Monster Integration - Chapter 609 Battle Ends V

Chapter 609 Battle Ends V

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I pierced my sword though the Grimm monsters, this is the 14th Nine Star Elite I had killed since morning. My confidence had grown ever since I had killed that Hyenaman, and after that, I started killing Nine Star Elite that followed.

All the Nine Star Elite I had killed were early or mid Nine Star Elite. I was not able to kill Late and Peak. I had tried to Kill Late Nine Star Elite but barely able to run with my life, and since then, I only targeted the Early and Mid Nine Star Elite.

As I kept fighting, I had noticed that my learning speed had increased. No, saying that would be wrong, the better word for it that I am tuning in with the world, which is helping me understand the things more clearly.

It is an afternoon of a second day, it had been near eighteen hours we are fighting and near million people are dead, bodies could be seen littered around, but n.o.body had time to care for them as everybody is busy in the fighting.

I could see many powerful people fighting in the battlefield, some of them caught my eyes, and I noticed that these people are those who were able to remain standing despite facing the onslaught of to powerful will.

The also had experienced a change after facing such powerful wills, of millions of people; only eleven people were able to bear the onslaught, there ought to be something special about them.

In the Battlefield, I have come across the twins. They were fighting a Nine Star Elite together, and from what I had seen in my glance, I could tell that they will able to kill that Grimm Monsters.

They already had the power of the early Eight Star Elite when they came out of Ruin. After near two weeks, they can form their ability Armor. Though their armor is not as powerful as mine, it still took their power to Mid Eight Star Elite, and after facing an onslaught of the will, their power had reached the Peak Eight Star Elite.

So, with their fabulous teamwork, they could easily able to kill an Early Nine Star Elite and Fight equally against the Mid Nine Star Elite.

I placed the body of the Nine Star Elite into my storage before starting my killing again. Though the cruel battle is fought around me, I am having the time of my life as I am killing any Grimm monsters I have come across, and no one is capable of stopping me.

Only those fighting above are capable of stopping me, but I dont think they would, as they have not interfered in the battle below till now and I dont think they will unless, of course, if I killed some kin of Grimm Monsters that are fighting above.

If I did kill some Silver Elite or Golden Elite Grimm monsters kin, then it will be very hard for Golden or Silver Elites of Humans to save me.

Well, I wouldn't stop killing just because I might kill some kin of Silver or Golden elites if something that sort happens then let it happen, I am not going to stop just because there is the probability of occurring.

More time pa.s.sed and evening came, the whole day had been pa.s.sed since we were fighting, but there is no sign of battle stops. The faces which were filled with energy after they woke up from the unconsciousness is no longer there; there is the only fatigue filled in their faces.

Those below Three Star Elite barely have the energy to lift their weapons. They are fighting through the sheer will. These lower-level evolvers, which numbered in millions, will able to fight a few hours more before they collapse in the exhaustion.

"#$%^$$%$%...""Battle Will End In An Hour, So Kill AS Many Grimm Monsters As You Could."

I was just wondering how long battle would last seeing the condition of lower-level worriers when the loud voice of Grimm Monsters and Human rang out one after another, saying battle will last only for an hour.

When people heard that Order, be it Grimm Monsters or Humans. An expression of relief appared on their faces before they become ferocious and started to fight as others had killed their lover.

This is a final hour, so they did not have to hold anything back in fear needing the energy for later, now they would splurge the energy without care.

There even projection of Giangantic Clock appared on the wall of the outpost that everybody could see no matter where they are on the battlefield.

I too popped up a vigor berry in my mouth and sucked as much as the Occult energy I could and started to spin my swirls faster and faster. In the whole battle, I have never used all my power, I had always held something back, but now I did not hold back anything, not even a speck of power.


I activated the mini blast, and though the blurring speed I started killing, I have become a reaper; whenever I pa.s.sed through, the bodies of Grimm monsters would fall.

One could see the bodies are falling behind my wake as I slaughter the Grimm monsters.

In my crazy slaughtering, It did not take ten minuits before the first Grimm Monster started to follow, now less than one hour till the battle ends and the Grimm monster also did not have to hold back anything, so I think I will have to lots of Grimm monsters behind me.

But before that happen, I should finish this Grimm monster who had just started following me. This Grimm monster is from some Cat tribe, which I can't seem to identify.

From its battle power, I could conclude that this Monster is this Nine Star Elite, so I should be able to finish it off pretty quickly, I maybe even able to finish it one move if I am lucky.


I quickly turned and activated the mini blast as I sped toward the Monster, seeing me coming it, it instantly became happy and used all of its power to defend against my attack.

Krrrr Puchi!

My sword clashed against its blade, but instead of clas.h.i.+ng directly, I used the corner of its blade to change the momentum of my sword before I perfectly pierced my sword through its head.


It made some unrecognizable sound before it falls dead, this move of mine may simple, but it is exceedingly difficult, I had calculated all the aspects before I could launch such an attack.

If I had made the slight mistake, then instead of killing, I would be killed as its blade would have directly pierced through my heart and most importantly, I could only such move kill only Early Nine Star Elite, it was really difficult and dangerous to use such move against the Mid Nine Star Elite.

I removed my sword off its chest before placing the body in my storage before I started killing my spree again, not and then I would kill some Nine Star Elite, most of the time I would focus of Early Nine Star Elite as they are were easier to kill, but sometime I would also Kill Mid Nine Star Elite.

In such a way, fifty-five minuits had pa.s.sed, and now only five minuits are remaining till the battle ends, and because of that, I am facing quite a trouble.