Monster Integration - Chapter 67 Space Realm 3

Chapter 67 Space Realm 3

I quickly remove and packed the heart of the eagle monster and strode away from the fight scene after burning the monster's body.

I can't predict the time as there is no sun in the sky but feeling sun rays had to become less intense, I can tell that evening will come within two hours.

I hope I can see another human at that time, this walking alone in barren land started getting into my head.

It has been more than an hour since I killed the eagle monster but I did not see any greenery, except for a few cactuses there is no plant in this barren land.

"Are you sure we going in right direction Ashlyn?" I asked it's been five hours since I entered this s.p.a.ce realm and more than four hours since I am walking but I didn't not any sign of the forest that Ashlyn spotted on the sky.

"Chew chew chew!" Ashlyn chirped in affirmation annoyingly, I already asked this question to her more than ten times since we started walking, even I felt bad asking her question repeatedly.

I asked Ashlyn to search forest because that where I will find another person, people tend to travel toward a place where enough food and water is present and the forest is a prime location for that.

Forget the forest, I didn't see the sign of an oasis which are found in barren places, this wasteland really feels weird.

I was walking as usual when I spotted little green dot far ahead, it is barely noticeable, I started to walk speedily, after half an hour that green dot and turned small outline.

"Ashlyn, that is forest right?" I asked her, I was sure what I am seeing is real or not, she flew away from my shoulder and came down within minutes.

"Chew chew!" she affirmed excitedly, hearing her excited chirp, i broke into run toward that outline but reality is harsh after running for an hour that outline had only become little larger, I have to walk for a few hours to reach it there and that is not possible today as sky already started turning dark.

After walking fifteen minutes, I decided to stop for today as the sky had already tuned half dark and within half an hour, the sky will darken whole.

I look around for a good spot for camp, some distance away I spotted a big boulder, the boulder is thrice my size and will be a perfect s.h.i.+eld against any surface monster's vision.

I removed the palm size square box from my backpack, this is the thing I brought at seventy thousand credit last week, I felt quite conflicted when I brought it.

I wanted to buy a new sword as it is little damaged but weighing pro and cons I brought this, this is the first time I will be using this.

Putting it only the drought, I pressed the b.u.t.ton the top, just as I press the b.u.t.ton it started to expand and within a minute, it turned into a camp.

It is big enough that three people comfortably sleep inside, I opened it's a flap and went inside, inside of quite plane but comfortable.

It is Grade 1 utility type artifact, it is barely qualified to grade one artifact as it had defended against specialist Grade monster but here it only defends against Private stage monster.

It also had sensors which will notify me if any living being come inside its hundred meters range.

I don't have to provide it mana to activate it, it runs on the monster core, I had already put monster core inside it the past week, it will stay activated for five days.

Putting my backpack down, I removed a few things from my backpack, a monster's heart that killed earlier, a bottle of spices and oil and adjustable utensils.

I walk outside the camp taking these, I inject my mana into fist size utensils, changing them to normal size.

I added oil in a pan and started to heat it with fire I summoned, I want to cook the monster heart with species.

This is my first time cooking monster food, I had little experience in cooking but cooking normal food and monster are different.

I started to cook the food in the direction of a recipe that read in pa.s.sing.

I asked Ashlyn to keep an eye out while I am cooking, some monster may come toward our following the smell.

the mouthwatering smell started to come out cooked meat, after checking it's cooked enough, I stopped the fire and went inside the camp.

I decided food in two plates for both of us and started to eat, Ashlyn started to dig before I even touched my fork.

Seeing she is complaining about the food, I also started to eat. 'It's better than expected' i thought as I stated the food, it is not as good as the food we ate in our apartment but it quite good for the rookie cook.

After eating dinner, I slept early as I feeling tired both physically and mentally.

"Ting ting ….." I woke up by the sound of the alarm when I opened the flap of the tent, it is still dark outside, looking at the dim light, it will take an hour to the sky to fully brighten up.

Freshening up quickly, I heated last nights leftovers, "Chew chew!" Ashlyn woke by its smell and started demanding the food.

"Little glutton!" I said and served her plate, in the past month, I many times trained with Ashlyn but their no change in her weight, she looks chubby as usual.

It became visible when I packed my camp, although I can't see the forest outline Forest because it's still a little dark but I know the general direction of it.

After walking half an hour the sky had fully brightened and I can see the forest outline, I will have to walk for three hours to reach it but if I quicken my pace, it will be even more sooner.

As I reach near the forest, I started spotting monsters now and then and because Ashlyn early reminding me we were able to avoid most them while one being adamant in fighting which I have to kill it.

It took me four hours to reach near the forest, that I see it's lush trees, as I walk near I heard the fighting sound.

When I got close enough, I saw three people surrounded by twenty-something monster wolves, seeing this I quickly retreat back and hide behind the small mound.