Monster Integration - Chapter 595 Battle III

Chapter 595 Battle III

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Bang Slice Bang Slice….

In just one minuit, I had killed sixteen Grimm monsters, and these Grimm monsters were either Six Star Elite or Seven Star Elite.

I kept activating one mini blast after another, and each mini blast would kill as least one Grimm monster when activated. In that way, five minuits had pa.s.sed, and I had killed over 50 Grimm monsters.

I was busy killing Grimm monsters when I sensed exceptionally strong, killing intent locking on me.

This killing intent seems unusually thick, it only when there is a personal connection, one does not have this amount of killing intent toward the stranger or regular enemy.

When I looked at the person who is targeting me with such thick killing intent, I found it a Tigerman, a very angry looking Tigerman is coming at me with breakneck speed, and when I looked at its forehead, I found it is had eight white stars on it.

Soon it had come closer to me enough that I was able to sense its battle power and knew it really is a one Eight Star Elite.

"You have killed my little brother." It said as it leaped toward me with one meter long metallic claws that it have on its both hands.

"Sory for that!" I replied and swung my sword with the help of a mini blast, this time, I did not hold back anything and used the full power of the mini blast.

CLANG! Step Step Step…

Just as our weapons clashed, I felt immense force coming toward me, that force crashed into the swirling Armor, and it started to grind away the force, but the swirling Armor was able to grind all the force as some went inside me and able to breach the second and enter inside my body.

Though the force was tiny, it still shook my body that I have to take a few steps back to dissolve it.

I smiled and started to spin the swirls faster and faster, to deal with Eight Star Elite, I have to increse the power of the Armor.


I was taking a step back when another attack arrived. Its a good thing I was ready and defended, but it again made me take a step back, but this time, the impact was lesser than the last time.


The Armor is getting stronger and more compact, and by the time it launched its third attack, I did not even shake from my spot, which seemed too shocked it.

"You are good!" I said with gritted teeth, and next moment, I felt a spike of aura from it and knew it had activated its occult method. I could feel its power rising sharply as it had activated its Occult method, but I dont have any fear toward it, I know I could easily handle it.

With my swirling Armor's compactness reaching 0.8 inches, it had become many time stronger than before.

"Die Now!"

It shouted and attacked me with its claw, it claws is very forceful. If I do not defend against it, then this claw is powerful enough to slice into several pieces without any obstruction, but I am not an idiot who will not defend against such a threatening attack.


I activated the mini blast and swing my sword at the blurring speed. If It's claw is not fast enough them my sword will directly cut off its neck.

Seeing my swords speed, it got little alarmed and increased the speed of its claws, though it's speed is not high as my sword, but it will able to stop it.


Its claw and my sword clashed, and the deafening sound rang out, and with the loud sound, both of us took the two same back at the same time. As we stabilized, we looked at each other in shock, and both of us shocked by the same thing.

The power of my move is shocking; while its claw did not have the speed it had raw might, I thought I would have to take tens of steps back to dissolve the blow, but who would have thought that I just needed only two steps.

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d, I will kill you!"

Suddenly, it growled loudly and launched an attack at me. This attack was lots more powerful than last time, it is evident to me sensing its increasing battle power that it is sucking more occult energy for a higher power.

Seeing its aura rising, I also started to spin the swirls faster and swung my sword at it.

Clang Clang Clang….

The intense attacks started, and this time, I was able to use the simplified moves that I had practiced for the past twelve days. I have to say they are working but not as great as I had expected.

Well seeing that man cut the gigantic beasts apart with a simple sword move, I let my hopes hung too high, and now I am clearly deposited by the result.

Though I am disappointed, I am not sad as the simplified moves did increase my power, and if I feel that if I can simplify all my moves, I might able to increse my ability quite substantially.

Every minuit we launched hundred of attacks, each attacked aimed at the weakness of others; if it hit the vital spot, then there is direct death. That is how powerful our attack attacks are.

As I used the simplified moves, I started to get an empty feeling as if the moves I am using are not complete. I first thought it was it was because I've simplified all my moves yet but soon realize that these simplified moves are lacking something, they felt very incomplete.

I tried to find the problem, but even after thinking for every angle, I won't be able to find the reason for this incompleteness, so I let it be for the future.

Clang Clang Clang….

Every move of my opponent getting stronger, if it had a normal Grimm monster, it tried to run away, but this Tigerman is h.e.l.l-bent on killing me that it forcefully started to store more occult energy from its body that made it very hard for me respond to its attacks.

'Looks like I have to use that finally.' I thought, and next moment, I started to spin my swirls faster and faster till my Swirling Armor had reached the compactness of the 0.7 inches.

In these twelve days, I was able to bring back my Swirling Armor 0.8 compactness. Then with an increse in my soul power, I was able to make it even more compact, reaching its compactness to the 0.7.


I activated mini blast, and this time my sword was, even more, faster. It is so fast that even I am barely able to see it, seeing the sword coming at its heart at the blurring speed, It got alarmed and used sucked even more occult energy to respond to my attack.


Puh Puh… step step…

It barely able to stop my sword from piercing its chest, though its able to stop it, the attack still made it quite injured as it started vomiting blood as it began taking steps back.

Bang Bang!

Not wanting to give it any more chance, I activated a mini blast on my legs and hand and shot toward it.


My sword pierced through its chest before it could even lift its hand to defend against my attack.


I had just taken out my sword off from the Grimm monster's chest when I heard the rough voice of Grimm giving a command in Grimm language and hearing that I knew the battle of real powerhouses will start in a minuit.