Monster Integration - Chapter 695 Miracle Of Life II

Chapter 695 Miracle Of Life II

I concentrated on our connection and ordered it to move toward the energy nearby to eat it but did; it just laid stationary on its spot. Feeling I may not have said correctly, I tried again, but the results were the same, I tried again and again, but the results were the same.

Seeing such a response, I knew my approach was wrong. I am a.s.suming it is like a normal monster that has inherited instinct from birth if I want to move it then I will have to try a different approach and will have to be quick as the time is running out for me.

Time pa.s.sed, and I tried many different approaches, but no matter what I tried, I could not get it to move.

I am running out of ideas as every method I had tried has failed, and now I have only one method left, and if it did not work, then I don't know what I would do.

I opened my mind to it and created the visual of it eating the energy in front of it and also created the visual of how it will taste and what pleasure it will get from it. Since I had opened my mind to it, it could directly feel what I am trying to convey.

It stayed stationary despite me giving it a full sensory response, and I was just about to give up on this idea when It moved slightly, seeing that I made the visual in my mind even more clearer, and its movement got faster, and soon, it reached a small cloud of green energy.

This small energy cloud is made of medicinal energy, the snake is very tiny, and its aura is very feeble. I don't want to feed it powerful energy and make it explode, that is why I first tried to feed it the most stable energy present in my body.

It reached the medicinal energy and opened its mouth just like I had visualized and ate the few specks of medicinal energy, as it ate it; I started to feel the taste of those green specks in my mouth.

Since we are connected, it is feeling what I am feeling, and I am feeling what it is feeling, and now I feel a taste of medicine energy through it.

"Private Stage."

I said in my mind, earlier its aura was too feeble that I wasn't able to sense its level but now it had finished eating that green energy, I could clearly sense its aura.

Though it is surprising, not shocking, I had an inkling about it, so I am not much shocked, which does not mean I am happy. To be honest, I am very unhappy as I would have to level it up from the beginning.

After it finished eating a small medicinal energy cloud, I moved it toward the big medicinal energy cloud; this one is twenty times bigger than the previous cloud.

As I reached the medicinal energy cloud, I created the same visuals as before with some minor changes. It started to eat the Medicinal energy at a rapid speed like before and as it ate, its aura kept rising.

It may be tiny and at the private stage, it is still a lifeform made of Miracle energy of the Lieutenant stage, so it should not be surprising seeing it guzzle energy at such fast speed and make swift progress.

Initial, Mid, High, Peak its aura kept rising as it kept eating the Medicinale energy, and soon it entered the Specialist stage by that time; it had finished guzzling up the whole energy cloud.

Seeing that, I moved it toward another bigger cloud of Medicinal energy, and this time, to my surprise, I did not have to create the visual as I started to guzzle it on its own.

Seeing that a pleasant surprise aroused in my heart, the conscious inside it being developed at a very fast speed, if it kept progressing this way, then it wouldn't be long before a basic conscious formed inside it.

It kept eating more and more energy and making progress that made even my head spin, it had not only made progress in its level but also in its size. It had now become big enough that I could observe it.

Most of its body cream is in color but about 40% is purple, that purple part is the mutation which previous energy had gone through, and it is increasing at a languid pace.

It has been months since the mutation in the Miracle fruit energy had started to occur, but till now, it hadn't finished. The mutation needs strong nutritious energies to grow, normal energies are no help.

Time pa.s.sed, and its advancements continued. The little snake finally finished eating all the medicine energy present in my body and also other miscellaneous energies, which made it reach the Peak of the Sergeant Stage.

Now only two energies have remained in my body, one s.h.i.+ny grey energy which is injuring me every second while the other is milky white energy, I now have to take the snake to eat either s.h.i.+ny grey energy or milky white energy and off course I am going to choose s.h.i.+ny grey energy.

I did not waste time and guided the snake toward the huge ma.s.s of s.h.i.+ny Grey energy, which circulated throughout my body like a raging river.

I guided the snake toward the raging grey River, going near, it opened its mouth and ate the Grey energy from the River, and just it did; I found grey energy spreading through its body, weakening its aura.


I couldn't help but curse seeing that and immediately guided it toward the Milky White energy, but I was little late as by the time it reached the Milky while energy, it had its aura went down from Peak to Mid Sergeant.

I winced seeing that, but I did not waste any time in regret; instead, I guided it to eat as much as milky white energy it can silent

As it started eating, the Milky white energy immediately got into control, and its aura started to stabilize before it started rising again. Its body still has the grey energy, but it was suppressed under the Milky while energy, which is healing whatever damage it is incurring faster than it is doing damage.

It kept guzzling the Milky while energy and soon it reached the Peak of the Sergeant stage before breaking to the Master stage. I did not notice it at first as I burrowed the snake into the deepness of milky while energy, but as time pa.s.sed, I started to notice its eating speed, which is increasing at the visible rate.

When I called it back from the river of Milky white energy, I saw its mutation had progressed, and it progressed immensely as in just a short time, the mutation had increased by 20%.

Time pa.s.sed as the snake kept progressing and with it, its mutation. When it finally broke through the Lieutenant Stage, the mutation had already reached above 90% and progressed without stopping.

I can't help but wonder what will happen when it completes its mutation; I really hope it becomes capable of devouring the Grey Energy, which it is just suppressing inside its body with the help of Milky white energy like me.

The Miracle Fruit Energy Snake kept guzzling Milky White energy soon; it started to break through into the Mid Stage of Lieutenant stage that I am, and also at the same time, it's body started glowing bright purple as with the breakthrough, it had also completed its mutation.

I was walling in happiness thinking I might be able to get rid of Grey Energy and also level up to Peak Lieutenant stage and above when I felt the extreme threat and next moment the quant.i.ty of grey energy had suddenly increased.

My body has reached the limit of handling Grey Energy; if any more grey energy entered my body, even fraction more then I will dissipate into dust directly, will not even leave a single bone or flesh behind.