Monster Integration - Chapter 626 Beaten II

Chapter 626 Beaten II

This is an absolute shock to me because I am aware of what it means to have such a powerful body and how hard I would have to work hard and how much resources I would need if I want to get such a powerful body.

My peak strength, I produced it through the combination of Physical body, elemental energy, Rule power, and Occult energy. Only after combining these things would I get the power I wield, but she has the body powerful enough to giver power above my combination of four power.

I can't imagine power how powerful her body is. I am aware that it not the full power of the physical body, seeing how casual she was when she responded to my attack.


I smiled as I wiped the blood off my lips with my sleeved, and next moment, I activated the mini blast and went toward her to attack.

This is a very rare chance; I rarely get to fight such a powerful opponent where I did not have to worry about me dying. I am very excited at this time; I am going to challenge my limit and also see where her limits are.

While I moved toward hers, I started to circulating Supreme Combat Exercise and also started circulating the secrete method after I enveloped my body with suppressive energy.

Others might think that it impedes my power as both of the methods put loy of strain on one's mind, but I agree to disagree. Though these methods put a lot of pressure in my mind, they also help me challenge my limits, which is why I am circulating them.

Ellen remains casual like last time seeing me coming, and like the last time this time, also she responded to my attacks when my sword reached very close to her.


Step Step….

This time also the immense force came inside me after the attack, nearly puffed away the swirling armor I am wearing.

When the force entered inside me, I had to take a step back, but unlike last time, I did not vomit the bucket full of blood, as this time a second before the clash I ate the speck of Ominous plant core, so while I was getting injured by force, I am also getting heald by the speck of ominous plants core.

So, by the time all the power of force spent inside my body, there were no injuries in my body as all of them were healed by the healing power of the speck that I had eaten.



I laughed and activated mini blast again and went toward Ellen; this time, I tried different move of clock sword style, but like last time, this time also ellen defended against my attack casually.


As such, I had exchanged twelve-move with ellen, and in these twelve moves, I had used 11 eleven specks of Ominous plant I had hidden under my teeth, but despite that, I did not stop.

As I am really enjoying the fight, my friend's strength is away above me that I wasn't even able to gauge correctly, but this is a good thing; I have gotten bored from seeing everyone's power and fighting according to it.

Fighting Ellen is a challenge itself, as I used up every speck I had. I am getting injured at every attack of ellen more and more. Still, despite that, I kept attacking her with the attack that is stronger than previous.

She is really strong. I have to say and not able to see her battle power, and seeing her casually responding to my attacks, my thoughts started to wander, and I came with a shocking possibility.

The more I fight her, the more I understood that she had already reached the new level while I am still being stuck in the latter.

As every moment she making progress akin to the gallop of a horse while I am walking with the speed of ant. I have to fly at a speed of bird only, then I will able to catch up to the galloping horse that she is and surpa.s.s.

"Micheal, its enough; look at your condition." I heard when I about to activate another mini blast. Her words had brought me out of trance-state I was in, and when I looked at myself, I found myself completly b.l.o.o.d.y.

My skin was torn, my bones were broken, and with me coming out of that fighting trans, I started to feel the h.e.l.l-like pain, feeling such pain. So that the first thing I did was to took the speck of Ominous core out of my storage and ate to recover from the bloodied state I am.

A second, after eating the core, I felt my injuries healing and pain lessening at the visible pace.

"So, you are a silver elite now," I stated as I looked at ellen. When I said it, I am shocked myself as I have seen how powerful these silver elite are in the battle.

To become one, one had to cross the chasm that exists between two Grades of Elite.

I thought I would need at least two month for me to become a silver elite and that would happen if my luck is exceptionally, but if it is bad, then it may even take three to five to six months but looking at Rachel, I now I have to create an extremly luck for myself so that I could become Silver elite as soon as possible.

"Yes," Rachel replied in affirmation, which I know she would.

"So, when did you become Silver Elite?" I asked, hearing that question the expression on her face has become complicated and struggle appeared on face.

"Just before I entered the ruin." She said finally, hearing her answer, I felt as if I had been struck by lightning.

I thought she might say she had become silver elite in the Ruin or after coming out of Ruin, but she had become one before she entered the Ruin, which completly changed everything.

It had been four months when we went to the outpost, and Ellen said those mysterious marks appeared on her body in the first week. She reported them in the second week, and in the third week, her mysterious teacher had arrived.

Means her teacher had arrived about twenty days before she entered the outpost, she went from barely a White Elite to the Silver elite in a mere twenty days, I know my estimation is correct as Ruin opened in about forty days after we went to the outpost.

Her mysterious teacher had made her Silver Elite from the white elite in barely twenty days and not to forget the sixty days she had spent in the Ruin and twenty days she had spent in the outpost after she returned from the Ruin.

I didn't dare to imagine how much progress she would have made in these nearly three months; she might have already become Peak Silver Elite or close to becoming Golden Elite or become a golden elite.

No wonder she said she did not want the strengthening potions and Emperor Cla.s.s Totem artifacts blueprints when I offered them to her.