Monster Integration - Chapter 668 Three Hours

Chapter 668 Three Hours

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"You are right," Kayla said after a few seconds of the Silence, she also understood how tired they are. They have not only been awake for more than two days, but they had fought the whole night continuously against the strong enemies that had made their mind and body tired.

"You guys go rest, I will deal with any Grimm monster that comes around our abode," I said. "Ok, if you come across something you can't handle, don't hesitate to ask for help," Kayla said as she walked up from the table.

"Sure," I replied, nodding as she walked toward the control panel of the abode and pressed a few b.u.t.tons on it. Soon the abode started to shake as the three small rooms began to take shape.

"Take a good rest!" I said to my teammates before I walked out of abode with Ashlyn, now that we are alone, we could fight at our Heart's content.

"You take north, I will take south but don't go too far, always keep abode within your range of sense," I said to Ashlyn, it would be simply a waste of time if acted together, it will not only waste our time but also lots of mana crystals.

So it is better if we acted alone; that way, we will be able to kill the maximum number of the Grimm monsters but also be able to harvest maximum mana crystals.

"Chew, Chew!" Ashlyn chirped excitedly on my shoulder before she flew north, Ashlyn liked to fight as much she liked to fight, but I rarely gave her a chance to do that.

Now that I am sure she has ample power to protect herself, I let her do what she wants.

Seeing her flying away, I also started to walk while trying to find a powerful Grimm monster to kill, currently, there is only one silver elite team within my range, and I am moving toward it.

Soon I appeared in front of the team of Grimm monsters; there are eight Grimm monsters in the team, seven of which have the power below Silver while the leader is Silver Elite.

"Look, we were just searching for morning breakfast and breakfast had deliv." The Grimm monster halfway through his dialogue when it found me attacking toward it without giving it a chance to finish its sentence.

It had to cut off its sentence halfway, which had clearly made it angry, but I did not care as it is going to be dead soon enough.

Puchi Puchi Puchi…

Just as I attacked, the 'Puchi' sound rang out repeatedly and five-second later, there was seven Grimm monster falling down, each with the hole in their chest, these monsters did not any even know when their hearts got pierced, they just felt pain in their chest before they started to fall on the ground.

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d, I will kill you for sure when we meet next!" "Puchi!" "Sorry, there will be no next time!" I said as I pierced its chest. This Grimm monster must really be in indignation as I did not give it a chance to finish its sentence.

After dealing with the monsters, I charged my sword and started to elementalise their bodies one by one before placing the runic disk on them and moving away. I did not wait for the disc to harvest the crystal, planning on collecting the later.

I have only three hours of time, and in this time, I want to kill as much as Grimm monsters I can as I will not get a chance to kill them before afternoon, only after that time, we will likely find the Grimm monster that had four or more Grimm monster in a single team.

Time pa.s.sed, and within an hour, I had killed more than a hundred Grimm monsters with Nine Silver Elites; this is the record for me itself.

Another half an hour pa.s.sed, and I had just finished placing the Runic disk when a team of Grimm monsters entered my range, sensing this team, my expression had become serious.

This team had three Grimm monsters, and all of them are Silver Elite, my mood turned very solemn. Three Silver elites in the team are not a problem as this team is solely made of the Silver Elites.

If there is one such team, then there ought to be another; some will have the same numbers while others will have greater, and some teams might even be led by the Two Star Silver Elite, and that will be a huge problem for us.

Currently, I am not an opponent of Two Star Silver Elites; even I fought together with Kayla, it crushes us like Gra.s.s under my feet. I have to keep my senses active every moment, as the maturing periods come closer, stronger, and stronger monsters will enter the forest.

To fight against them, I have to be always ready and have to improve myself even faster than I am improving right now; only then I will have the chance to self-preserve in this silent war.

I moved toward the three silver elites at my fastest and speed, and within two minutes, I reached next to them.

These monsters are from the Blazing Apeman tribe like their name has a fiery red coat on which fire would lit up when they are angry.

"Oh, look, another one came seeking his own death!." Said the leading as it came toward me with its two friends, it may have taunted me in the ridiculing tone, but after seeing me appear alone in front of them without showing any fear, their eyes had become serious, and they came at me with full power.

I did not hold back either and used my full power against them.

Clang Clang Clang…

Their war hammers clashed against my sword, the sparks flew, but no one cared about them as we started with the intense attack right from the start. Each of our attacks is made using full strength to kill; both sides did not hold back anything as doing that would be utter idiocy.

Clang Clang Slice...

After one minute of the clash, I was finally able to cut the Apenamans Arm, though this cut was nothing to it as It was not even able to draw out the blood, I am still happy about it.

After receiving the cut, the Grimm monsters got angry and increased the intensity of the attacks, but that did not stop me from injuring them, just a few seconds after the first cut, I was able to make another cut on the monster's body, and was able to draw out the blood.

Slice Slice Slice…

Cut after cut rained down from the monster's body, if not for their inherent defense, my sword would have pierced the Heart of one of the Grimm monsters by now.


Finally after four minutes later, I was able to pierce the Heart of the one Scarlet ape and a minute after I also finished two other scarlet apes. In less than minutes, I was able to finish off three One Star Silver Elite and that without summoning my swirling Armor.

I hunted for another hour before I stopped hunting and started collecting the Runic discs, after finis.h.i.+ng with my side I went toward Ashlyn's where I harvested the mana crystals from the monsters she had beaten before walking back to the abode as the three hours are over.