Monster Integration - Chapter 727 Battle I

Chapter 727 Battle I

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It took us just thirty-six minutes to reach our destination, it was shocking as the distance was quite great, I had thought we would need at least an hour to reach here, but we had just taken half of that.

Look like we have underestimated our speed and compet.i.tiveness to win.

Thud Thud!

"I won!" Rachel said as we landed on the Barren Ground, "Yes, you have!" I said I wanted to say 'Just by microsecond,' but I did not as that would make me a sore loser who couldn't accept a loss.

For a few minutes, both of our speeds had been equal, but when we reached near our destination, Rachel had increased her speed suddenly and won by a few microseconds.

Few microseconds may seem like a small amount of time, but when we are flying at such high speed, the difference of even microseconds has become great.

"This place is quite big; we will be able to fight here with our heart's content without any interruptions." Rachel said.

Yes, this area is quite big and barren, and barely anyone would come here when an Origin water Rush is going on out there. The place we have come to is called barren lands.

In these places, there is barely any vegetation or life; it is completely devoid of life that even Origin Water would not form here. Like forbidden Ground, there are many of such barren lands across the continent.

Unlike the forbidden Ground, no one knows much about the Barren Lands, they don't have an idea of how they have formed, but people have many theories. Some think these places are created due to a clash of supreme experts of human and Grimm race while some think this the place where the forbidden grounds used to be and when the world tear healed, it became like this.

There are many other theories about it, but all of them have many contradictory points that it is very difficult to believe them.

We walked around the Barren land for a while, checking the scenery, which is pretty much the same before we turned at each other.

"Why don't we make this Spar even more amazing?" Rachel asked when I was about to ask if she is ready to fight, "How?" I asked, feeling intrigued, "Simple, the one who wins will have to accept any request of others." Rachel said straightforwardly.

I was a little dumbstruck by hearing before a happy smile came across my face as there are many things that I want to ask of Rachel.

"Good, there are many things I want to ask of you," I said with a wicked smile on my face while making my heated gaze travel all over her body, I intentionally did not hide movement, let her see what I am doing.

"We will see, who fulfills whose request!" Rachel replied with flushed faces as she glared at me before she created distance between us. We have already discussed the rules of the spar, and according to it, we will create a distance of two hundred meters and count three before we attack each other.

We did this to keep everything fair; we did not want one to have a slight advantage over the other.

As we reached two hundred meters from each other, we had stopped and looked at each other as we took out our weapons, she took out her totem artifact while I took out my Grimm Sword.

This was my first time seeing her Totem Artifact, but I couldn't help but notice the striking amount of similarities it bore with the lightning sword which had appeared in front of her when she was in her Angel Form.

The only difference it had was that of the blade and s.h.i.+ne; the blade of her sword is not made of lightning, which I had seen two days ago and that divine s.h.i.+ne also is missing.

I think Rachel's sword had a change during the awakening as the sword she normally uses is about 1.1 meters, but this sword is 1.5 meters long, which is longer than the sword she used.

"You are using that! You should use your regular red sword if you want to have any chance of winning against me." Rachel said as she saw the Red Sword in my hand.

"You too should change your sword if you want to have any chance against me," I replied with a smile with the same tone as her as I am not only one who is using an unfamiliar word.

"Let's Start!" "3, 2, 1!"

Hearing me taunting her back, she had glared at me before starting the count.


We said together as the countdown ended and moved toward each other at our fastest speed. I could see the faint silhouette of the wings behind her as she came at me. I was a little surprised to see her wings working while she is running on the Ground.

I could still remember how much changes I had to make before I could use my mini blast on the Ground while she just had to practice a Speed method for a day and get more speed than me.

We sped toward each other, and just within a few seconds, we appeared in front of each other and attacked with her swords.

We swung our swords at each other, but I could see her speed is much faster while my sword is way too slower than hers, if I could not counter her attack them this battle would be finished before it started.

To be honest, I am feeling quite nervous and became even more nervous when I saw her sword style and her mastery over it. This sword style is completely different from the previous style she used and she had seemed to gain quite a mastery over it in just one day.

Seeing that I couldn't help but marvel at her Inheritance, it is very evident that the sword art she is using is similar or higher level than I use.

It would have been fine if she had just received a new Sword Style from her inheritance, but it seemed like she had also received its comprehension or very detailed information about it which saved her a lot of time to figure it herself ; otherwise, she would not have been this good in just one day.

Seeing the speed of my sword, I activated the mini blast in my sword hand and gave it a speed boost so it could counter her attack.


Seeing my sword coming toward her sword to counter her attack, she tried to change its trajectory but how can it be easy, not to forget my experience of thousands of fights, there is also the killing rule which isn't just dozing off.

To others, it would have been very hard to track her illusionary sword movements, but for me, it is not much difficult, as long as I have enough speed and power, I would have no problem countering and defeating her.


Our sword finally clashed, and the sound it had created was deafening, not only sound but out clashed had created quite a shockwave as sword dust of cloud flew out under her feet.

"You have become quite powerful!"

I said after a few seconds, this attack I had made used quite a physical strength. Though it was not powerful enough to injure her, I had thought it would at least make her take a couple of steps back but it seems like I've grossly underestimated her strength.