Monster Integration - Chapter 629 Mid Level Of Lieutenant Stage

Chapter 629 Mid Level Of Lieutenant Stage

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"You are not angry with my siblings anymore, right?" Rachel asked, "I now owe them a favor." I said breathlessly as I finally closed the lid of the box and placed it in the storage.

Though using it will have an increse in power, it will still be not enough to help me charge me to become the Siver Elite. So, I will store it in my storage and use it when I really need it.

"Come here," I said to Rachel, she came and sat on my lap with her legs scissoring my waist and next moment we started kissing, this time there was no hot pa.s.sion in them just silent pa.s.sion.

We are not kissing like a hungry teenager like we were doing earlier, this time our kisses were slow and langued, we are just enjoying each other's company.

Time pa.s.sed by in the airs.h.i.+p ad before I know it, five days have pa.s.sed. These five days were relaxing, except for when we go to sleep in our different cabins, we have been literally together.

We have even trained together in a special training room that I booked after paying a premium. Though I was not able to make any progress Rachel did, she had finally reached the 1st Acomplimenet in the Secrete method.

Which had finally helped her create the Ability Armor of her own, I had taught her daily through the link when I was home, but long-distance could not be compared to close distance training where I could correct her simplest flaw.

Like her sister Sarah, she also has the Lightning Elemental ability, which is hardest to control and bear more destructive power than the elemental fire ability, and probably that is why she took longer to create an Ability Armor.

Her ability, Armor, is the most powerful basic Ability Armor, Ive ever seen. It is not only due to the lightning ability but also due to my guidance, which helped her create the best Ability Armor she can operate.

With the Ability Armor, her power had finally reached Nine Star Elite and now except for peak Nine Star Elite no one could defeat her except for me off course, I may not have made any significant improvement, but I did make some tiny improvement and which took my power Peak Nine Star Elite.

Now I have the ability to defeat any Nine Star Elite, seeing that I finally heaved a sigh of relief as I now I can entirely focus on becoming the Silver Elite.

There is a huge gap that exists between the While Elite and Silver Elite, to pa.s.s that Gap I will have to make huge advancement as if I continue to progress at my current speed, then it would take me months to become one.

"This will be our last training on the Airs.h.i.+p hun?" Rachel said we reached the small training, "Yes!" I replied as I watch her remove her the jacket she was wearing. The movements were seductive but straightforward that even my little brother went to attention. Soon she completely removed her jacked before throwing it away, and I got to look at the perfect body of her.

She started doing that since the day we started training, and every day, I got enamored by it, and knowing I like her show, she makes it even more elaborate. The first two days, she was quite clumsy, but after that, her movement became seamless, and now I could barely spot any flaws in her movements.

"Let's Start!" I said as I ate the red piece of cooked meat, beside me, she did the same, but her piece of me was much much smaller. Right after eating the piece of meat, we started practice as if it did not; then, we would explode due to the immense medicinal energy.

Like me, Rachel also started to follow the formulae of crazy practicing, seeing how she is behind me in the secrete method and Body Cleaning Technique, she also insisted on trying crazy training method.

I started practicing with the four of my methods as always, but today I am focusing extra on Body Cleansing exercise as if I tried extra harder today, then I might be able to level up to the Mid-level of the Lieutenant stage.

With that thought in mind, I continued practicing pose after pose, never stopping. An hour pa.s.sed as of this, and I had finally reached my limit and now barely able to move my body, but I am still performing as I looked at the cloud of Miracle fruit energy which hadn't grown big enough.

I still have to feed it some more energy before it became big enough to help me level up, so I continue performing in snail-like speed; I remain even after all the energy sapped from my body.


Finally, after G.o.d knows how much time later, the miracle fruit energy eventually grew big enough to help me level up, and seeing that I let go and fell on the ground with a thud.

While I am extremly tired and just wanted to sink into unconsciousness, I forcefully controlled my consciousness and watched miracle energy spreading in my body and leveling me up.

I could feel the strength of my body and soul increasing visible rate while the tiredness I am feeling receding at a visible rate.

A few minutes later, all the things in my body had calmed down, and I had formally reached the Mid Level of the Lieutenant stage.

"Congratulation on reaching Mid Lieutenant stage," said Rachel as I got up from the floor, "Thanks," I said and started to move my limbs around to get used to the new strength.

Though the level of up did not give me a heavy boost, it had increased my overall aspects, which will aid me further in practice.

"Let's go freshened up; there is barely an hour before the Airs.h.i.+p will land in the Midzone." Rachel said, I nodded and walked out of the training room with her.

We went to our room for the shower before walking toward the great hall as there is barely half an hour remaining for the airs.h.i.+p to land in the Milfred.

Time pa.s.sed as we remained seated in the Great hall drinking the drinks we have ordered from the bar, and soon, we felt the airs.h.i.+p descent from the cloud, and I got to see the city that is hiding below.

It is a huge city, at least 20 times bigger than outpost I was in, there are all sorts of buildings could be seen, some were small while others were tall, with different styles of architecture.


A few minuits later, the airs.h.i.+p finally landed on the ground, and its gate opened for people's departure.

Ting Ting…

As I walked out airs.h.i.+p, my holowatch buzzed. Not only mine but Rachel's and other's also, the Adabturers guild is sending the information booklet. I did not read it immediately as I was busy observing the scenery and the people around me.

"It's truly a junction midzone." Rachel said breathlessly; I nodded as we already could see the people of different ethnicity and race around me.