Monster Integration - Chapter 541 Recieving Blessing

Chapter 541 Recieving Blessing

The cracked formations could be seen all over the hall of altars, some cracks were small some were big.

The formation placed on the alters seemed too damaged as well, of the sixteen alters about fourteen are damaged to some degree, the damage on some of them was minuit while damaging on some were big that no sane person would dare to receive a blessing on them.

Of the sixteen altars, only three altars were occupied which surprised me very much as I thought most people would have cleared the tests before me but that seemed not to the case, they have also stopped by one of the two tests.

I think it is the 2nd test, 2nd test was really fearsome. It transferred one to one's biggest nightmare without making one realize, if I had not come to the realization in the dream, I wouldn't have woken up early from it.

As for the reason of my realization is a clear and tempered soul, the first soul focused on the tempered soul, so only those who had their soul tempered were able to pa.s.s the next test, the test of Nightmare.

Only with the clear and tempered soul will one able to clear the test. The three altars occupied by the beings of three races; they are Human, Grimm, and Monster.

The Human girl and Snakeman were the strongest of their camp, as for the monster, it is likely the monster of the human girl.

Chew chew!

As I was in my thought, Ashlyn chirp and flew toward the altar and before I stop it, she landed on one of the least damaged alter and next moment energy s.h.i.+eld surrounded the altar and she started to receive the Eionic Blessing.


Seeing that I took a long sigh and started to do what I had planned to do. I took two crystal bottles, one very small less than half size of my thumb while the other is a palm-size bottle where I had stored Soul Tempering Diamonds.

I carefully activated runes on both bottles and attached them together before I started to remove the grain size Soul Tempering Diamond into the small bottle.

This task is very like threatening as even a slight mistake could cost me my life, the suppressive energy from the tiny grain is enough to break my soul into two.

I worked very cautiously before I am finally able to place the grain size Soul Tempering Diamond in the tiny bottle. After that, I had placed the large bottle in storage while holding the tiny bottle in my hand.

The reason I did that because I want to use to Soul Tempering Damond's suppressive energy to perfectly fuse the blessing I will receive in my soul perfectly.

It is like me using Body Cleansing Exercise to fuse the energies with my body, even me without performing body cleansing exercise the energies will merge with my body but they will not merge as perfect as when I use the Body Cleansing Technique.

So with the help of the Secrete method and Soul Tempering Diamond, I will be able to fuse the Blessing in my soul more perfectly.

With the tiny bottle in my hand, I was toward one of the least damaged altars and sit on it while wis.h.i.+ng the damage to the Altar did not malfunction it.


As I sat on the Altar I heard the slight buzz and next second and energy s.h.i.+eld covered the altar and it started to s.h.i.+ne in the faint golden light.

This golden energy started to spread into my body, giving me a slightly warm sensation. Seeing I am receiving a blessing, I closed my started to receive it wholeheartedly.

As I started to receive the Eionic blessing, I did not start tempering immediately. It had been just fifteen minuits since I finished tempering and I plant to wait for the fifteen to twenty minuits more before I start again.

I am waiting because I dont want to damage my soul by overexerting it.

Time pa.s.sed by and about ten minuits later I heard someone new entering the hall but I did not open me as I did not care, as long as this energy s.h.i.+eld covering no one would able to harm me, so why care.

As I receive a blessing, I could feel the clear changes it is brought to me, I could feel that every second my soul power is growing, the growth is slow but visible.

Ten more minuits pa.s.sed and I finally activated the bottle and slight suppressive energy started leaking directly into my soul, due to direct contact with my body, there about null wastage of energy, so it is way better than keeping it in an area mode like a hall.

I started to circulate suppressive energy and whenever this energy would pa.s.s by, it would fuse the blessing into my body more perfectly.

Time pa.s.sed and more people and they too the seats on the Altars, from what I have seen, of the 16 altars there are 14 that are damaged and of that fourteen damaged only ten are good enough condition that one can sit on them while the other fours altars formations are damaged too much they will have to sit on the formation on their own violations.

It is very dangerous to sit on those four very damaged altars, I hope no humans sat on them, I dont want a fellow human die in a futile attempt.

I activate a few more runes on the tiny bottle and quant.i.ty of suppressive energy increse, I could feel the torturous pain increasing again and as I increse the circulation of the energy.

Experiencing this pain is worth it, I could feel as blessing entering my soul and them merging with perfectly without even wasting even an ounce of the Blessing.

Soul power comparable one Amethyst seal! Now I have received the Blessing which is comparable to what one amethyst seal of Supreme Combat Exercise gives and that is not the ending.

If I had known what grade of Tower of Eionic Blessing this is, I would have been able to tell how much blessings I would receive but protection which was showing the information about that was cracked, all I able to that is a rare soul type Tower of Eionic Blessing.

I hope it is the highest grade one which gave the Blessing comparable to the five amethyst seal, which would make things long more ways.

Another half an hour pa.s.sed I had received the blessing comparable to the two amethyst seal and blessing continues coming.


I thought this tower may be the highest grade one as I am receiving the blessing continuously but a few minuits later, I heard a slight buzz and warm feeling of Blessing disappeared and the next moment everything in front of me turned dark.

f.u.c.k! f.u.c.k! s.h.i.+t! Gasp! Ahhhh...

I heard all types of sound when I transported out of the palace and in all those voices, one was mine and the reason was the deep cut across my stomach but what I received was very light compared to other people especially one Grimm monster, he was cut into two.