Monster Integration - Chapter 72 Rhea

Chapter 72 Rhea

I smile seeing panda threateningly stand in front of her partner defending her, from the monster action I can see that their bond is very strong.

I didn't take a good look at the cave ever since I entered, it is quite big, its area about four a hundred feet in oval shape

There is a small stream of underground water flowing through the cave and the cave had a natural source of light from the crystal above the cave.

This cave is perfect for one life if one smoothed out the jagged floor of the cave. Seeing she wouldn't wake for at least one hour.

I put my backpack down and laid out the camp after finding a smooth surface.

I have been feeling sweaty since yesterday since the cave had a stream of fresh water, I should enjoy well and take a bath.

There is small, all natural part.i.tion of rock by the stream which good for privacy.

As I come out of the stream, feeling fresh I felt the sharp gaze on me, I smiled seeing little monster taking its job seriously.

"Chew chew!" Ashlyn chirped saying she is feeling hungry and make food for quickly.

"Ok! I'll make now." I am also feeling very hungry seeing today we only ate it once and that is at early morning.

I brought out cooking utensils and cooking material out camp and started preparing food.

I enlarge the pan to large size seeing, I am making food for four people.

I only took monster parts of Corporal stage monster and I am really excited to taste the meat of the corporal grade monster but I am taking caution cooking it.

I am only using a few pieces of heart while rest is normal meat of Corporal Grade monster.

I've read many times that people got fatally injured and die by eating High energy food.

I felt the gaze of two monsters staring at the pan hungrily as I am cooking when I looked at the panda monster, I even saw saliva dripping from its mouth.

The food is started to smell really good even I felt ravenous as I see meat in the pan. This will be my first time tasting the meat of Corporal grade monster.

I noticed the movement behind my back when I looked up, I saw she had woken up, some color comes back on her skin as she looked much better than earlier.

''How are you feeling?" I asked while stirring the pan, "Much better, thank you for the potion." she said.

"It's nothing," I replied and we stayed silent for while in a quiet comfortable environment.

"When did you entered this realm? How come you were so injured?" I asked I saw the of monsters she fought earlier and seeing she is at the peak of Specialist grade, I don't think the monster she fought earlier can injure her this much.

I have seen her fight many times in the training facility and she has easily beaten those at the same level as her.

Those two monster cant injure her this much, despite being stronger than the normal monsters, she must have been injured by some other monster earlier.

She took a big sigh before answering my question, "I had taken the mission of information collection from Adventures guild yesterday morning because the reward was high,"

"I walking toward green hills from near town when I suddenly find myself a completely different place." She said.

"Not even five minutes in this realm, I was attacked by a corporal level monster, if it was normal initial level monster, I would kill it or at least would have fatally injured it but that monster way too strong for me to even injure." she shuddered as said this, I can totally understand her sentiment.

In the back home, I could easily kill peak Private stage monster with one swing but here, it took me more than one hour to kill it and there is no question about specialist stage monster, I have hidden and changed my way many times after seeing the Specialist stage monsters.

"I've come across many Corporal grade monsters on the way here while running from I kept eating injured, I've had many healing potions with but they all used in healing my injuries, I even lost my backpack while running from monsters." She said.

"Did you met any people from westblood or central continent," I asked, her face saddened as she heard my question.

"I did not see any people from westblood but I've seen many bodies on my way, I even recognized one boy, he used to live in our building," she replied.

Not many people were lucky as is, I can consider myself lucky one as I entered the wasteland, not the forest.

As if remembering something, she asked me about me it, "What are people from Central Continent, you just mentioned?" She asked.

I told her what occurred in the morning today, to spotting them and watching them killing Corporal level monsters with ease.

She had shocked expression on her face when heard this, she couldn't come to her senses for a while.

"Are you telling the truth?" she asked in a serious voice, her voice clearly stating that she had a hard time believing this.

''All I said the truth, the meat that I cooking now is from the corporal level monster that they had killed," I said and cut fire as dinner is ready.

"I have an extra battle suit in the back, I can give you if you want?" I said after looking her tattered suit.

I always keep 2 extra battle suit whenever I go to hunting and this time I was out of two to three days and for that I pack extra one making them three.

"Ok," she said after some thinking, I quickly took out a battle suit from my backpack, these battle suits are specially made for outdoor training so take half of the s.p.a.ce of normal battle suit.

"I am Rhea by the way!" she introduces herself as I giving her my battle suit.

"Micheal., iIsaid as I gave her my battle suit she walked toward the water stream to bath, she did not go alone, her monster also walks behind to protect her from prying eyes.

Her, the whole body is laced with dried blood, she must have been feeling terrible feeling all blood and sweat dried around her body.