Monster Integration - Chapter 608 Battle Ends IV

Chapter 608 Battle Ends IV

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We people from both sides stood opposite each other, with only one thought in mind whether the Battle will continue or not.

The wills that had swept over us may seem like taken hours of our time, but the Wills had swept over the battlefield for barely an hour.

The unconsciousness had given most people some time to rest, and now they are in better condition than before for the fight.

We all waited for the decision, just one order, and we will fight. We will have to fight whether we wanted or not.

When I look above, I saw hundreds of Golden and silver elites Grimm Monsters standing in the lead of Nine Grimm Monsters, in nine I could see the Foxman that cloaked in the Green Smoke and I still feel a shudder when I looked at that green smoke.

That Green Gas is terror, just one faint whip of it made me reach the gates of the underworld. I can't imagine what my condition would be if I take the full breadth of that Green smoke.

I looked away quickly before that Foxman could notice my gaze, the sense of such level of powerhouses are powerful, if not for thousands of people looking above, that Foxman would have easily able to feel my gaze when I looked at it.

On the human side, five people are leading the charge. They are guild masters of the five S cla.s.s Guilds; their level is similar to the nine Grimm Monsters in front of them.

When I looked at the people behind them, I had easily spotted the Vice Guilmaster Elina of Raging Thunder Guild, who had exhorted me of my Totem Artifact Blueprints. Feeling my gaze, she looked at me, and when she saw me looking at her, she gave me a look before looking away.


There was nothing for a few minutes; both sides just kept staring at each other, but suddenly Gruff voice of the Grimm monster commanded loudly, and right after that Human side ordered to kill, so the Battle will be not stopping anytime soon.

As we heard the command, both sides attacked each other like wild dogs. These people have already had been bearing the frustration of falling unconcious during the Battle of will, though the Battle of will had given them a chance to rest; they are still very frustrated toward it.

Any self-respecting evolver would not want to be bend under the other will, he may become a follower of others by respect or fear for additional power, but his will, it always remains independent.

So earlier when the wills swept over, even that may be unintentional they felt angry toward it, so now when they got chance, they went completly undone killing any Grimm monster they have come across.

Puch Puch Puchi…

I, too, started to kill; every Grimm monster below the NineStar Elite would lose its life under my attack. As I was killing, I felt there is a change in me, and this change is huge.

Earlier, when I activated the Swirling Armor, It only took two seconds to appear in on my body completly. Usually, it takes three seconds, and I many times tried to cut the time but never had been successful, but now I had unknowingly did that.

That's not all; I am also finding killing very easy, though earlier also I had just needed one move to kill those below Nine Star Elite, this time it felt natural than before.

I know some changes had occurred to me, and this change came after I bore the onslaught of Will's.

The first few minuits I did not understand what this change is which had increased my strength, there is no change in my mana, my body, and soul, so I was very hard to understand what had increased my strength.

But as I kept fighting, I felt I understood a little about this change and strenth it had brought me.

I now understood the things about me at a deeper level. I could now utilize the power of my body better, use my soul correctly, and use mana without much wastage. Not only that, I now felt that I had gained the small efficiency at the Clock Sword Style.

To gain this amount of understanding, I would have needed at least one month if not three, but I have achieved all that just within an hour and I felt like this just the starting, I will gain many good things after as time pa.s.sed by.

Puchi Puch…

I want to test my power against the Nine Star Elite, and I would have gone to fight one if not for me controlling myself. There are millions of Grimm monsters on the battlefield, and they represent an immense amount of mana crystal.

So I would gain ten times more mana crystal fighting indiscriminately in the same amount of time time that I will spend of fighting Nine Star Elite.

So unless some Nine Star Elite Grimm monster followed me on its own, I would only then engage with them.

Time pa.s.sed by, and more than two hours had pa.s.sed. In these two hours, I had killed more than two thousand Grimm monsters, but to my utter surprise, barely any Nine Star Elites followed me, and those followed me have given up a few seconds after the chase.

Seeing that, I just wanted to stop and find some Nine Star Elite to fight, but I did not as I have Grimm Monsters to kill.

An hour pa.s.sed by, and I again killed more than a thousand Grimm monsters, and finally, I saw a Grimm monster following me, and seeing the anger on its face and Killing intent it is emitting, I had likely killed some of its kin.

"You b.a.s.t.a.r.d wait, you have killed my brother. I will not rest till tear part of your body while you are alive." said the hyenaman that had started to follow. This hyena is quite strong, a Mid Nine Star Elite.

This is the Grimm monster I was waiting for; against it, I can thoroughly test my limit, and if it is too strong, then I could always run.


Not wanting to waste any time, I activated my occult method at full power and activated mini blast to get the highest speed.

It looked surprised seeing me coming at it, but it did not back down; instead, it also activated its Occult method at full power.

"Bring It on!" It shouted as and attacked and swung its sword at me with the full power.


Puh Step Step…

My sword directly clashed against it, and I felt my internal shake as I vomited blood from my throat. I got slightly injured, but the Grimm monster got injured more as its not only vomiting blood non-stop but also taking steps back.


Bang! Bang!

Laughing through the bloodied teeth, I activated a mini blast on my legs and hand and attacked.


It got alarmed by seeing me coming at it as it handnt stabilized itself. To defend it used its ax in a defensive position, but unfortunately, before it could put up the defense with its ax, it found there is a sword that already pierced through its chest.