Monster Integration - Chapter 628 Drop Of Thousand Imaginations

Chapter 628 Drop Of Thousand Imaginations

It had been an hour since I sat on the Airs.h.i.+p and the melancholic mood I had started replace with excitement as the Airs.h.i.+p began to fly toward the Westblood.

In fifteen minutes, the Airs.h.i.+p will reach the westblood, and I will finally meet Rachel after more than a month of separation.

We have been together for a week, but I had missed her very much, especially in the outpost, and now the Airs.h.i.+p moving closer and closer to her; I can't seem to contain my excitement as I will be able to meet her in her very soon.

Some of the things she did and asked me, made me a little angry, but when I think through perspective, I could understand why she did that, but it still made me quite angry.

Every relations.h.i.+p has some good and bad things, and her extra love for her siblings is bad of her relations.h.i.+p, there may be some things she might not like about me. As I said, no relations.h.i.+p is perfect; one has to make it perfect through compromise and understanding.

Time pa.s.sed, and soon, I saw the silhouette of the familiar city below me, westblood city. The first big city where I spent nearly two years of my life, this city gave me many things, and I learned many things in it.

This city had a major influence on my progress and would still influence my future progress.

Few second later the Airs.h.i.+p started to descend toward the airport and seeing that I get out of my cabin suit and went to the main hall of Airs.h.i.+p to wait for Rachel.


The Airs.h.i.+p landed with the thud and hearing that thud; my heart started to beat at thundering speed as I look at the door of the Airs.h.i.+p that opened for pa.s.sengers to come in.

Seconds pa.s.sed like hours when I saw people entering inside one after, but there is no sign of Rachel, soon as a minute pa.s.sed, and I was about to call Rachel when I finally saw her coming with her roaming as if searching for someone.

She is wearing a short yellow sundress, which accentuated her beautiful long legs perfectly.

When our eyes met and a joyful smile formed on our lips, and the next moment, we both walked toward each other in hurried steps.

"H" "Kiss me!"

A few seconds later, we met halfway, and I opened my mouth to say something, but she interrupted me and asked for the kiss and who I am to refuse a lady a kiss.

I kissed her and kissed her with pa.s.sion; I let out all the lodging I had felt for her, I bare out all my emotion in that kiss, and seeing the same pa.s.sion in her response, I know she had felt the same.

We kept kissing and only stopped when we felt the Airs.h.i.+p is ascending in the sky.

"I missed you," we said to each other in unison and laugh. "Let's go," I said.

We walked toward my cabin and entered inside, and just as we entered inside, we started kissing, and this time our kissing is more pa.s.sionate than before, this time we did not control our hands like earlier, as we have completely lost in pa.s.sion.

I am happy that she is wearing short sundress as it did not take long for my hands to reach her smooth naked thighs, the skin felt wonderful. It felt like I am not touching her skin but silky satin.

I did not shy away from touching her beautiful thighs as I know she is enjoying it from the way she is. Slowly I let my hands move upward while enjoying every inch of her skin.

She did not resist it. Instead, she even consented to it from the way she is responding and who I am to resist and adventure. My hands continued going upward and about to reach her wonderful a.s.s when I felt a push from her.

I found myself pushed on to the bed, and before I could respond, I found Rachel top of me, and we started kissing again; this time, she was even more pa.s.sionate, and all I could do respond with the same pa.s.sion.

I again resumed my exploring, but this time I placed my hands directly on her a.s.s inside her; as I touched her a.s.s, I felt shudder running through her body, and her kisses became more pa.s.sionate.

I became extremly happy, feeling no resistance from her and started to explore her wonderful a.s.s. Her a.s.s is best; not only is it soft, but it is also firm, which gave the heavenly feel when I squeezed.

I have not only explored her a.s.s but also squeezed both of the cheeks with my heart content. Squeezing her felt wonderful; it is even more wonderful than the masturbation; it is such a wonderful feeling that I wanted to keep doing that.

I played with her a.s.s with my heart content, but I did not move past it; our relations.h.i.+p had not touched that stage where I could touch that boundary, as least not before I could take her to the proper date.

We continued kissing for some time before we finally stopped breathless; when we stopped, we did not speak; we just kept staring at each other with a smile.

"Thank you for what you did for my siblings if others would have been your place they wouldn't have done so much," she said softly to which I just smiled, though I am a little angry, seeing her face, all the anger I had disappeared from my heart.

"I did it for you," I said, smiling, what I said is right everything I did, I did it for her and hearing that a beautiful smile dawned on her face.

"Thank you!" she said as she gives me a peck on lips before getting up.

"My sister felt bad takings so many things from you without giving you anything in exchange, so she asked me to give you this," she said as she gives me a small silver box.

"What's in it?" I asked as I took the box from her hand, "You will know when you open it." she said mysteriously. Feeling curious, I opened the box and saw the thing; I never expected to see.


I let out a huge gasp when I saw the thing inside it, inside the box is a tiny gla.s.s bottle and in that gla.s.s bottle had a single drop of liquid which seemed to contain all the colors of the world.

" this the Liquid Of Thousand Inspirations?" I asked in shaking voice, "Yes." she replied with a smile.

This drop of liquid is invaluable, especially when it is taken at the right time. It is called Liquid Of Thousand Imaginations. It functions about the same as the reward of the 2nd challenge of Grand Palace in ruin.

It helps one concentrate all the inspiration one had, though it did not work on rule power, it still valuable. If I drank it now and think about Clock Sword Style, in just a few minutes, my understanding of Clock Sword Style would advance by leaps and bounds.

With Sarah giving me this liquid, I now owe her the favor because the value of this thing is far above what I had given her.