Monster Integration - Chapter 68 Unbelievable!

Chapter 68 Unbelievable!

I quickly asked Ashlyn to come inside me as I sneakily hide behind the dry tree trunk, I would have hidden in the better place but there is no spot near me which could hide my body perfectly.

I don't want want to run because once they caught the sight of me, I will be dead. Seeing I am well hidden, I took out binocular from my backpack.

After carefully looking at the wolves, I guesses which monster species these wolves are, They are ice wolves from elemental wolves family as this particular shade of white coat only ice wolves had.

Due to the distance between us I can't accurately sense their level but looking at monster sizes I am sure that they are definitely specialist Grade and their two leaders are at Corporal grade.

The wolves are howling at the three people of which, two are boys and one is a girl but there is something weird going on there, the wolves are just howling at them as if thinking attack or not.

I don't know what exact level of these three people but they are definitely younger than me, so, they most probably at Private grade and if I am generous with my estimation then they would be at specialist grade.

This is why I don't understand why aren't these wolves are attacking.

There is another peculiar thing that three youths seemed very relaxed, so relaxed that they hadn't drawn out their weapons.

I can think of only two reasons for their relaxing posture in this time of peril, either several Corporal grade evolvers were hiding and using these three people as bait or these three people had a trump card that could threaten the ice wolves.

Ill with former than latter, I want to see the corporal grade evolver only they will have enough information about this realm.

The howling of ice wolves became increasingly loud and some beta wolves even tried to attack but they are stopped halfway by the two leader's, the leaders of ice wolves seem cautious and patient but their patience also thinning out, they will likely to attack any second.

My guess was right, the ice wolves attack at next second by showing three people with their sharp ice projectiles.

As I am sure these three people, these people would turn into skewed meat if they did not call reinforcement or used their trump cards but what happened next left me startled.

Three blue colored light s.h.i.+elds appeared in front of three people which defended them from sharp icicles from ice wolves.

There was not scratch appeared on the s.h.i.+eld as they defended the attack but their problem is just started as all the twenty-something wolves coming toward them.

One boy and girl shrank their s.h.i.+eld to arm size while activating their sword while another boy completely forgoes s.h.i.+eld and activated his Warhammer, it is the same size as his and he had to use his both hands to wield it.

As the ice wolves came closer, they attacked, I got immensely startled by their attacking speed, even attacks are twenty-something wolves, these three people attacked unhesitatingly.

Their attack's are swift and ruthless, every swing of their weapon hit the monster, never missing their target.

The wolves can seem to touch despite their quant.i.ty, not only attacking, but they are also defending skillfully, even the boy who is using Warhammer didn't get hit by any attack of ice wolves as he expertly using his Warhammer to attack and defend.

When I looked at their attire, I noticed it looked similar to that of what Jim and his girlfriend wore that day but these three people's attire seemed higher quality than theirs.

It means that their people had done artifacts all over their body, everything they wore is an artifact, armor, shoes, s.h.i.+eld etc.

The battle raged on the wounds on monsters bodies are increasing, although their wounds didn't look life-threatening they got piled up it will be very life-threatening.

The two leaders did not sit idle, now and then both the leader sneakily attack with the sharp icicle but it every time dodged or defended by three of them.

As the times pa.s.sed on the wounds on the bodies of the monsters became heavy with injury and killed by a boy with Warhammer as he squarely hit the monster on its head.

As I watch the fight, I understand few things about these three people, first is they are extremely proficient in combat, this proficiency only comes from fighting hundreds of fights.

Second, they are using their advanced combat technique very skillfully, using it became instinct to them.

And last is one is what shocked me to the core, I am pretty sure that all three of them had created the ten seals of supreme combat exercise.

Their physical prowess is extremely great, as soon Warhammer of that boy hit the monster, it's bones broken and it is very very difficult of break bones of a monster with a single move, that is why I always go for weak spots of a monster such eyes and neck.

The two sword user isn't any worse than a boy with Warhammer, every attack of their sword left the deep gash on their skin.

Seeing their kin dying every few minutes, the leaders jumped into the fight without caring there may be other people hiding.

As the two leaders joined the fight, it put the strain on the three people but they are still fighting back despite leaders joining the fight.

There only fifteen monsters are left including two leaders, currently, the fight is in the stalemate, no side is gaining upper hand in battle.

Suddenly weapons of three of them started to glow and lions phantom had formed appeared on then, soon they phantom became more corporal and big.

Seeing something is not right, the wolf leaders started to attack more aggressively but it was already as three youths had waved their sword same time and three giant phantoms left the swords, the ice wolfs started to dodge the attack but phantoms were too fast as it swiftly enveloped all of the wolves inside.

This is definitely a skill, half skill does not have this much power. I am really confused right now, isn't the skill can only be used by Corporal stage or above?

This skill had drained too much of their mana as three of them quickly removed potions from their pockets and drank it.

Mournful cries of wolves can be heard where I am hiding, in a minute, the Phantoms started dispersing.

As the phantoms dispersed, I gIt the clear look the wolves, all ice wolves look lifeless except for two leaders.

Seeing all their kin dead, instead of fighting the wolves broke into a run but before they could go run any far, the took and bow and fired the two shots.

The arrows of her hit ice wolves skull's and the monster fell, I feel dazed seeing this, that girl only uses two shot to kill two corporal level ice wolves.

I am still in a daze when the three of them started walking without looking at the bodies of ice wolves.

"Hey!" I called out loudly, seeing them walking away, seeing how powerful they are, they must know some information about this realm.

Hearing my shout they stopped, I started to run toward them as I had many questions to ask.

As I got near enough to sense their level, I stopped on my track, that I nearly fell, its like lightning had struck me hard.

I thought three of them at specialist grade and can kill above their level but I was so wrong.

Their level, all three of them are the peak of Private grade same as me, 'THEN HOW THE f.u.c.k ARE THEY ABLE TO KILL CORPORAL GRADE MONSTER WHILE BEING AT PRIVATE GRADE?' i asked myself loudly.