Monster Integration - Chapter 603 Powerful II

Chapter 603 Powerful II

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Finally, my Swirling Armor had reached 0.6 compactness. If it had been only 2nd Accomplishment, I wouldn't have been able to make it 0.6 inches compact this early. The reason I was able to do it because of the soul energy provided by the Amethyst seal.

It is very hard to make progress in the swirling Armor. Each step harder than before, it will become even harder to make it reach the compactness of 0.5 inches.

It will be difficult, but as long as I was able to do it, my power will increse tremendously.

"Good, you are not the coward who only knows how to run." Said Anterlopman and attacked me with its long black blade, which is covered in the purple lightning.

Its speed is very fast, similar to that of Cheetaman, who chased me a few hours ago.

It appared in front of me in a second and swung its blade in the attack. Seeing its blade coming at me, I did not back down as I am confident in countering it.


I activated my mini blast behind my sword hand and attacked the Grimm monster to counter its attack.

After my swirling Armor reached the compactness of 0.6 inches, its power had increased again. Before my power is equal to Peak Eight Star Elite and now, if I am not wrong, then it is equal to Early Nine Star Elite, similar to the Antelopman in from me.


Our weapons clashed, and I felt immense force rus.h.i.+ng toward me, I have never come across such force, if it entered my body, then it has the power to break every bone in me.

The force rushed out of my sword and entered my swirling Armor, where is spread across all the swirls through the complicated network of lines and got crushed by them bit by bit.

By the time the moment was over, a very tiny amount of force had seeped inside me, which was enough to only shake my body slightly.

If it had been swirling Armor compactness of 0.7 inches, I would have directly blown apart, but this Armor perfectly bore it.

This is the difference of power between each micro inch, every single micro inch increased the power tremendously, and the power of Armor would increse even more when the Compactness of Armor reached the o.5 inches after crossing the wedge it.

It looked quite shocked seeing me taking its blow without a problem, but that did not slow it down as it attacked again and thins the lightning arc on its long blade had become quite thick.


I felt like I was electrocuted, last time I had felt a negligible current but, this time I felt full-blown electrocution, if not for me having high will power and experienced all sorts of pains, I would be flung away the sword from my hand.

The purple lightning is very powerful; it even more potent than my fire ability, but Swirling Armor still countered it perfectly, but I still have to bear the full sensation of lightning.

I was surprised seeing the lightning getting crushed, but I still feel the full sensation of it. I thought about it, but I was not able to find the reason for it. If not me only feeling sensation and not its dangerous power, I would inevitably run away from the fight.

The only I can conjure about this strange lightning energy that it somehow affects the mind also. Either its a peculiar ability of its lightning power or it is some mystical ability, I dont know as I dont come across such ability like this before.

"You have quite a willpower, let's see how long you are able to bear the effect of my Mind Shaker," it said and attacked me even thicker bolts lighting covering the blade.

Clang Clang Clang...

Our weapons kept clas.h.i.+ng, and with every clash, its power would also increse, and the stronger energy would again fry my mind. If not for me experiencing the worst, I would have shaken by its strange mind-numbing attacks.

With every move, the mind-numbing attack got stronger and stronger, but I did not even hitch for me. The physical and elemental attack is more worry full that the mind attack.

I am now spinning whirls on swirling Armor as fast as I could so I could gain more offensive and defensive power, but the swirls had to reach their limit, and after they reached their limit, I will have a choice but to use the Occult method which I dont want use before my opponent does.

Clang Clang Clang…

We exchanged a few more moves, and I was about to use the occult method when It abruptly stopped and looked at me with a cruel smile.

"Good, very, I have rarely met anyone within the same power level as me who experience my Mind Shaker without much reacting."

"You should feel honored to last this much because next moment you will pain that you never felt in your life." It said, and its aura started to rise, and before I could think what it did mean, I found its powerful blade which is now completly cloaked in the purple lightning coming toward me.

Feeling its aura rise in such a dangerous level, I knew it had used the Occult Method and used quite a bit of power in it, seeing that I also did not hold back and started to summon the occult energy into my body.


'Seee!' I sucked a sharp breath when our weapons clashed and clearly understood what it had meant.

It had merged the Occult Energy into its lightning, and now, with electrifying sensation, I am feeling the tearing force of Occult energy into my mind. Feeling such an electrifying tearing force in mind, the first time felt grateful for all the torturous pains I've felt.

If not for all the pains, I would have directly gone into the coma or died on the spot feeling such pain in the body.

"Was this your great move, all I felt is a tickle," I said smilingly to at its expectant face. It would expect to see my squirming body begging for its mercy, but what I did was clearly opposite, which made it extremly happy.

"You b.a.s.t.a.r.d!" It shouted infuriatingly as it attacked, and it attacked me with its full power, seeing that I did not hold anything back and asked the Occult energy to my limit and started fighting it.

Clang Clang Clang…

Our weapons blurred as intense clas.h.i.+ng sound rang across us, but n.o.body care, both of us are fighting with our full strength with only focus on killing another.

Move after move clashed, but no one gained the upper hand, even I with my killing making slow progress if this continues then I would need at least half an hour to cracked its defense.

As I was searching for a way, a bold idea came into my mind, and that is to use those twenty-four moves. In this fight, I did not fight with those 24 moves as I thought it would be too risky before I could gain enough mastery over them to fight instinctively.

I thought about for few seconds before I finally decided to use them despite knowing that I may very well lose my life because of this. I did dont make that decision because I wanted to cut the time, though that is the partial reason but not the main reason for my decision.

The main reason is that I want to get the hand of the 24 moves and what better way could be than a high-pressure fight where I could lose my life any moment.


After making my mind, I immediately started using the simplified moves, and the two later, I barely survived against the blade.

It had torn my clothes through the cover of swirling Armor, one small bolt of lightning even slipped into my body, it made me complete numb for the moment.

Clang Tear Clang Clang…

Our weapons kept clas.h.i.+ng and now and then its blade would tear some clothes of mine, one time it even left a scratch and transmitted quite a big bolt of lightning into me. If not for me crus.h.i.+ng it with force of my rule powers and Occult energy, I would have become numb, and that moment would have become my end moment.

Clang Clang Clang Tear…

We kept clas.h.i.+ng, and at first, its blade was able to breach my defense quite easily, but as the time pa.s.sed, it had become harder and harder till it became very rare and few minuits after that; I started to breach its defenses.

These 24 moves are fantastic with just ten minuits of the fight; I was able to get close to its fatal points. These moves are direct and straightforward that directly attack the enemy's core.

Time pa.s.sed by fifteen more minuits pa.s.sed, and now it is rarely able to breach my defenses while I am breaching its defenses every few moves.

It started to make it hesitate if I kept fighting it this way, and it would surely flee as soon as its chance.


My sword pierced its heart, I kept fighting it till it was ready to run and just as it was about to make a move to run away, I took a daring chance and able to pierce its heart.