Monster Integration - Chapter 654 Killing Silver Elites I

Chapter 654 Killing Silver Elites I

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Within three minutes, Ive pierced the chest of the seven remaining Grimm monsters and saved the four girls, the four girls' condition was the same as the other two. I have now brought the Grimm monster and girls to one place and fed them the potion, they all now healing.

"Micheal your strength?" asked Alex after some time, earlier my strength was equal to their or little higher, but now I have clearly powerful, they ought to be feeling curious with my sudden increse in power.

"Mu Rule power advanced," I stated and didn't explain further and close my eyes to sense the team of the monster that is not far away from me.

With my current increse in strength, I have the power to help Kyala and the leader of these girls as they are really in need of it, but I can't. When I had gone to help the girls, I had sensed the team of Grimm monster with silver elite leading them.

They have not stopped, but they are cleary in the vicinity, and I want to wait till that team of Grimm monster pa.s.sed. If I had gone to help them and that team attack, then my team members and these girls would not stand a chance to survive, and their condition would become worst before.

I am currently tracking the team, as Ive said they did not stop, and if they kept going at the current speed, then they would walk out of our vicinity in few minutes.

"Th..thank you."

I heard a soft voice, it was the former one eyes girl that said it, she had recovered within the two minutes after drinking the potion, but she had had been strangely quiet just like the girl beside her.

What they have gone through was not just physical but mental; also, the physical scars might heal quickly, but psychological scars would take time. Some people might able to heal them over time, but some will keep them forever until they are alive.

"There is no need to thank me, anyone in my places would have done the same," I said with a smile.

"No, everyone would not have done the same." She said while shaking her head; I was about the reply to her when my expression abruptly changes.

"Take them and walk toward left, there is another Silver Elite team in our vicinity if they attack I will come back but try to hold them off till I came." I gave them serious instruction and disappeared in front of their eyes.

I would have stopped till the other Silver Elite team left the vicinity, but there is an emergency on Kyla's part. The Grimm monsters she and the leader of the Girls fighting had stopped fooling around and started to fight with their real power.

Kayla is fine fighting against two Silver Elite, but the leader of the Girls is in bad condition. If she had been her peak, fighting one or even two Silver elites would not have been a problem for her, but currently, she is seriously injured.

She is so injured that she is fighting only through her willpower, but the Grimm monster she is fighting is using all its strength, and the leader of the Girls can't handle it.

If she did not receive the help in a minute, she would collapse under the strain of her injuries, and Kyala will have to fight against three Silver elite, which is beyond her limit.

That is why I had to leave my teammates and girls under the uncertain threat of another Silver Elite and go to help them.

I am moving toward them with my quickest speed, and while I am doing that, a swirling silver armor started to appear on my body and within two seconds, it is completly covered me, but unlike before, the swirling Armor seemed little unstable.

That is because I had added full power of Killing Rule into it, if I had a few hours, I would have been able to stabilize it perfectly, but I do not have the time, I am controlling the swirling Armor forcefully and hope, I will fully stabilize it during the battle.

Soon I reached the place where the leader of the girls is fighting, and to be honest; she looked wretched; her condition is worst than I had expected. She had the wound on every part of her body, and blood could be seen continuously coming from it.

That's not it; her whole body is shaking; it felt like she would collapse as the single gale of the wind, it was a good thing I have arrived quickly as I could otherwise she would not have lasted even ten seconds.


The Grimm monster shouted and swung its sword full speed, seeing such attack angela's face became even paler than already is, and she swung her spear will her strength, but unlike other times, the attack of Grimm Monster this time is too great.

She wanted to stop, but she knew she did not have enough strength to stop it; if she had been at her peak, stopping such an attack would not have been difficult, but now it is nigh impossible for her.

Seeing her end coming, she accepted it; she only hoped that the people from the Raging thunder would able to save her teammates; she did not want to be the team leader that got her team killed.

The sword of Grimm monster came closer and closer to her while is using her all her strength to move her spear, she knew it was impossible to stop her sword, but that did not stop her trying, she wanted to giver all before she died.

What was feared had happened, the sword of the Grimm monster easily bypa.s.sed her sword and came toward her, and she watched as the sword Grimm monster coming closer and closer to her neck.

Just when she thought the end would come a moment, she heard the faint banging sounds, and that exact moment she found silver blur appeared beside her as it had teleported and transformed into the figure of a human, which is cloaked beautiful Armor of Silver fire.


A loud clanging sound rang out, and I saw a young man in silver fire Armor taking two steps back while the Grimm monster is only shaking a little.

"Drink it!"

Said the young man in silver armor as he threw a tiny bottle of at me before he attacked the Grimm monster again at the blurring speed.

I caught the blue bottle from the air and looked at it; this bottle looked like any normal potion bottle with blue liquid it. Usually, I dont drink the potions given by unknown people, but as this young man had just saved my life and it would be rude if I did not drink it, even if this potion is not good as I have.

I opened the cork of the bottle and unloaded all in my mouth and took out the best healing potion I had. This healing potion I have brought it at fortune, it will be able to heal all my injuries within half an hour.

I had just opened the cap of my potion bottle about drink it when I found something unbelievable happening in my body. I discovered my injuries are healing at the visible rate, and I am shocked seeing this.

These injuries are not normal injuries, each injury contain dense dark energy and Occult energy, even after drinking the potion I was able to give my all to erase all the foreign energies in me, but this potion is a tsunami, all the external energies in my body nothing it to it as it crus.h.i.+ng them all as it continues healing my injuries at an amazing pace.