Monster Integration - Chapter 62 Adventurers Guild

Chapter 62 Adventurers Guild

"Bam!" "You little sissy, you are worst than s.h.i.+t!" our instructor shouted and kicked yet another unconscious girl, he had kicked more than fifteen people and there is no counting how many people he cursed in this past two and half hour.

I am currently standing on palms of my two hands while legs are in the air in know style, it is really uncomfortable and I am barely hanging on this pose for a few minutes.

I have been performing this weird exercises for hours and there is a half hour more till this cla.s.s end.

I don't know why but after performing this exercise for half an hour, I feel like my energy draining at faster than normal rate and I know I'm at my last leg.

Everyone here is at lv.3 of the private stage and they have enough energy to run around for twelve hours constantly and not feels this drained that we are feeling right now.

But somehow as we perform these exercises, we feel exertion as if had run around the city for day and night. I am counting seconds as they pa.s.sed.

"Change in position." shouted instructor, I sigh a relief for white thinking I will get few seconds of rest while performing, instructor soon started showing new position on holographic projection and correction posture of those who do it wrong.

When I sign up for advance combat cla.s.s, I thought I will get chance to fight new people as I learn but that's not going to happen anytime soon, as our instructor said it, we have to perform these weird exercises for two months before we could learn any concrete fighting style.

"Rest!" said instructor finally, I slowly unwind myself from the complecated position, "Your next cla.s.s will be three days later at the same time, I recommend you perform their exercises at home for maximum benefits. cla.s.s dismisses, you all can leave." said instructor.

Hearing instructor saying the cla.s.s is over, the cla.s.s which is earlier had been full of gloom now turned lively, those who were unconscious or were acting unconsciously suddenly became conscious with full of energy.

I smiled seeing, just minuit before we pain but now we were jumping without care for sored muscle and tiredness.

Nodding toward the boy I talked to earlier I left the hall and walk toward the elevator, my walk is a little funny as I am feeling sore all over my body.

I wanted to look at the other facilities of the training center but I am too tired to do that, leaving the building I ordered for hovercar for the ride home.

"Chew Chew…" Ashlyn comes out of me just as I sat on the hovercar, she loves sitting on the hovercar and watching scenery pa.s.sed by.

"chew!" Ashlyn cried out as strong wind pa.s.sed by her face, it is already evening and night is starry, the s.h.i.+ning stars could be seen through the transparent roof of hover car.

We got out of the middle ring and entered the outer ring, it will only take ten to fifteen minutes to reach my apartment, as I watching scenery pa.s.sed by from the hovercar window, I noticed a peculiar building.

Adventurers Guild, cla.s.s 5 above the city has one, the status of this building is completely different as no government or organization could touch it.

Adventurers guild, most popular place in Westblood city or any other city, it livelihood of millions of people.

The minimum requirement to join the adventurers guild is one has to be a Specialist Grade evolver.

I also want to quickly level up to Specialist grade so I could join adventurers guild, there are immense benefits joining it.

With one it's a member, one can post a job or receive the job from adventurers guild, all most all business, organizations, and government post jobs on the adventurers guild.

One can never return empty-handed from adventurers guild as long as one sufficiently powerful.

Almost all adventurers sign up in the adventurers guild and not only they, but the members of the various organization and government also sign up in the adventurers guild.

Finding and posting a job isn't the only thing adventurers guild do, it's a trading function is also popular.

One can barter or auction any of his items on its platforms, with minute commission compare to another trading center.

The current area I am hunting is the very outer edge of miasta forest, except for monsters nothing is there but as one enters deeper into the forest he will come across many resources.

The resources in the deep area are many, rare herbs which used in making an expensive potion, ores and minerals for teens, exotic and powerful monster that can easily kill those above their level all these in deep area.

Many high-level adventures enter deep in the miasta forest to for precious bounty that will make them rich enough to retire and live a comfortable life while others go for practice and thrill for danger.

I've heard that adventurers guild had constructed many bunkers inside miasta forest for adventures for their safety and rest.

All most all the Specialist Grade evolvers in my apartment building are members of the adventures guilds.

Seeing them I also wanted to join adventurers guild but alas I can't, I am not Specialist Grade yet.

If Ashly keeps going in this pace, she will be able to evolve into Specialist grade within two months but its all on-premise on if she was able to evolve in current pace.

But that is highly unlikely to happen, Ashlyn is low strain monster, her progress detained to be slow.

My parents grey spark sparrow's had taken two years to evolve into specialist from peak Private stage.

I am not going to lament on her low strain, there have been many monsters who were able to level up quick speed despite their low strain and low talent if they could di then Ashlyn also could do that, I have full confidence in her.

As I was in my deep thoughts, the hovercar had already reached my apartment, I pick up Ashlyn in my hand and got out of the car and walk toward my apartment building.