Monster Integration - Chapter 488 Poisoned

Chapter 488 Poisoned


The fireball crashed against the base of the flower and made a palm-size hole inside. The purple flower which had been glowing brightly instantly dimmed down completly.

Dead as I expected!

Seeing their friend dead, all three Ghosttooth flowers gone crazy and madly started to flay the vines on all directions searching for that fireball but they come across nothing and that time I resumed my attacks.

Sup sup sup…

As if blaming me for their friends' death, they started to defend against my attacks with a vengeance while trying to reach me but I am outside their range, no matter how they tried, their vines couldnt reach me.

These plants are terror with their vines, if they had the mobility like a plant monster, they would have been intensely powerful that even I would have had to run away from it.

They have a lot of steel like vines and immense vitality to boost them, even if their vines are cut they will grow anew in a minute.

Sup sup sup….

I continued my attacked but this time my pace is slow as I wasn't able to continue with the intense attacks.

Time pa.s.sed and we kept playing attack and defend and with more my attacks had started to get deeper and deeper into the area of plants.

The killing rule is such an amazing rule, it may have offensive power as normal Level 2 Rule but it had many side perks, intuition and a.n.a.lyzing is one of them.

As the battle gets longer, I started to notice the pattern of the monsters attacks and no matter how perfect one's attacks is there are always loopholes and it is the same for these three plants.

The more I kept fighting with them, the more I understood their pattern which helped me launched the attacks.

Another half an hour pa.s.sed and now my attacks could reach five meters near the flowers, which is very close seeing there is net of near hundreds of vines around the fifty-meter area around the plants.

Sup sup sup sup…'Ashlyn now!'

I suddenly increased the intensity of attacked and asked Ashlyn to attack.

My attacks have now become three times faster than before leaving vines scrambling and that exact moment, a fireball come out of the dead plant's body and moved toward the next plant.


Seeing all the Ghostooth plants are nearly connected to each other, the fireball didnt take even a second to pierce through the second Ghostooth plant killing it immediately before shooting up in the sky.

Vines tried to catch the fireball with their all but fireball was fast and swiftly flew around dodging the vines nimbly due to its small size.

Chew Chew!

When the fireball came out of the vines range, it burst open and Ashlyn came out of it. It was Ashlyn who had covered herself in the very dense ball of fire which had killing rule and Sunfire rule merged in it.

I called this move of her Cannonball as when it hits the target, it creates a very destructive force. That force is much time stronger than her fire pearls but it is very dangerous as well.

Her silvery fire pearls are the long-range attacks, she can cast them with from the safe distance but the same is for Cannonball, she had to cover herself with the dense fire and crash on the enemy which is very very dangerous.

Now that two of their friends dies, the two ghost teeth went completly crazy but also became very vigilant, it was a good thing, Ashlyn, quickly escape, even if these plants are dumb they would have able to find her in their dead friend's corpse seeing how she came out their friend's corps.

These monsters are now had become very vigilant despite going mad, they are very focused on their defense, it's like they have erected the green wall around them, no attacks of mine is capable of pa.s.sing through that green wall.

It is time to take the risk!

I had already known that at maximum I will be able to kill two Ghosttooth with that method and to kill the other two, I will have to enter their range.

I completly covered myself with the killing energy, with these plants having no eyes will be very helpful to me as my killing rule will help a little distracting their senses.

It was mainly due to killing rule Ashlyn was so successfully able to fly around the vines.

Ashlyn and I took the Ashlyn same time, she started to attack it with the silver pearls while I entered the range o monsters vines.

For this attack, we have no clear strategy. Its all depend on the chance if she got the chance she will kill if I got the chance I will kill.

As I entered the range, one of third of vines in the area came at me like a snake, they were agile and swift as a snake but I was no dum either, with my senses fully active I started to move around the vines agilely while trying to get closer to the planned.

I would have had no chance against these vines if not for Ashlyn distracting them with her attacks. Her fire pearls are may not be as much as use against these plants who have the terrifying Vitality but they still give the immense pain when they hit which is enough annoy and distract these plants.

Ashlyn had been hitting the sensitive spots on the fire and due silver fire pearls being tiny, rarely any fire pearls were defended by the vines.

Slice Slice….

I dance around the vines and those I cant dodge are cut by my sword but there was no relive as the cut vines will grow anew in the in a minuit fully.

Step by step, I get close to the flower which searching for the chance to launch the fatal attack.

Another half an hour pa.s.sed and I was able to get close to the ten meters from the flower and now three forth of the vines are concentrated one me.

Ashlyn attack!

I said and three seconds later, a small fireball rained down from the sky, seeing the fireball, the flower got alarmed moved toward the Ashlyn but how can I let them be successful.


I activate the 2nd move of the skill and large crescent-like fire arc shot through my sword, cutting all the vines that came in in its way.


With the help provided my attack, Ashely speedily came at the flower, seeing what she will do the flower had literally created the wall of vines but she blasted through it and directed crashed into the weakness of the flower.

A second later, third Ghostooth is dead and now last is remaining with controlling, it came at me and Ashlyn madly but its thirty-something vines could not be able to do anything to use as I steadily gained ground.

With thirty-something vines, Ashlyn did not even have to move out its range as she could nimbly move and attack with only one Ghosttooth remain alive.

I got closer and closer till there is only tow meters distance between us, seeing it enough distance, I started to spin swirls faster for more power and when I got enough power, I launched my final attack and so is Ashlyn at the same.

I cut through the vines and seeing that I have been so easily cut across it, it used its all vines to create the barrier around it.

Its had became even easier! I thought and directed pierced my sword through the vine barrier and Ashlyn did the same while attacking.

I felt a slight inkling of something being wrong but in the heat of battle, I couldnt do anything about it as if I retrace my sword, this angry plant may become sober and burrow in the ground.

Dhub! Pierce!

We both pierce through the defense of the flower and see how the glow on its vines receding, Its dying I was very happy seeing that as these four plants worth the fortune.

Just one of them is enough to make this trip worthwhile but now I got four, I was relis.h.i.+ng in my victory when suddenly I felt extreme pain shooting through me and when I looked at the source of my pain, I saw a vine thin as a needle had pierced through my back, very close to my heart.


I cursed loudly in horror, I was poisoned and it's essence poison, not the normal poison.