Monster Integration - Chapter 54 Stone Gorillas

Chapter 54 Stone Gorillas

We started to follow behind Sarah, it is a little awkward for me as my backpack had gotten big and every now and then it will make a sound whenever it touched some brambles or twigs.

As we were walking Micheal slowed down his step and put some distance between Sarah and us.

"Micheal give me some tips?" Micheal asked whisper, I thought he won't able to control himself and will ask but I hadn't expected him to ask within ten minutes after his girlfriend admonished him.

''Why do you need it?" I ask teasingly, I just wanted to have fun at his expense.

"Have you seen her fight, every time we spar she beat the h.e.l.l out of me, I just wanted to strong enough not to take a beating from her anymore," he said with a sad face while looking at Sarah.

I just want to pity him but I can't, to get beaten by such beautiful girlfriend, I will ready anytime to get beaten.

"There is no trick, you just have to circulate it's moves whenever you fight.," I said, he struck dumb when he heard saying that.

"If you practicing using the machine, try to refine your mana while circulating the exercise, it will be painful at first but you will learn to endure it and this method will give you immense benefits," I said, he looked little confused when he heard it.

"Isn't it become even more painful, if I refine my mana and circulate the exercise at the same time?" he asked, he really sound like he didn't believe me.

"It will feel like your head is going to explode and some of the veins of head might pop out but this will distract you from the pain your feeling all over your body if you are able to endure it, it will be really helpful to you," I said, he still looked confused but he nodded, I think he will try it when he returned to the city.

"I have one question? were you circulating exercise while fighting earlier?" he asked, "Yes, I was able to reach ninth circulation earlier," I said, I didn't mention that I was refining my mana also and still doing it now, if he hears that, he might fall unconscious due to shock.

he just nodded when he heard this, we whispered talk as Sarah leading the way, suddenly Sarah stopped and looked angrily at us.

"What are you two doing walking so slowly, get ready! there are monsters ahead," she whispers shouted at us, we silently followed her as she leads the way towards the monsters.

We followed her silently and soon, we reach the place where the monsters were.

Stone Gorillas, there are four of them and all of them at lv. 1 of the specialist Grade.

I started to go over information of stone gorillas in my mind, stone gorillas have a layer of stone defense on them, they are a defense-oriented monster but their offense is also strong one punch of it will easily break my bones, it likes to throw punches and they are very fast.

there is a simple way to kill it, dodge from its punches and keep injuring it till it drops dead due to excessive bleeding.

It is very hard to attack its vital spots as there is an extra layer of stone protecting it.

"I'll take two, you both handle two," she said, we nodded in affirmation.

I silently put my backpack in the clearing and followed behind them to attack the monsters.

"hooooot!" "Thump thump thump.." seeing us coming toward them they started to scream and started thumping their chest.

Gorillas are a very territorial monster, whenever someone had come into their territory, they think a challenge to their authority and attack at first chance I got.

I have over sixty percent mana left in me, it should be enough to handle these gorillas, I can drink a mana potion if my mana got low.

"Chew chew.." Ashley wanted to come out but I stopped her, her fire not going to work on it and instead irritate and seeing how smart gorilla monsters are they may run away seeing more of our numbers that are why three of opted to keep our monsters inside us.

We will have to finish this fight early if these monsters saw fighting is fatal to them they will run away, these gorilla monsters are rather smart, they ran way whenever they see their opponent is too strong.

I circulated the eighth move of the exercise, I tried the ninth move but it is too painful to do that.

"Whoos.h.!.+" "Slice!" I dodge its attack and attack it with my sword, a clear would be seen in its chest, I didn't stop there and keep attacking it.

I know Sarah will finish her fight early and seeing their comrades dead this monster will surely try to run, I have to at least seriously injure it before that.

"Hooot!" it screamed as I keep attacking it, it tried to attack me with its punches but I dodge them.

one thing I have to say, I felt fear whenever these punches pa.s.s by ears, if any of them were to hit my head I will be fatally injured death also will be not out of question.

"Slice slice slice!" my sword kept injuring with every move, the injuries may not seem bigger but when they well up, they will prove disastrous to the monster.

"Whoosh.." " ssss!" I sucked a deep breath as the gorillas punch just pa.s.sed by my head, it just nailed with away, some of my hair also get touched by it.

I have to be careful, with a little mistake on my part my head would explode like a watermelon.

"Thud!" I heard I know what sound that is without looking, Sarah had finished killing her first monster.

"Hoooooot.." a mournful cry rang out of the other monster that was fighting Sarah and all three remaining monsters started to run.

"Slic!" it's good that I already attacking the monster at my full power at the beginning, its body already had riddled with injuries at ten some sword it will be dead.

"Slice slice slice.." I attacked it back at it ran, it tried to fend off my attacks but it no used, its speeds started to decrease as it is bleeding all over its body.

"Thud!" "hooooot!" it felled as I cut it feets nerves, "slice.." I attack it from a certain distance, dying monster is the most dangerous monster and I totally understand that.

Soon it stopped moving, I attack it few time before feeling sure that it's dead.

I started to cut it and preserve it, it is very dangerous are and being alone would be very dangerous.

After preserving all its parts, I remove the special bag from my pocket and started to fill its monster parts.

I brought it just for emergencies as sometimes I put my backpack away for being heavy.

After putting all monster parts in the bag I started to walk toward the original fighting scene to meet Jim and Sarah.