratty' behind my back, Ashlyn does behave like it, but there is nothing I could do about it, she had always been strong-willed since birth and rarely listened to anyone.

While walking, I extend my senses toward Ashlyn. I don't think she will break it, but I am still worried as I have only one yellow Grade Runic Disc on me. I would have found the more Runic disk in the Grimm Monsters storage, but if not for their extreme penchant for destroying it.

The one thing that Grimm Monsters hates the most is the Runic Disk; they hate with the core. So whenever human storage came into their hands, they would first find the Runic disk and destroy it.

It is not just due to their hate they destroy the Runic Disk; they also have the law to destroy the runic disk they have come across which is why till now all the storages of Grimm Monsters, I have gone through, I have found runic disks in very few of these storages.