Monster Integration - Chapter 735 Rescuing II

Chapter 735 Rescuing II

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"Team leader, what had just happened?" Kevin asked in the dumbstruck voice behind me; just five seconds ago, they were prepared to charge to their death when suddenly these silver strings rained down from the sky, cutting every Grimm Monster in half.

Those silvery strings were so powerful that they did not give Grimm monsters any chance to defend, and five Grimm Monsters who were powerful enough to be able to put any defense were also cut apart as their defense akin to paper in front of those beautiful but terrifying silvery strings.

"I don't know, but someone had saved us," he said as he looked at the bodies of Grimm Monsters, which were cut in half, but no blood was coming out of them as they had cauterized.

He couldn't help but imagine the temperature one's attacked needed to have to do something like this to the bodies of Six Star Star Elite.

We waited for one who saved them appeared, but their savior seemed to have no intention to meet them, shaking his head, he looked at the group of humans who were huddled in the corner.

"Let's free our friends here and store these monster's bodies, we should leave this dangerous area as soon as possible," I said as I moved toward the prisoners while drinking a healing potion.

After attacking, I left the area before confirming no other powerful Grimm Monsters in the area. I did even stop to see the result of my attack as I knew my attack was powerful enough to kill all the Grimm Monsters and it was, I saw it through the vision of killing Rule when I was moving away.

As I moved toward my destination, I found there are many Grimm Monsters and humans, and all of them have the average strength of Five Star Elites. I am not surprised by the Human power level as to enter the areas around the Mariana Hill one need to have the strength of Five Star Elite, having strength below it will be akin to coming here to commit suicide.

I am surprised because of Grimm Monsters as there are an awful lot of them, and seeing five-star silver elite as the average strength made me quite surprised as I know how difficult it is to get such strength and they have such strength in immense numbers.

No wonder we had to give our all in all the War we fought against the Grimm Monsters; with the numbers and strength they have, we must use our all in each war we have against them; otherwise, we might not be even able to make a retreat in the war.

Soon I reached my destination, which I chose. On the way here ashlyn had killed some Grimm Monsters who were powerful, but I did not find a single Grimm Monsters which could arouse my interest to fight.

All the Grimm monsters I found were Seven Star Silver Elites or below; whom I could kill with a single attack. Only Eight Star Elites to fight against me and I will only fight Eight Star Elite, as for other's Ashlyn is more than enough.

I flew to the top of the tallest tree on the hill and hid myself properly before I started to look around; others might have a problem seeing in the dark, but I don't; with my killing Rule, it did not matter to me whether it is day or night.

'There are truly too many hills!' I muttered as I looked around and the thing is this area does not count in the Mariana Hills. The densest and tallest hill is present in the territory of Mariana Hills, the hill I am in may be the tallest hill here, but in the Mariana hill area, it is just average.

The hilly ranges are perfect for setting up a camp, due to so many hills it makes one difficult to find something hidden and tracking also because of so many similar trees.

'No wonder, the Humans and Grimm Monsters fight tooth and nail for it.' I thought as I continued looking, these types of areas are perfect spots for posting troops near the enemy territory.

I stayed on the hills for about twenty minutes and saw many Grimm Monsters coming and going, but I could not find any Grimm monster that could interest me till a powerful fluctuation till I sensed the power fluctuations.

When I got close to it, I found out its Group of Grimm Monsters; there are about thirty Grimm Monsters in that group with their leader being an Eight Star Silver Elite.

"Finally, some worthy opponent to fight," I said with happiness as I landed on the ground and walked toward the Group of Grimm Monsters, with each step battle intent is rising in my heart. I had become so excited that I had taken out my Grimm Sword before I reached the Grimm Monsters.

Soon with the Grimm Sword behind my back, I reached the group of Grimm Monsters, seeing me arriving casually in front of them, all the Grimm Monster looked at me with cautiousness, though there was cautiousness in their eyes, there was no fear, and I could see why.

They are from Purple Rock Elephantman Tribe AKA The Tanks; these tribes had bodies that had a hard Layer of purple rock covering them, which is very hard to breach. If that was not enough, then their sharp tusks which could pierce the hardest metal as they were b.u.t.ter and trunk that could break all the bones in one's body if hit.

I think the trunk is the most dangerous part of their body; despite having a rock layer, it is very flexible, and every attack of it contains a fearsome force that if I hit by squarely from it, then I would directly take me near the death's door.

They are one of the fiercest Grimm Monster Tribe in the Midzone. Which is why they have been placed in the distinguished category of Grimm Monsters called 'The Tank,' every Grimm monster tribe can enter the distinguished category is fearsome and never be underestimated. Still, I am confident that I could deal with them.

"Ashlyn, kill all of them except for the leader," I said to Ashlyn, who was on my shoulder, "Chew Chew …" Ashlyn chirped happily, hearing that and flew out from my shoulder.

"Brat, you will pay the price for the nasty jokes." Roared the leader of Purple Rock Elepahantman, and it came at me. Seeing that I casually took my sword off my back and waited as I know it will be stopped long before and will have other things to worry about.

As the leader of Purple Rock had taken some forceful step coming at when it suddenly stopped as the area around it became brighter than the day, the whole area became a light in the silver light.

When it looked up, it saw one of the most horrifying things it ever saw; it saw around fifty huge fireb.a.l.l.s of around 1 meter are floating around the tiny bird, and the strangest thing is, these fireb.a.l.l.s are shrinking at breakneck speed.

Chew Chew

From 1 meter diameter, they have become the size of a human thumbnail, and next moment they fall from the sky like arrows.

Sup Sup Sup…

"Watch out!"

The leader of Purple Rock Elaphantman screamed and took out the huge s.h.i.+eld, which expanded instantly and covered all of its minions.

I couldn't help but shake my head seeing that, if Ashlyn fireball were so easy to dodge then I wouldn't have felt a very life-threatening danger from them.