Monster Integration - Chapter 73 Leaving The Cave

Chapter 73 Leaving The Cave

''Chew Chew!" Ashlyn protested as I served her portion smaller than she usually eats.

"It's Corporal Grade monsters meat Ashlyn, you will not able to eat it fully," I said.

"Chew chew!" she chirps in protest again saying she doesn't care, she will eat a regular portion that she eats daily.

''You glutton! first, you finish this plate and if you still feel hungry after eating it, I will give you more." I said exasperatedly.

"Chew chew chew!" she chirped again asking why are they getting bigger portion than her, "Because they are at Specialist Grade when you evolve in Specialist Grade, you will also get more food," I said.

"Chuckle!" I heard a chuckle from behind, it Rhea who came out after taking a bath.

She looked very beautiful with black eyes and hair and had a certain charm about her that attracts people to her.

All her outer injuries mostly healed just marks are remaining, they will be healed by the next morning.

She must have listened to our conversation from behind, I just smiled awkwardly at her seeing getting a laugh out of her banter.

"Come sit! dinner is ready," I said as I gave them their plates, just as I was giving them plates, Rhea's panda monster took the plate with such nimbleness that I hadn't thought possible with such size.

It took a plate from my hand started to eat speedily, its speed is comparable to Ashlyn.

"Hahaha" we both started to laugh seeing it eating like, "Deedee eat slowly, food is not going anywhere," Rhea advises to her monster but it didn't listen.

I got a little surprised knowing this panda is female, I thought it was male all along.

When I looked beside me, I saw Ashlyn already finished eating and laid on her stomach with her eyes close, it is an old habit of her whenever she overeats she did sleep in this position.

After I finished eating, I walk toward my tent pressed a b.u.t.ton top of it, it started to grow bigger, it changes in tow size, one is fit to sleep for three people while other for five.

"You can sleep in a tent, there is enough s.p.a.ce for two people?" I said she had lost her backpack with it she lost her tent cloths everything.

She nodded without saying anything, they both had finished eating and I am just about to take plates for cleaning.

"At least let me clean the dishes, I feel like useless taking all these favors from you," she said while taking the plates from my had and I nodded and left with dishes.

I started to study the map sitting beside Ashlyn, this realm is bigger than I expected, it has two small forests and one mountain range.

''I am going to sleep!" Rhea said, I nodded toward her, she obviously hadn't slept since yesterday and the past two days had been constant life and death struggle if I had been her place I would have succ.u.mbed to sleep already.

As I am studying the map, I started to feel little hot at first, I thought I am just sweating due to little humidity which had in a cave but soon temperature of started to increase and my body started to sweat profusely and my skin started to turn red.

"f.u.c.k!" I said and quickly checked on the Ashlyn, this little glutton looks fine except in sleep with her stomach down.

I heaved a sigh of relief seeing she is fine, I quickly smoothen the cave floor with my sword and started to perform positions I learned in Advanced combat cla.s.s.

Simultaneously operating my refinement engine at full speed while circulating the tenth move of exercise and trying toward the eleventh circle and I even activated the grade 1 armor I am wearing which I cant kept activated more than two hours.

The reason for my body turning red is the meat of Corporal stage monster that I ate earlier.

I've eaten more than I could handle, now that extra energy is trying to find an outlet to come out.

I have to use this energy quickly or results will be disastrous, seeing my skin is still turning red, I started to perform those weird combat exercise more speedily.

These weird moves have a specialty, they seemed to zap energy from once body and slower you perform the less energy it will take and you will feel less fatigue but currently I am trying to perform it fast as I could.

I am also trying to operate Refinement engine with all my might, to take and purify more mana.

As I am circulating the tenth move of exercise while trying on eleventh, I crashed into the eleventh circulation, although pain is unbearable but dying like cooked meat is more frightening.

I am performing that weird combat exercises fast as I could but all it did recess down burning my body a little if I stopped my body will turn in cooked shrimp within minutes.

Times by soon it's been an hour since my skin started to turn red but there are no changes except for I am circulating 12th circle of exercise.

I used turn tired after I performed that weird exercise for an how and I did slowly but here I am performing it very fast but I didn't feel a speck of tiredness, I feel like water tank which filled out of its limit and can burst out any second.

I don't know when Ashlyn woke up but she is sitting top to the tent and looking at me with her mirthful eyes.

This glutton! She ate the same as me, no! She ate little more than me but she looked absolutely fine, nothing seemed wrong with her except for her little bloated stomach, which will turn normal after she digested all the food she ate.

I sometimes really wonder, where did she put all the food that she ate, her body is only a little bigger than my palm.

As time pa.s.sed by redness of my skin stop spreading but the didn't lessen, if someone would look at me they will find my body red as a tomato.

Not only my supreme combat exercise is advancing but my Refinement engine also purifying mana at a much higher rate.

I broke past 13th and a 14th circle simultaneously and because of that my performing Weird exercise become even faster.

The redness of my skin started to recede when I barge into the 15th cycle supreme combat exercise and I performed Weird exercises even faster.

Within an hour all redness on my skin tone but I suddenly felt very tired and suddenly just wanted to sleep on the floor of the cave.

I control my urge sleep and walk upstream to wash my body of the sweat, I never sweated in my life this much as I sweated earlier when I felt like cooking.

I got a little surprised when I checked the time, It took me more than five hours to let out extra energy from my body as it is midnight now.

I have to be little careful eating Corporal grade monster from on, I got out of the stream, wore my clothes entered the camp to sleep.

Rhea is sleeping soundly with complete guard down if anyone had nefarious intentions, she could nothing than be a pig on butchers blade.

I fell asleep an as soon as I laid on the floor when I woke up it's already morning but Rhea is still sleeping soundlessly.

Her injuries seemed to have healed already, she will wake up soon.

Flexing my sore muscles which became sore after intense physical exertion of last night.

I quickly freshen up and started to cook, the spices which were enough for me to last for the week will be finished in three days as if I continue with rhea.

"How are feeling?" I ask as when I head tents flap opening. "Very good!" She said with a bright smile.

''I am leaving after eating, do you….." I asked her told my plan of finding a rescue team from westblood or group of those whose accidentally entered this realm like us, so we could find the way out of this realm.

"I'll come with you, can you show me the map?" she asked, "I will send it to your Holowatch," I said and send her the map.

We left the cave after planning the route, the cave is safe but we can't stay here, we have to find a chance to return home, no matter how slim the chance is.