Monster Integration - Chapter 694 Miracle Of Life

Chapter 694 Miracle Of Life

"I can now leave!"

I said out loud excitedly and started dreaming about leaving this dangerous place with milky while origin energy healing my injuries, but when I looked above, all my hope got dashed.

This cavern is very big and tall and if I want to leave this cavern and then I will have to go through that hole. That hole is very high, and it is so high that even at my peak, I wouldn't be able to jump that high in peak without the use of Swirling Armor much less now where I barely am able to circulate my mana.

But before reaching the hole, there is another huge problem, there is a faint cloud of Grey energy are lingering above, so before entering the hole, I will have to pa.s.s through that cloud, and my speed has to be fast, and if it is slow then I will have too much of that grey energy, even I don't know if the milky white energy will able to handle it or not.


I was busy with my thoughts when the feeling of the extreme threat came at me, but before I could do anything else, I found a gust of grey wind pa.s.sing through my body, which made me cursed loudly.

I had already had too much Grey energy with my body, with this, it had increased even more.

I could tell that grey energy is reaching the limit of what my body could handle, once it reached the limit, it would directly turn me into the dust without giving milky white energy any chance to heal any of my injuries.

It would have been amazing if this Milky White origin water could help in dealing with this grey energy, but it could not. This Grey energy is filtered Cosmic Energy, which is likely the ingredient that made this Milky White Origin water with dark energy of the Grimm monsters, which is why it does not regard it as a threat and coexist with.

I have to destroy that Grey energy and also gain control over some of my mana, so I could use my flying skill and get out of this G.o.dforsaken place.

I think about many options, but there is only one thing I could think of that could help me do both of the Things and that Body Cleansing Exercise.

I don't know if the grey energy will merge into my body, or it will melt when I reach Major Cleaning or Miracle fruit energy will be able to eat it or other things, but it is the only option I have.

I hope it will work, and it would be quite good if I can level up to the Peak of Lieutenant Stage, it would be good too.

Gulp Gulp Gulp

After a plan formed in my mind, I did not waste any time on acting on it, I crouched down and started to drink the Milky while Origin water. If others were to see what I am doing, they would say I am wasting precious resources, and I too agree with it, but I have no choice but to do that.

I drank the Origin water until I felt like my body was reaching the limit. Drinking so much origin water, I felt like my body would explode, it's a good thing I know something that is very good at burning energy.

I started performing Body Cleaning exercise, and with it, I also began to circulate the Supreme Combat Exercise, though the circulation would be slow. It did not matter much anyways, in Supreme Combat Exercise, where my circulation is already slow.

Not only am I practicing those two methods, but I had also started circulating soul Secret Method after activating soul tempering diamond.

It had been barely twenty days since I went through the third major cleansing back home, and I hadn't reached halfway into the for 4th major cleansing. I would have reached there if not the compulsory mission, which had disrupted my whole practice.

Now I have the chance, and I will plan to reach the fourth major cleaning if I do not, then I will die here, which is very good motivation as the answer to failing is death.

I continue performing, one pose after another, and soon, I started performing the 4th of the Body Cleansing Exercise. Just as I began to perform the 4th move, I looked inside me as that is when the Miracle fruit energy will come out.

"What The f.u.c.k!" I shout out loudly.

When I looked inside me, I had hoped to see the cloud of Miracle fruit energy, but in its place, I saw a tiny snake. A Cute f.u.c.king snake made of Miracle fruit energy. It is made of the dense miracle fruit energy but looked like a real snake; it had scales, forked tongue, and eyes that show life but blank of any instincts.

The unanimated miracle fruit energy which was in semi life state had now become a full life; this is extremely shocking. The miracle fruit energy itself is shocking, but now it has become a complete sentient life in the form of the snake, this is utterly shocking.

As I observed it, I found there is a connection between us, it is not as strong as Ashlyn and mine but not weak either. I could tell that this Miracle Fruit snake had been born not long ago; it had yet to develop an instinct more than a natural life born with.

This is Miracle of life, and the only could create such Miracle is Miracle fruit could do such Miracle. That energy that Ashlyn had transmitted into me had somehow created this.

I know that the energy which Ashlyn had transferred to me from the third pattern and seeing what that energy had created, I could tell that the third pattern on the Miracle fruit belongs to the life domain.

The Miracle fruits of Life domain are exceedingly rare, nearly all of them are in Top 100, with two being in top 10 and of there two fruits, one is Ranked 3 in the list.

Being in the Top 100 of Miracle fruits, one could tell how rare Life Domain Miracle fruits are and how lucky I am to even come across one.

Now the question whether it is Monster or just a peculiar life or both, currently seeing how it is created and how it is connected to me, it seemed to both monster and the peculiar life.

Though I felt a connection with it, I am not feeling any of its emotion, it is just born, and it was born in a peculiar way, so there is no way it will inherit the instinct that normal monsters inherited through the genes of their parents.

Its consciousness is blank; there is nothing in it, so I will have to teach it everything from scratch, just thinking about it started to make my headache.

It would have been very exciting if I were in the safety of my apartment, but I am not; I am in one of the most dangerous places in the continent but now I have no choice but to teach it basic instincts. So, it could help me deal with the ma.s.sive grey energy that is trying to grind me into the dust.