Monster Integration - Chapter 667 No Figh

Chapter 667 No Figh

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"From now on, you will only partic.i.p.ate in the battle when there are more than 3 Silver Elites present," Kyla said just after she had finished her Battle.

I was struck dumb before smiling to myself, I have improved so greatly that she started to feel inferior and now to improve herself, she decided to risk it all and only ask for help from me when the Grimm monsters were more than three.

Currently, Kayla could only handle two Silver Elites at once, and now she is planning to fight three alone; it will be an utter stretch of her abilities. This is quite dangerous behavior, a slight mistake on her part could kill her, but she is willing to take the risk.

She is taking this risk because she knows I am here if she is in trouble, though what she said earlier was the order, there is a request hidden beneath it.


I said and waited with her for others to finish their Battle, which they did in half an hour.

"Micheal you are amazing, you were able to kill that Silver Elite in just two minutes, man, I am jealous," said Alex, "We had started on the same point, but you had left us far behind," Ronny said with a sigh.

"Making progress is not difficult, as long as you are willing to put in some hard work, you will automatically make progress," I said, to which they nodded with each busy with their thoughts.

Time pa.s.sed, first, two hours after the Battle went relatively smooth with us fighting only two teams of Silver Elites with each team having only one Silver Elite, but after two hours, the real silent Battle started.

After two to three hours later, we encounter Grimm monster like a flood, whenever I look I will see Grimm monster; first, we fought with our old policy that fighting whatever Grimm monsters we have come across but as the night pa.s.sed we changed our policy due to a sheer number of Grimm monster we started to come across.

There is an influx of the Grimm monsters so much that we have been forced to change our fighting policy, and that is that we have only gone fighting the teams that have the Silver Elite among them, as for others we did not touch as long as they did not come across us.

In the whole night, I did not get to fight a single fight; my teammates and Ashlyn had finished all the Grimm monsters I have come across.

In the whole night, my team came across sixteen teams of Silver Elite, in which nine teams had one Silver Elite while the other six teams had a Two Silver elite, and one had three silver Elite.

In the sixteen fights they had fought, in between the maximum got fifteen minutes of rest before I walked them toward the Silver Elites team I sensed.

All of them have become completely crazy fighting the Grimm monsters; they will fight no matter how many monsters have come. In the night, there comes an instance for one teammate where he/she had to fight the three Grimm monsters of the same level at once.

Those fights were the most desperate, fighting the three Grimm monsters at once each of them gave their all by the time they had finished killing the three Grimm monsters; they barely had the energy to fight.

Kayla, too, had her wish and fought three Grimm monsters; it was a b.l.o.o.d.y fight. By the time Kyla had finished, she had several holes in her body and left had almost dangling.

If not for me giving her medicine that had the specks of Seed of Ominous Plant, her injuries would have taken hours to heal completely with the healing potion she had.

Though the night was b.l.o.o.d.y, it showed the results, there was a considerable change in their battle power, though they have not become all-powerful, if they kept making progress in such pace, three of them could surely become One Star Elites in just a few days.

While I may not fight the single monster since Kayla asked me not to, I am still able to get a huge sum of mana crystals, the mana crystals I got were a lot more than what five of them got together.

As the monster's numbers had increased too much, many monsters started to get attacked toward us hearing our sounds of Battle, to deal with them I sent Ashlyn who was more than happy to kill some Grimm monsters.

Ashlyn had killed whatever monsters that her eyes fell on, including three teams of Silver Elites, which had three Silver Elites. She would not only kill them, but she would also elementalise them also, and the only thing I had to do is harvest them.

In the single night, I had harvested more than a hundred thousand elemental crystals, as for how much I had harvested the normal crystals, I have so lost count of them.

Except for fighting, we also found Origin water, though it was Grey Grade and had about ten or so drops in it, it is still Origin Water.

Not only my team but Ashlyn also found the Origin water; it was also Grey Grade Origin Water Crystal, which had about five to six drops, though Ashlyn had seemed little disappointed by the size and Grade of crystal, she still happily crunched it between her teeth.

By her eating her Origin water, my strength had increased again, the increment in strength was not great, but it still increased my strength by a notch.

"This place looks well hidden, let's take some rest here," Kayla said after the dawn, everyone nodded especially three who had fought so vigorously that tiredness could be visibly seen in their eyes.

We set up abode in the well-hidden place, started taking a turn to clean the s.h.i.+t we had piled up for the whole day.

"You rest, I am alone is fine," I said to Ronny after he came to help me in the kitchen. He did not insist on helping as he knows how tired he is, so he sat back with the rest of the teammates.

In forty-five minutes, I finished cooking the simple meal and placed it on the table, and we started to eat.

"From the evening, the real Mayhem will start!" I said as we were eating, hearing that everyone fell onto the silence as they are aware of what will happen in the evening.

An evening of today will mark the 48th hour of phenomena and the Origin water across the whole Grimm battlefield. The Grimm monster will enter in loads, so are humans; both sides will not hold back in calling their reserve forces out; it will be absolute mayhem.

Especially for us who are so deep in the forest, where powerful Grimm monsters enter in doves, though powerful humans would also come. Their quant.i.ty would be far less; if we come across any trouble, it will be very hard to come across any team that will rescue us.

"You guys should take a rest, at least for three hours, it will help you guys reach back in your apex condition," I said as we finished eating.