Monster Integration - Chapter 726 Race

Chapter 726 Race

A day pa.s.sed by and night came, after the practice when I went to my room to sleep, I found Rachel was already there sleeping sound, seeing that happiness couldn't help but appear but arose in my heart and I started to smile ear to ear and slept beside her, holding her in my arms.

"Good Morning!"

I was greeted with a soft voice, and next moment, I found Rachel on top of me, and she started kissing pa.s.sionately. My already hard little brother became even hard, and with the friction of her skin, it is reaching its limit.

But just as it was about to reach its final limit, Rachel let off the kiss and friction she was intentionally producing stopped, and I was finally able to control my little brother from exploding.

"Are you ready, you will have to give your all during the fight otherwise you will lose badly," she said with the smile, for one moment especially during the first line, I had completely misunderstood her meaning and had excitement bubbling in my heart before I understood what she meant.

Looking at the teasing smile on her face, I knew she had intentionally phrased it that way just to excite me.

"Of course, I am more ready than you can imagine; if you want, we fight right here!" I said and sealed her lips with me and pushed my little brother against her to convey my meaning directly, Rachel acted like she didn't feel anything and continued kissing me for a few minutes before finally letting go.

We both freshened up in our respected rooms and had to eat breakfast before we left our apartment together.

"Normally, it would take three to four hours to reach there, but if we use our full speed, then we might be able to reach there within an hour and half." Rachel, as we got out of our apartment.

"Hour and half would be more than enough for us to reach there with us using our full speed," I replied, and at the same moment, we took up the air, but this time we did not jump and instead smoothly flew into their air.


We looked at each other before we started laughing, yes, now we both could fly. Before going to the awakening, Rachel was at Mid-level of the Captain Stage, but after her awakening, I don't know what stage she is at as I can't sense anything from her.

As for me, I have very pure mana, which made using the Void Boots very easy for me. These boots are very difficult to operate; I still remember numerous falls I had gone through when I was learning to use Void Boots for the past few days.

The thing which surprised me most is the ease Rachel is flying; she is flying like an expert who had years of experience while I am like an amateur who had learned flying a few days ago, which I had.

Learning to fly without practicing, I wonder what other surprises she would give me when we fight, I thought excitedly.

"Let's race it toward that place, whoever gets there early wins, what do you say?" Rachel asked me after we had crossed the city gates.

"Sure!" I said as I covered my body with silver fire, the swirling Armor had now really looked like real armor, not just a man which is covered in fire. With an increase in my power, I was able to compress the fire even more, and now it stands at 0.3 inches, which is quite compressed, but I want to compress it even further, that it will look like I'm wearing solid fire armor.

Rachel looked at me appreciatively as I donned my Swirling Armor and even licked her lips, which brought an exciting shudder throughout my body, especially to my little brother.

"Ready then?" she asked me, "Yes!" I said.


Just as I said that very faint wings appeared behind Rachel and flipped lightly and the next moment she disappeared in front of my eyes, her speed was so fast that I wasn't able to track it properly.

This is the fastest speed; I saw anyone have; it is f.u.c.king fast. I was so shocked seeing that I wasn't able to react for a full second.


"f.u.c.k!" I cursed loudly as activated mini blast; this is my first time activating the mini blast after compressing my Armor to the O.3 inches, so one could imagine my shock when I found myself moving through the air at the unimaginable speed that I started to approach Rachel.

Bang Bang Bang Bang…

Rachel seemed to have noticed me coming from behind, which is why she had increased her speed again and took the higher lead, seeing that I did not back down at all, I increased the power of the mini blast and followed her.

As I kept increasing my speed to follow her, I found my eyes are giving me quite a pain as they are wholly unaccustomed to the speed I am having and air that is cras.h.i.+ng on my eyes.

It was a good thing that I had gone through the Rebirth, and my body had strengthened significantly; otherwise, my eyes would have taken quite a damage.

Still feeling the pain in my eyes, I conjured a thick layer of mana to relieve myself from the pain, just as I did that not only the pain had vanished completely, but my vision also returned to normal.

Earlier I was barely able to see anything and was following Rachel through the sound she was making, now I could faintly catch up to her silhouette now and then.


Now without fear of my eyes getting damaged, I increased my speed without care and speedily started to approach Rachel; she had increased her speed seeing that, but it was futile as slowly but surely, I was catching up to her.

Time by and the race continues; if anyone is able to see us from the ground, they will see blimping across the sky. Our speed is so fast that we would be flas.h.i.+ng on the sky, not speeding.

"You have surprised me with your speed!" I said to Rachel as I reached her, like me, she also had a helmet created from the mana, but her helmet is exquisite while mine was coa.r.s.e.

That helmet was likely the part of the Speed Method she is using compared to mine which I crafted myself.

"Don't get too yourself Micheal, this is not my peak speed!" she said after seeing the goofy smile on my face and next moment, and she used her full power, which made her instantly disappear in front of me.


I couldn't help but get shocked before I shook my head ruefully, she is not the only one who was holding back, I thought and used the full power of the Mini Blast and I too disappeared from my place like I had teleported.

This time my speed was so great that I had to reinforce the mana helmet as it was on the verge of breaking apart.

"Shocked, right!" I said with a bright smile as I reached near her but she just 'humphed' and increased her speed again, I also started to spin my swirls faster for more power as we continued our race.

On the way sometimes she would take the lead, sometimes I would, we have used all our power in this little compet.i.tion and finally able to reach the place in shocking record time.