Monster Integration - Chapter 625 Beaten I

Chapter 625 Beaten I

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Thud Thud Thud

We landed in front of Salvador's Arena, the most Famous practice ground of the city. I got a little surprised that seeing her getting a pa.s.s here as I am with my current wealth and power could not get permission to practice here.

From what I have heard, this practice hall is made by higher-ups of all organizations for them to practice here, so if I want to get the permission of practice here, I will have to be a Silver Elite at the least.

Since this my first time here, I had just followed Ellen and Madeline's lead, and soon we reached a luxurious Longue which they entered unhesitatingly.

"Teacher!""Lady Vivian."

Ellen and Madeline said simultaneously when they looked at graceful women in her late thirties regally sitting on the sofa; I dont why but when I looked at her, I want to kneel for some reason.

When I come to myself, I found myself with nearly bowing, I abruptly straightened up in surprise and again looked at the women in front of me and found the same feeling coming over me again, but this time, I was aware and controlled myself.

I was about to greet her when I got another surprise when I noticed this woman in front of me has chocolate-colored skin which is very rare in the Continent, the only time I had seen this skin shade in the big battle, the guild master of Red Flag also had the same exotic color skin.

In our continent, we did not have people of other color skin than white but Junction Midzone where I am going, I will meet many people of different ethnicities, I am very much looking forward to it.

"Ma'am," I said respectfully and also took the chance to observe again and found she is a gorgeous woman, even with age her beauty is not diminis.h.i.+ng, it is instead making her even more attractive.

She finally looked at me, and under her gaze, I felt naked, I felt like every secrete of me is open in front of her, I could not hide anything from her even if I wanted.

She even looked at the finger of my right hand where my storage ring is, which scared the h.e.l.l out of me as that storage ring present inside my finger, and till now, n.o.body had able to notice it.

"Is he the friend you are talking about, he is nothing special," she said in the ethereal voice, I was so lost in a view that it took me second to notice what she had just said and to be honest, I felt little angry.

"Teacher!" Ellen said loudly in a complaining voice.

"Fine, I will not say anything about him till your little fight is over." said the women as she lifted her hands in defeat before she walked out of the lounge, and I began to follow her with ellen and Madeline.

"I will apologize for her, my teacher had no bone in her tongue, she says whatever came in her mouth," Ellen said apologetically in a loud voice, clearly wanting her teacher to hear it loud and clear but its like her teacher didnt hear it as she continued walking without any change in her gait.

Though her words are a little hurtful, I did much mind them, I prefer to make people believe through my action and not words, so I just stayed quiet and smiled at Ellen in understanding.

Soon we reached one of the training fields, and I got blown away by it as it is huge; it is at least ten times bigger than the practice hall in twins home.

In such a huge s.p.a.ce, I could use the mini blast without the constraint of the s.p.a.ce.

"You can fight, let me see the power of your friend who you talked so much about." said her teacher, though her voice did not have a mocking tone at all, I could feel the emotion of slight delirium through it as she did not believe I could be a match of her student.

Feeling apologetic gaze of Ellen and Madeline, I just smiled and walked toward the Arena thinking using every bit of power against Ellen as I had a feeling that I will have to use all my in fighting her.

As I reached the center of the arena, I summoned my fire, and within a few seconds, a beautiful Silver fire armor appared in my body.

"Ready Ellen?" I asked as the Swirling Armor completely appared on my body, "Ready." ellen replied.


Just as I heard her affirmation, I activated the mini blast at the full power and moved toward her.

Against her I am using all my strength, I had compressed the fire Armor to its limit and also used every iota of Occult energy and Rule power I could muster as I instinctively felt that Ellen is much more challenging to handle than twins against which I badly lost.

Seeing me coming at her, Ellen did not move; she just took out her sword, which is not her totem Artifact, and stayed in her place, waiting for me to come closer.

Soon I reached closer to her and got quite surprised seeing her casual att.i.tude despite me coming closer to her and what is more surprising, that I am not sensing any power radiating from her.

Usually, when one attack, one radiated some power even the team who used to hide his power used to radiates some when he was in his attacking mode, but from Rachel, I am not sensing anything.

Seeing that, I felt even more uncomfortable and decided to used every shred of power I have in the attack.


I attacked and used every bit of power I had, even when fighting against the twins, I had held something back, but against the Ellen, I did not.

Seeing my attack coming to Rachel did not move, she remains static in her casual pose, seeing her like that I started to doubt myself about her power estimation and about to divert my attack when felt ellen move.


She attacked, and she attacked so fast that I wast even able to see it, one moment she attacked and the next moment I heard loud clang ringing across my ears and immense force coming toward me.

Puh Puh… Step Step Step…

The force reached my swirling armor, and it had puffed it apart; it would have puffed apart when, if not for me, using all my soul energy, to stabilized my armor forcefully.

Though I was able to save my armor from puffing out, I was not lucky enough to save my body from getting seriously injured by a half force that seeped inside me. It had stuck me like a hammer; it had injured nearly every internal organs of mine and even attacked bones.

I was so injured that I continue taking a step back while vomiting, if not for me controlling vomiting enough to crush the speck of Ominous plants core, which healed my injuries quickly; otherwise, I would have still been vomiting the blood.

I barely stabilized myself and looked at ellen with shocked gaze; I had felt the force that had seeped inside me a moment ago and knew that this a purely physical force; there is no other energy involved in that attack.

It had neither elemental energy or occult energy; it's just pure physical power. That shocked h.e.l.l out of me.