Monster Integration - Chapter 655 Killing Silver Elite II

Chapter 655 Killing Silver Elite II


Clang Clang Clang…

It's amazing, the silver elite is really powerful, but It wasn't able to do anything to me. I just had to bear some injuries while fighting it, and if I did not have little unstable swirling Armor, I would not have to go through that as well.

The killing rule is really amazing, the advancement in the senses it gave me huge, even if I did not have the raw power that Silver Elite have, I have the powerful senses from which I can fight with One Star Silver Elite on Equal ground.

Earlier I had thought it would be difficult for me to kill the Silver Elite, but now I dont think so, though as my current power it is very hard for me to Kill One Star Silver Elite unless it is very injured, I will have a chance after I got the experience in fighting the Silver Elite.

Clang! Step Step Step…

"Take this!" Our weapons clashed, and I took a step back, I took a step back intentionally as I could have a moment of break and I could pa.s.s the berry to the Girl.

It had been a minute since the battle started, and potion had nearly healed all her injuries, and she could join the fight in half-minute, but she will not be at her peak; her fight with Three Silver Elite had sapped all her energies out of her.

Currently, her power is equal to mine, she could fight, but she could not win, so I gave her vigor berry, so she could return to her peak and help me kill this Grimm monster, so we could help Kyala who is barely making any progress against the two Grimm monsters and now to forget that other Silver Elite Team that is lingering in the Vicinity.

The Grimm monsters expression changed seeing in the berry flying out of my hand towards the girls, and it ran to intercept it, it is aware of the condition it is in, the potion had miraculously healed all the injuries in miraculous time, and if this berry is something like the potion, then it will be in trouble.


It tried to catch the berry before it could reach the Girl but how can I let it have it, I immediately activated mini blast and appeared in front of it before attacking.

"f.u.c.k Off!" It shouted, seeing me coming in front of it and swung its heavy swung in response to my attack, the attack of it is powerful, but I did not fear it. The maximum I would receive is a minor injury that would be healed by the healing power of my body alone.


Our weapons clashed, and intense force came at me; most of it bore by my Swirling Armor while some seemed inside my body and injured me a little, which is again within my expectation.

"You f.u.c.king b.a.s.t.a.r.d!" It shouted anger; my interception led the berry safely in the hands of the girl who did not waste any time popping in her mouth, seeing that the Grimm monster roared in indignation and started to attack my fury.

Clang Clang Clang…

It attack me in a fury, every attack of it stronger than before that with every attack, I had to take the several steps back, and I am getting injured bit by bit internally, but I am not sad but instead excited.

I wanted such heavy attacks to pressure me so that I could improve myself quickly. This pressure is already helping me, my Swirling Armor had started to stabilize, though if one looked at it, one would still find it unstable, it is a lot more stable than before, and if I kept fighting it for some more time, I might be even able to perfect my swirling armor.

"Die Die Die…"

In its anger, the Grimm monster went into a complete frenzy; attacks became powerful but predictable that I was able to deal with them with my injuries.


Suddenly my expression changed, and the bright smile appeared on my face as I sopped my attack as the sword of the Grimm Monster stopped Green spear; it had been two minutes since I had given her the potion.

Now not only all her injuries have recovered, but she is also in her peak condition, so now this monster will not be a problem.

Seeing she is attacking, I let her be the main force as she is stronger than me and started to launch a sneak attack on the Grimm monster.

Clang Clang Slice Slice…

The Grimm monster is fighting against the girl frenziedly while I am launching a sneak attack after sneak attack.

When the Grimm monster was fighting me, it was in clear advantages, but now it is in a clear lead. The girl is fighting it furiously, giving back all the grievances she had suffered under the Grimm monster.

The Grimm monster barely able to stop the furious thrusts of her spear and not to forget sneak attack after a sneak attack I am launching at it, in just a minute, its body got bloodied entirely, and it went to even more frenzy.

If it had been sober, it would have tried to run away, seeing the number of injuries increasing in its body, but due to the frenzy, it had long complete sense and now just attacking like crazy.

Slice Slice…

I kept attacking, and most of my attacks. .h.i.t it but not on the spot I wanted, though it had gone into a frenzy, it still had some self-preservation instinct which is helped it avoid my fatal attack at last moment, if my strength would have been little higher then I would not problem killing it easily.

Well, it will live a few minutes longer, as time pa.s.sed I got better and better understanding of it, and that time I will be able to launch a perfect sneak attack at it.

While I was fighting, I also looked at the girl, she is fighting with a spear, I have always found spear is the best weapon and tried it in the school, but unfortunately, I have no talent for it.

This girl does have the talent for a spear but her spear skill's pales in front of the Madeline. Madeline is also spear use, and her spear mastery is amazing, though I have quickly beaten by her, I still get a chance to her observe her spear mastery.

There is no question that Ellens's mysterious teacher also teaches Madeline, sometimes I also wish I had some teacher, but I don't think I am fortunate enough to have any, I just have to make up for that with my hard work as I always do.

Ten more minutes pa.s.sed, and now the Grimm monster is in utterly wretched condition and only surviving due to its terrifying vitality; if it had been any human in its place, it would have died under such immense injuries.

But it will not leave much longer, I have already able to pierce it's chest three times, missing its heart every time by little but this time I am sure, and I will be able to penetrate the center of the heart, I thought as I attacked its back again.

The Grimm monster felt my attack again and started to move, but it was stopped by girls spear, seeing that it crouched down a little wanting to change the angle of my attack like last, but I was prepared, but this time I was prepared and moved my wrist smoothly.


My sword touched its back and pa.s.sed through its hard defense before directly piercing its heart, one might think it took several seconds to happen, but it did not take half a second, to launch such perfect attack, I took my brain to overdrive, and now it is hurting like h.e.l.l.