Monster Integration - Chapter 61 Instructor Kelly

Chapter 61 Instructor Kelly

When I entered the building, I was greeted by the large lobby, it is very big, more than five times bigger than lobby in my building.

People could be seen entering and exiting from the rows of elevators and tens of projection screen are showing information on each floor and services it offers.

The projector screens are showing the services the training center is offering, I was a little shocked seeing the list of them.

Aside from advanced combat, it also has a gravity room, gravity training, monster battle etc.

Curiously I checked the rates of services, seeing the rates my eyes went wide.

Advance combat styles are one of the cheapest one's whilst gravity training and monsters battle is one of the expensive, I've heard that these courses help a lot in increasing one's power but they too expensive.

Aderson training center is one mediocre one, there are many high-end training centers in middle and central ring but they are too expensive for me to consider.

There is still half an hour till my cla.s.s starts, I decided to wait beside the cla.s.s than the lobby.

I got out elevator on the sixth floor, this where my cla.s.s is. when I reach my cla.s.s, I saw fifty-something people already there waiting for the present cla.s.s to end.

There is a big gla.s.s which separates the cla.s.s from the waiting area, My expression turned quite funny when I look hundred something people performing extremely weird moves.

Not all people are doing that, only half of then while other another half just huffing their breaths, they looked like they have run hundred km race and just resting and some ten or so people are laid unmoving on their mats, they look they're unconscious and there is any in looking instructor who seemed to shout those who were not performing and he even kicked the one who looked unconscious.

"Is this night blade cla.s.s?" i said, I am really confused, I thought I will see people swinging their blades in different style or two people sparring on teachers induction but here I see people with no practice weapon on side performing weird exercise while teacher shouting and kicking them, it is really out of my expectations.

"Yes, it is night blade cla.s.s, this cla.s.s is fifteen days ahead of us," he said, it really is our cla.s.s, I would if would able to perform such exercise.

as time more and people unable to keep up with exercise, some people even fell unconscious, after some shouting and kicking some people did the cla.s.s end and by the end of the cla.s.s, only nineteen people were able to perform till last.

All people from the previous batch exited the hall and we entered as hall become empty, there are still fifteen minutes till cla.s.s starts, the teacher seems nowhere, seeing another door he must have left through it.

I hope we didn't get the same teacher as the previous cla.s.s, I don't want to shout or kicked in front of all these people.

All people took their places, there are about a hundred people are present in the hall, some talking while other silent waiting for the instructor to come.

It didn't take long though, soon the door opened and instructor walk in, he looked to be in the early forties with a lean build.

He had not released his aura soi didn't know his level and I didn't dare to check it with my speech seeing his earlier actions.

"Listen well, I am going to say this only once." Said instructor in loud voice, "Those who want to cancel this cla.s.s can cancel it now, at least you will get half of the money back." He continued.

"This cla.s.s going to be very painful for you, Night Blade style mainly focused speed and agility,"

"you will have to perform many exercises that seemed hard or near impossible, I may curse you and hit but I promise you once you successfully completed the course you will see a noticeable change in your fighting power."

"So, those who want to leave can leave within five minutes and by the way, you can call me instructor kelly." She said and sat on the small podium waiting.

All of us have come here to become stronger and we already paid for it, so, there is no question of leaving.

Seeing no one leaving instructor Kelly smiled but his smile has little s.a.d.i.s.t tinge in it.

"Good very good, you all are young men and women full of spirit, now you just have to do what I say and do, while performing the exercise you can use whatever skill, technique, move you want." instructor Kelly said and started instructing and performing exercises.

The exercises at first were simple such normal stretching an all but soon it started to become little complicated at times

Just when I thinking the instructor is good and how he not angry and violent as before I heard his voice that made me realize that previous opinion of him is true.

"You f.u.c.king s.h.i.+t no. 29, why do it like a sissy do it like a man," he shouted, all people stopped for a moment when they heard this shout but quickly realizing if they dally, they will be his next target.

He shouted at many people as time pa.s.sed on, He is really killing us by making us do this G.o.d awful exercise.

I am currently standing on my single feet while my other leg touching my head from behind and I am standing in this position for ten minutes.

More than half of the students were already down and the instructor already kicked four them in his annoyance.

Only half time had pa.s.sed in this three-hour cla.s.s, I already feeling sore all over my body and the only thing that kept me going is that not want to become the target of his insults and kicks.

As time pa.s.sed the exercised become more complicated and new student fell and every few minutes.

If not for me creating the first seal in the exercise, I would have one people who fell or became unconscious due exhaustion and instructor said we have to perform this for three months before we could learn any fighting moves.

He then in three months we practice these exercises regularly at home, it will free every pressure point and pore of our body, automatically increasing our speed in combat.