Monster Integration - Chapter 736 Stealthy I

Chapter 736 Stealthy I

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The fireb.a.l.l.s that were coming down like the bullets suddenly changed their direction as if they had received an order. They started to slide over the s.h.i.+eld before falling down from it.

The s.h.i.+eld was quite high above the Grimm monsters, just as the tiny fireb.a.l.l.s fell, they shot toward the Grimm Monsters as if some sort of magnet was attracting them toward the Grimm Monsters.

Seeing the tiny fireb.a.l.l.s coming at them, the Grimm Monsters got alarmed as these fireb.a.l.l.s are d.a.m.n fast; they are so fast that those below seven-star elite could not even see them properly much less defend against them.


The fireb.a.l.l.s started to attack the Grimm Monsters, but instead of blasting their head off, these fireb.a.l.l.s would seep inside the Grimm Monsters before moving toward their heart or brain.

The screams of Grimm Monster rang out, and the Leader was unable to save even one of its minions as there are only thirty-three Grimm Monster present, and that is including the Leader, but Ashlyn had launched a little over fifty fireb.a.l.l.s.

Each Grimm monster was stuck by one Fireball while little more than twenty fireb.a.l.l.s attacked the Leader alone. It was able to defend against all fireb.a.l.l.s that came at it, but when it came out barrage, he found a completely different scene in front of him.

Not a single minion of it survived, all of them lying dead on the ground with an only faint burned mark on their body.

"You Wretched Animal!"

Leader Purple Rock Elphantman roared in rage and shot toward Ashlyn, Ashlyn did not move from her spot after seeing the Grimm Monster coming at her, just slight silver fire covered her wings as she teasingly looked at the Grimm Monster.


Just when the Grimm Monster is about to catch up to her, its huge hand just inches away from her, she chirped at it teasingly and flapped her wings lightly, as she did that she diapered from her spot and appeared a hundred meters away instantly as if she had been teleported.

Grimm Monster, which thought Ashlynn would appear in its hand, looked at its empty hand, and when it looked at Ashlyn, who is four times smaller than its palm is teasing it, it raged and boiled again, and it again went after Ashlyn.

"Die, you wretched animal die!"

The Purple Rock Elepahantman kept screaming at Ashlynn as it followed her, and every time it would get close, she would fly away after teasing it. Seeing that I couldnt help but shake my head again, that Grimm Monster is truly too idiotic.

She had just killed off its minion in front of it; the Grimm Monster should have been able to understand that she is no easy opponent as she was able to kill all of its minions, including the four Peak Seven Star Elite power powerhouses with ease with it unable to stop it despite being present there.

The idiocy of some Grimm Monsters known no bound, I have come across many Grimm Monsters like that brute Purple Rock Elephantmen but also come across some smart Grimm Monsters like the one which is hiding in the woods behind me.

It had appeared a minute ago, likely to be attracted by the roars of that idiot Grimm Monster, most of the Grimm Monster stayed away sensing the one is roaring is Eight Star Silver Elite while some daring one like the one behind me came.

I have to give to the Grimm Monsters behind me; its stealth skills are quite great as it was able to enter the hundred meters range of me without being noticed by me.

I have got quite shocked seeing that, as I would sense anyone being that entered four hundred meters range of me perfectly, but this Grimm Monster had somehow been able to get this close to me without me noticing.

I did not call it out, as I wanted to see how much it can wait before it performed the sneak attack on me. I had sensed its battle power already. It will be quite challenging to handle, but I am ready for the challenge, now I just have to wait for it to attack me.

Time pa.s.sed, and I kept looking at the idiocy that is happening above, that brute of the monsters is truly idiotic, even dumbest person would recognize what is happening above.

Ashlyn had been teasing the Grimm Monster; she is having fun with it. If she liked it, she could kill it within a minute, but she wanted to toy with it for a while.

I did not stop her as she has been feeling bored for quite a few days as she did not get to do much except for sitting home and eating snacks till she is full; this little playing around will be good for her.

The quarter of an hour pa.s.sed by but the Grimm Monsters in the shadows had still not attacked me, I have to say it's patience is quite great, it is waiting for the right opportunity for a whole forty minutes without moving even a single inch.

While Ashley is still playing with that idiot of the Grimm Monster, she is getting bored with it and would kill it in the minutes.


'So, it finally took action!' I said in my mind as I lifted the sword, which was already in my hands and swung back with all my strength.

Clang! Step Step Step…

My sword clashed against a thin black short blade, which is near invisible in the dark like its master. The clash had around a loud clang as the short blade clashed against it; I only felt slight force traveling to my body, which is easily borne by me, but Grimm Monster had to take quite a step back to control the rolling shock in its body.

This attack had injured it slightly, though the injury is nothing, it still surprised the Silver Tongue Mambaman who is looking at me with shock written all over the face.

"Yo...You already know I am behind you, right?" Silver Tongue Mambaman asked as it finally stabilized itself, "What do you think?" I asked back with a smile as compact fire armor wrapped my body.

"Don't get happy over little victory; you will soon die a painful death!" It said and leaped at me, and this time, its attack is even faster than last time, and the short blade it had in its had disappeared.

The Short Blade had not disappeared, it's just become invisible, and its height had increased. Its strategy is quite good; the invisibleness of its weapon is just a ruse, while the length of the blade is a real attack.

Unconsciously, people would still think of it as the short blade, but in fact, it had become a long knife that would be able to kill any silver elite with the slight nick as it laced with the very dangerous poison.

Others might have to be careful about it, but I did not, I could see everything so instead of defending, I can directly be focused on attacking.


Without hesitation, I activated a mini blast and swung the Grimm Sword at the Mambaman, who looked quite shocked, seeing my sword coming directly toward its invisible sword.

It clearly knew the way its sword moved if it clashed against the Grimm Sword, it would forcefully be flung away, and this time, it might receive some heavy injuries.

So gritting its teeth, it changed the motion of the sword from attack to defense to defend against my attack.