Monster Integration - Chapter 751 Bloody Battle III

Chapter 751 Bloody Battle III

Bang Bang Bang…

I kept cras.h.i.+ng across the tree while receiving numerous injuries, but I hadn't focused on any of that. I kept my focus on three things, first my swirling Armor, which had nearly puffed away by the force of the attack.

The second was my sword when the attack clashed across it; it shook so much that it would have flown out of my hand if I did not have a death grip on it, and the third is the enemy, which I am most focused on.

After launching the attack, it had followed me, and there is barely two meters distance between us and which it would cover in max two seconds and will launch another attack at me while I was still in the air.

It is very dangerous; a slight mistake on my part could easily split me into two without me realizing.


Soon it covered the distance between us and swung its sword at me with the power that seemed greater than before.

Seeing its sword coming at me, I started to spin the swirls faster and faster and used the Mini Blast and full power to counter the sword attack, using the offensive power of the mini blast, I wanted to dull the blow of its attack a little.


Another deafening sound rang out as our swords clashed. My sword nearly left my hand, it would have left it if not for me keeping its grip on it at the cost of breaking my finger bones.

That was just the start, as the force came in contact with my Swirling Armor, my Armor went haywire and reached the edge of puffing out, if not for me using every last speck of my soul energy to hold on the Swirling Armor, it would have puffed apart in the air.

"Not Dead!"

Grimm Monster shouted angrily as it saw me surviving the blow and cras.h.i.+ng across the more and more trees before it came at me again rage-filled eyes, seeing the rage building in its eyes, I am sure it is very close to reaching its limit, and I just have to bear its attack for few minutes before it lost its energy it got through the Mystic Method.


It kept launching one attack after another at me, and all I could do is endure and use the mini blast as an appropriate time to change the course of my clas.h.i.+ng, so I could only crash against the small trees.

If I crash against any big trees, then not only it will injure me more heavily, but it will also stop my momentum, which will be disastrous for me.

I don't know how much time pa.s.sed, but I am very sure that Grimm Monster would lose its ability to use its mystic method in a few seconds. Since half a minute ago, the Grimm Monster is getting paler and paler, and its attacks also weakening at a considerable degree.

The reason It was able to use it's Mystic Method for nearly half an hour is because it is forcing its body, which would create the dangerous side effects, but the Grimm Monster did not seem to care about all of it, the only thing it cares about is killing me.

Whenever I see the rage of the Grimm Monster, I want to use it too. As when Grimm Monster goes in rage or frenzy, they were able to use the power that goes beyond their limit.

I can do that too, and since yesterday, I am thinking about using it in a tempered manner. My killing Rule gives me the ability to go into a killing frenzy, with just a single intention, I can go to the killing frenzy.

A week ago, such thought would have repulsed me to the extreme, but what I experienced two nights ago made me think about it.

According to my comprehension, the Killing Rule had to be controlled, reserved, but too much reservedness will make it rigid, it will not have the flexibility that the killing Rule should have.

The Killing Rule is the most encompa.s.sing rule I've seen; it gives sensory enhancements, physical enhancements though it is not much; it is still there, binding abilities, among other things.

To use all these abilities perfectly and keep making progress in its smoothly, the killing Rule needs to have flexibility. That flexibility could only be given by the madness it provides.

I am not thinking of using this Madness in a full-blown manner that I will lose myself in it. I am thinking of using the madness in a tempered manner so that it will keep my Killing Rule Flexible, and I will continue to make continuous progress in it.

Well, this is all my thoughts, and I am not planning on following these ideas soon as they are very dangerous. A slight loss in control and I will completely lose myself in the killing, such loss of control will be a huge loss to me and my killing rule.

So, I will only follow those idea when I become sure that I will control myself in my maddened stage, so unless I become convinced of this thing, I would never let madness come over me even if it cost me the progress in my killing Rule.


The Grimm Monster shouted again, and it attacked me, but its voice sounded a lot lower than before and not only its voice but also its attacks, its powers also had become weaker than when it used the Mystic Skill for the first time.

If I had not seen its Raging Killing intent, I would have believed the truth. This likely to be the Grimm Monsters' last attack but also the most powerful one; if I had survived this, then I will have no problem killing this Grimm Monster.


Its attack clashed against my sword, and for a moment, I stayed stationary on the spot before I shot back, and with speed like never before, in just a few seconds, I broke a couple of trees.


I shouted inside my mind as I sensed I was approaching the huge tree, but I am too powerless to stop it. It would have been great, if I had a mini blast, I would have been able to divert my away, but it had puffed a few seconds ago from the force of the monster's attack.


I crashed across the tree with a loud boom and broke nearly every bone in my body and made me bleed from nearly every hole in my body and created some new holes to bleed from.

I stayed under the tree for a minute, before I got some energy back into my body. I used that energy to get up stumbling; on my stumbling walk, I saw my sword, which had fallen from my hand a few seconds.

I picked it up but not fully as I did not have that much energy, I had to drag it, so I dragged it till I saw the Dark Vien HyenaMan who was lying on its back with its eyes wide open, trying to up but could only twitch the fingers.

It heard me coming, and when I went near it, Its eyes went wide. It tried to get up even more frenziedly but no use, all it was able to do is twitch its fingers.

"Buy Buy Motherf.u.c.ker!"

I said and lifted the sword with all my strength and brought down on the Grimm Monsters chest.