Monster Integration - Chapter 53 Tips

Chapter 53 Tips

''Good kill Micheal" Jim said excitedly, Sarah also has given nod, I gave them smile without saying anything.

They both went back to their monsters to process it, I also started to clean and preserve the monster parts.

Hyena monsters teeth are also just important its skin and heart, I went to remove its teeth with carefulness, it can cut my bone with the slightest pressure, that's how sharp they are.

After removing all important parts of the monsters, I started to preserve them one by one, it's a good thing that I already brought some special preservation cubes for sensitive materials like hyena teeth.

"Uhn." I startle but soon got happy, Ashlyn quickly entered inside me, there signs of Ashlyn leveling up and she wanted to do it now.

I was about to drink mana potions when Ashlyn stooped me, saying it's not time yet. I am not saddened by hearing this as long as monster get feeling of leveling up, it will level up in one or two days.

Most of the time monsters level instantaneously when they get the feeling of leveling, just like Jim's black snake had leveled up earlier but in some cases, it takes time to level up after feeling rose up.

I finished cutting and preserving monster parts within ten minutes, I looked back to see if Jim and Sarah finished or not but what I saw is shocked me to the core.

I am shocked because I saw Sarah putting one after another monster parts in her backpack but there is no change occurring in the bag, she already filled half of the monster materials of four monsters in the bag but there is no change in the size of it.

Marsupial Pouch, commonly known as s.p.a.ce bags, these bags are made of special monster material which can store more than its size.

Some monster have a marsupial pouch to store newborn cubs or some monsters have special stomach organ where they can eat a month of meal in a single day but there will be no change in their stomachs.

This type of monster material used to manufacture s.p.a.ce bags, after making them into s.p.a.ce bags their capacity again increases, The marsupial monsters are extremely rare and some are hunted to extinction for their organ.

I have heard that powerful organizations have facilities where they bred marsupial monsters for their parts.

Anyway, the fact is marsupial bags are extremely rare and their minimum price is fifty million credits and in an auction, their price goes extremely higher.

To Sarah and Jim have one, their families must be super rich.

I opened the map on my holowatch and started to study it, I can feel Sarah has a psych targeted on me if I can make the slightest movement toward her or him she will attack me.

I have heard many stories where hunting partners injure or even kill each other for special herb or expensive monster of some few hundred thousand credits and I seeing thing of millions of credits, anyone hearts move for such price, even mine had moved for moment but I swiftly controlled my mind and started to study map to distract my mind from the thoughts s.p.a.ce bags.

I got one more surprise in this fight, that my mana purity had reached 64.9% percent, only 0.1% away from standard mana purity.

After my purity reached the standard 65% percent, I and other people in the world will have no difference, after 65% mana purity, all would depend on your efforts.

Because only one can get maximum 65% mana purity with the talent they get from their monster, to increase purity further they have depended on their Refinement Engine and efforts.

For past week, I have been operating my mana refinement engine form the moment I woke up to the moment I sleep, in that time I haven't refining my mana for the second, not when I am practicing not when I fighting, I didn't even stop earlier when I was nearly death's door and feeling like my head would explode.

It will all worth it when I reach the standard mana purity later this day, this refinement engine is really miraculous to able to that, I only half believed it when I read but I took a leap of faith and constructed this refinement engine.

after reaching standard mana purity, the refinement of further mana refinement became many times hard, the pure the mana is, the more efforts it will take to further purify it.

"You are practicing Supreme Combat Exercise right?" I heard a melodious voice, "Unn!" I startle hearing Sarah's voice.

I got quite startled when I heard Sarah is speaking to me, this is the first time I heard Sarah speak to personally, I thought Sarah didn't like me for some reason as she didn't talk to me when I first greeted and after entering the forest, I tried to make small talk with her but she didn't reply.

I was surprised at such cold treatment, even my worst cla.s.smate and bully Kevin at used to reply whenever I talk to him.

I didn't take at heart, I remember before leaving my mother said some people will look down on you for whatever reason and prejudices their mind make because of their narrow mindedness.

I didn't have to take it at heart, it's their loss for not talking to you, there were some complicated emotions when my mother said this to me, she must have suffered her fair share of prejudices in her life.

''Yes, I am practicing it," I said, I didn't want to answer her question but seeing many favors had Jim has done for me and her monster had saved my life earlier, I answered it.

"Which set are you?" she asked again, Jim had already finished putting monster material in the bag, he didn't stop his girlfriend asking this question but his eyes look hopeful for an answer.

Although I know him for a very short time I know he had a good heart, he only had one bad habit that being nosy.

"Ninth circulation of the second set," I answered.

"Sss that far, it is even higher than Sarah and she is using machi" He stopped mid-sentence when he finds Sarah looking at him angrily.

"Seeing you, I also tried and only able to reach the seventh circulation of the first cycle, it d.a.m.n painful even using machine, Michael you have to give me some tips," Jim said excitedly.

"Enough talking! we have wasted enough time here let's go." Sarah said and started walking, we also followed behind her.