Monster Integration - Chapter 596 Silver Elites

Chapter 596 Silver Elites

"SILVER ElITES ATTACK!" Sail the Guildmaster of Scyth and next moment, hundred-some people behind him started to move.

Silver Elite! I am shocked hearing that word, from what I've heard, there are three types of Elite, they are White Elites, Silver Elite, and Golden Elites. I thought White elites were the only elites, and seeing how powerful they are, how there be someone more powerful than them, but unfortunately, there is.

I have never believed it to be right, but Sophia said that it is accurate, and she even said that there is a significant distance between the type of Elite, and it is very hard to overcome that distance.

Slice Slice…

I kept killing the monster that came in my way but also looking at the sky as right after the Guilmaster Ordered, hundred-some people flew out from the wall, and these people are not walking on air but flying in reality if I am not wrong then these guys are wearing using Void Boots.

Void boots are the Artifact that helps flying, but mana expenditure of it huge that Brigadier and above stage warriors use it.

These people are Guildmaster and Vice Guildmaster of C Cla.s.s Guild and Vice Guildmasters B Cla.s.s Guild, these means the remaining Guild Master and Vice GuildmasterS of S Cla.s.s Guild and A-Cla.s.s, and Guildmasters of B Cla.s.s Guild could be Golden Elite.

Pachac Pachac!

Another two Grimm monsters came at me, I decapitated them before I looked up to see that Grimm monsters also had appared.

They are about six hundred in numbers, but I am not looking their number but the forehead of the monsters; for some reason, all I was able to see the blurry silver, I can's see the number of Stars on their forehead.

Soon they came closer, and then suddenly, without talking, they moved toward each other at the speed that I wasn't able to see.

Boom Boom Boom…

The next moment, I heard the booming sounds, the shockwave created by the attack was powerful enough to vibrate the Ground we are standing. The whole fight below literally stopped hearing the booming sound.

The fight is happening above, but I can see clearly, they are moving just too fast for my eyes to catch. I have killing Rule, which makes my senses stronger, but even with its help, I wasn't able to see the fight clearly.

It is all a big blur, there are hundreds of fights going above, but I can't see any of them clearly, though I can't see, hearing the booming sound and the vibration of the earth is enough for me to estimate their power.

They are super powerful, every single one of them is a monster who could blast me like watermelon with the casual slap, and these are just the Silver Elites; I wonder how powerful would the Golden elites be if silver elites were this powerful.


I was watching the battle above when I felt threatening sense over me, and I activated mini blast at full force and swung my sword.


Step step step...

Weapons clashed, and due to the immense force, I had to take several steps back to manage the blow, not only that I also had to drink the blood back that came to my throat.

When I looked up to see who attacked me, I found it it was a werewolf and not a typical werewolf either but a Scarlet Wearworlf. It is a special werewolf that has fire energy.

It is an Eight Star Elite, and its power is countless times higher than the other Eight Star Elite I had fought earlier. This werewolf seemed quite familiar, I felt like I have seen it somewhere in the ruin but can't exactly sure where and another thing is this Grimm monster is giving me quite a weird look, it is looking at me like I am delicious meat.

"You have ranked 3rd in the Grand Palace; you must have got some good thing, right?" It said suddenly.

'Oh, so this Grimm monster was in the Grand Palace and likely to reach the third test,' I thought and seeing it knew I come 3rd and I also understood the weird look it is giving me, it is a look of greed, it probably want the reward I have received in the third test.

"Yes, and its very gooood!" I said while stretching the last word, it first got happy, but seeing me stretching the last name mockingly, it got angry as I saw fire sparks lighting up on its fur.

"Your very funny! lets if you can still make jokes when I tear you apart in a limb by limb!" It said and swung its blazing red ax at me.


I also activated mini blast at full power and attacked it, this Grimm monster is very powerful, and I have to be very careful with it.


Our weapons clashed, and this time, I only shook a little; the last time I was caught little off guard in its attack wasn't able to defend correctly, but now I am sufficiently vigilant and careful; I will never let such laps happen again.

Clang Clang Clang…

We kept launching one move after another, wanting to see the gap in other defense to finish the other one, but we never able directly injure the other. Finding a gap in others' defense is easy, but exploiting that gap is very difficult, as we both have a similar level of strength and could easily counter the attacks of others.

While we were fighting, the fight above me also Raging as well, I could hear the booming sound every second, and this booming sound will get bigger and bigger and bigger every second as they started to use their real power.

Every attack of there would vibrate the earth as the fight is being fought on the ground rather than in the sky. Their battle is so ferocious that a single small spark released from their weapon could kill anyone who is below, and that is the reason is why there is strict order for us to fight on the ground, so we could not become collateral damage.

It had been near ten minuits since the battle above started, but I saw not a single body of anyone falling on the Ground. If it had been we white elite fighting, some organizations would fall on the Ground.

Unlike above, I could see bodies falling every minuits, most of them were from the Grimm monsters, but some of them were from the humans too, seeing that my heart pained, but I could not do anything except for tried to finish this battle early.

I was thinking about using the Occult energy when I felt werewolves aura was rising and knew it had started to use Occult energy, sensing that I did not hesitate to use the Occult power myself.


Puh Puh Puh...

Step Step Step…

Our attacks clashed again filled with intense occult energy, as they disagreed I felt full force traveling inside my body if I did not have this swirling Armor to protect myself, then my body would have burst apart like a balloon with such intense Occult energy.

Though I have not burst apart, I have become quite injured that I had puked several mouthfuls of blood and took tens of steps back.

I am not the only one who suffered; werewolf also had suffered a similar fate as me.