Monster Integration - Chapter 540 Nightmare

Chapter 540 Nightmare

Ashlyn seemed to have broken the diamond by her earlier attack and now there are tens of small and big pieces of the Soul Tempering Diamond.

Smallest ones are a little small than the grain of rice while the big one is the size of a thumbnail. It is a good thing that Ashlyn had broken the diamond, I will be able to give some to my parents.

I wanted to keep observing more but there is barely two minuits before the time of two minuits is over, if I didnt enter the door by then either I will be thrown out or I will be stranded here.


Without wasting any time, I walked toward the door and take a step inside it.

"Michael little fast!" said my mother as she is pulling me as we ran, we are not the only ones that are running, there are hundreds of people around us that are running around us in the single direction.

There are two people around me, one is my mother and the other is my best friend Clair.

Ther horde alarm sounded five minutes ago but monsters have already broken into the town, I could hear the roar of the monsters and screams of people as they caught and eaten by the monsters.

Ariel monster has already over us and now they are attacking people and eating them on the spot, some even capturing the people and flying away.

Many people around us had already fallen prey to the monsters in front of my eyes and many more are falling every second.

My father should be ok there is a large bunker in the hospital, I rea.s.sured myself as I ran toward the bunker with mom and Clare.

"Micheal, Clair run little fast!" mom said as a more and more areal monster kept attacking and roars of lands monsters also becoming louder and louder.

When I looked back, I saw the monsters are not far behind me and their numbers are huge.

These ground monsters are crueler than the Arial monster as they are killing every being that is coming toward them.

I am feeling very tired from all this running but I am still running will my all, the bunker is just a few minuits away as long as we reached it we will be safe from the monster.

The bunkers in the town could defend even against the Liutenenet stage monster and below and I dont think there is any Liutenenet stage monster in the area around the town.

"Aunty my parents?" asked Clair as we were running, "You dont have to be worried darling, there is a Bunker next to the Bank, your parents should have gone there." replied my mother.

Hearing my mother's answers, Clair calmed down a little and tears that fall from her eyes had also stopped.

As we reached near the bunker, the crowd got bigger and bigger and lots of people had started to push and shove each other to move forward.


Suddenly a very loud roar could be heard and hearing that roar monster had become even more vicious, they mercilessly started to tear the people apart before eating them with relish while others just revel in tearing the people apart.

The monsters are real close to us, some even had approached a few meters behind us and it wouldn't take a long for them to approach us.

But there is hope to survive, the bunker is really close, it would just need a minuit for us to reach there, as long as we can survive for a minuit we will be able to survive this horde.


Just as I thought that I heard a loud cry and next moment a shadow downed on us and when I looked up to see the reason for this shadow, I saw a big regal looking snow white eagle coming at us.


The next moment, before I know it, that eagle monster appeared right above us and pick Clair in its claws and next moment it flapped its wings and flew above, and all I could do is shout her name.

That eagle's speed was very fast and in just a few seconds, it had disappeared from my view.

Seeing her disappear, I felt like my heart was pierced by the thousands of sharp knives, it had brought the pain that is hiding deep in my heart.

Something is not right? I mumbled I feel like I've experienced this before, all of it feels very familiar.

Just as I thought that everything around me stopped and the memories which felt familiar started rus.h.i.+ng at me that one moment, which made me feel like my head would explode.

This is a nightmare, it is the worst memory of my life and to this day, I still have nightmares about it.

'Now how do get out of this nightmare, I cant just crushed it apart, I thought as I look at the scenes around me.

I can tell that this is a test and which had put me into my biggest nightmare but have realized this is a nightmare and now I have to find the way.

Crack crack…..

Just as I thought that I found the cracks had started to appear around me and they are spreading everywhere, even my mother beside me stopped at a running position have tiny cracks around her.


The cracks kept spreading until they covered every inch of time nightmarish dream and then suddenly I heard a loud bang.

The next moment, I found myself in a tiny room standing on the runic circle which is s.h.i.+ning faintly.

What sort of formation is this? To take directly to my worst nightmare, if I had not found something was wrong then I would have been in the loop forever.

When I looked at my holowatch, I found it had been barely two minutes had pa.s.sed since I took a step into the door but in the nightmare, it felt like an hour had pa.s.sed.

I wipe the tears off my face and close my eyes in the remembrance of my best friend whom I have known from childhood. That horde not only took her life, it also took the life of her parents too.

That was the first and greatest tragedy I had experienced, it had left a deep mark on my life.

I once again looked around the room, seeing if there is anything I can take but this room is simply plain, except for the runic formation and door, there is nothing in this tiny room.


Seeing there is nothing, I took a step into the gate while wondering if there will be the third test or it will directly teleport me to the altar hall where I will be receiving a blessing.

When I appeared on the other side, I found myself in the Hall of Altars and there are already with three altars occupied which is really surprising as the altars didnt activate till people equal to the number of altars entered the hall.

Well, it should be not surprising either seeing the condition of formation in this hall of altars, they are worst in the whole Palace.