Monster Integration - Chapter 604 Clock Sword Style

Chapter 604 Clock Sword Style

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I took out my sword and placed the corpse of the monster into my storage. This fight was different. Not only I had experienced an extraordinary ability from the Grimm monster, but I had also fought with the twenty-four sword moves.

It feels really weird to say to 24 sword moves even in mind, so I decided to change it to the name Clock Sword Style. Clock Sword Style as it is twenty-four different moves like twenty-four tics on the clock.

I have fought for it nearly an hour, and I do not regret wasting my time with it as the fight with having given me the confidence to fight against the strongest opponent with Clock Sword Style.


Without wasting any time, I activated the mini blast and started killing again, just like before, I bore no discrimination, I kill every Grimm monsters I have come across is its One Star Elite or Eight Star Elite.

As for nine-star elites, they hadn't started following me yet, and I did not attack than on my own. Currently, my power is equal to early Nine Star Elite means I can fight one of the weakest Nine Star Elites.

So unless Grimm Monsters started to chase me on their own and their power is what I can handle, only then I will fight them, or if not then I will continue running and with my power reaching Nine Star Elite, there are barely any nine-star elite that could match up to me in my speed.

So I kept killing Grimm monsters without worries, and with the smile on my face as I consider these Grimm Monsters are not the living beings but pile of mana crystal, each Grimm Monster represented the pile of Mana Crystals to me. The more I kill, the bigger the pile of the crystal would become.

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d, wait!"

Two hours pa.s.sed by and now four Nine Star Elites are Chasing me, and each one of them is stronger than me, I had thought I would have some Nine Star Elite that would have a similar level power as, but it looks like I was too hopeful.

All the Grimm monsters that are following me and very strong and I could not defeat them, so the only option I have is to run, and to be honest, this chase did not affect me much as I continued killing any Grimm monsters I have coming across.

Now and then I would see some Silver and Golder elite falling from the sky, most of the time, they would get up and flew up again to fight, but sometime they would stay dead.

I have come across a few bodies of Silver and Golden elites while I was running and wanted to store than in my storage. Not to forget the level of treasures they will have in their storages, but the sheer amount of Mana Crystals I would harvest from them would be very astounding.

With every level in Star Elite, there more than double increse in the Mana Crystals, this is between great, but this difference in power is nothing compared to the difference in power between White Elite, Silver Elite, and Golden Elite.

I can see the difference clearly when I looked up, so when I can very well imagine how much Mana crystal I would be able to harvest from the silver and Golden Elites.

I may not have the power currently to beat and harvest from the Silver and Golden elites, but one day, I will have it and that I will be swimming in the mana crystals.


The chase continued to for little more than an hour when I started to hear another set of loud booming sounds. There is already that sound above us with the Golden and Silver elites fighting now this new sound seeming coming closer and closer.

Before I know it, the blurring forms came toward our Battlefield and started to fight in the above Battlefield. It would take even idiot of realizing what is happening, the silver and Golden elites of other battlefields have come and joined out the Battlefield.

As for why they did that, I f.u.c.king dont know. I do not have much information, and from what I have read, these Grimm monsters apply different strategies in different battles like any sane, so there much me some reason for them doing that.

Now the question is if the Golden and Silver elites of the Battlefield of the other Battlefield have come, then would the silver elites would follow, and if they followed, then the white elites from other battlefields will go as well?

BOOM BOOM BOOM… step step step…

I did not have to wait long as a minute after Golder and Silver Elites of other battlefields have come, the Golden and Silver elites have also followed, and soon White Elites have also started to come, they will come in few minuits.

While running away, I have had opened a feed and saw the Grimm monsters and humans of all three battlefields are coming toward our Battlefield, and in a maximum of ten minutes, all the four battlefields would become one.

This shocked me, currently, more than three million million people are fighting the Battlefied, but when people from other Battlefield came, it will be whopping 12 million, with such huge number, the utter chase would follow, and the battle that had been going in steady pace will explode.

I have to be extremely careful after the Battlefields merged; there will be thousands of Nine Star Elites that will jumble in one place.

As everybody started to notice what is happening, the mood of the Battlefield began to change, the four Nine Star Elite were chasing, slowed down till on one kept pursuing me, and that also tones down its effort.

Not only, but the people fighting on the Battlefield also started to fight little reservedly and started drinking potions and other things they got.

When all the battlefields merge, the real battle will start and that there will be no break, everyone will fight for blood, and the Battlefield will only stop when the other party completly killed or they ran away.

To make that happen, one party would have to kill nearly all the people of another party or make it retreat in defeat, these are the only two ways that battle could end, but no matter which thing happens, humans going loose lots and lots of people.

If we are fortunate, then our losses could be between fifty to a hundred thousand, and if we are unlucky, then more than a million would die. These deaths are genuinely shocking, but it will happen, I have to work hard and be smart so that I could be in the list of people who will die on the Battlefield.

'The people from the Grimm battlefield will arrive soon, and like others, I should also make the preparation.' I thought and took out the violet berry from my storage and pop it my mouth.

As its juice traveled inside my body, I felt all the tiredness and fatigue vanis.h.i.+ng away, and I felt like I had just woken to feel completly refreshed without any tiredness into my body.

Not only that, my mana storage, which had been emptied little, also instantly filled to the brim.

What I had eaten is now called Vigor berry, like its name suggests it filled body with vigor and eating it does not have side effect but one can not more than nine vigor berries in a day otherwise the berries wouldn't give much effect.

The vigor berry could make one reach his peak condition instantly; the only thing it can't do is heal injuries, but that is a small problem, especially for me.

The vigor had made come to my peak condition, and now all I have to do is wait for the Grimm monsters of other battlefields to come before I can start to slaughter them.