Monster Integration - Chapter 487 Omnious Ghost Tooth Flower

Chapter 487 Omnious Ghost Tooth Flower

It has been seventeen days since I have arrived in the Aferian Ruin and not only my strength had increased tremendously but I have also gained quite a harvest.

My strength is increasing at the visible rate and I am confident that in the week I will have the strength of the Two Star Elite. With the constant practice of the Body Cleansing Exercise and eating monster meat my body becoming stronger at the visible rate.

The only regret is that I had reached the bottleneck in the Body Cleansing exercise. In the last seven days, I have made very fast progress in the Body Cleansing Exercise but after I had reached the 107th pose, I cant seem to go forward no matter how much try.

I had tried many times but there was no use, I had expected to come across the big chasm but never expected the chasm would be this big, its like an unbreakable wall.

108th pose represents the 1st Major Cleaning and the last pose of 1st move, I have read that it brings a big change to the body and gives a big boost to the strength and flexibility to the body.

But they will not be the most important factors, the most important factors will be the Cleansing. The minor cleansings I have received till now would be nothing in front of it.

The cleansing will remove impurities of my body which will improve it in every way.



I took a sigh of relief but suddenly I stopped by the loud scream I heard, the scream came and stopped abruptly but it still left a mark which left me shaking.

The screams seemed very painful and bloodcurdling, that hearing all the hairs on my body stood up.


Hearing the scream, I slowly walked toward the place I've heard the scream and discovered something inconceivable.

There I saw a team six Grimm race monsters bound by vines, of six Grimm race monsters four of them in the mouth of the four flowery purple plants while the other two monsters are bound to leat later.

Ominous Ghost tooth Flower! I have never thought that I would come across this super rare plant and there are not one but four of them.

Technically this Ominous Ghosttooth flower is Hybrid, it is both plant and plant type monster. As it posses the core and intelligence as monsters but it is stationary as plant and to reproduce it seeds like plants.

This plant is extremly precious if the Blackmist flower is in the top hundred of the three lists then this flower present in the top 3.

It is the most precious plant in the list published by the jointly by the all four S Cla.s.s guild.

I am very lucky that I have able to see this plant as normally it lay below the ground and only came up when some step over where they are lying waiting.

It is impossible to sense them from below and almost all the people fall to became their prey if their strength equal to or lower than the ominous monsters.

This team of Grimm monsters is very unlucky that they have placed the foot where the omnivorous plant is hiding.

These four plants seemed to take quite a relish eating these monsters seeing how slowly they are eating the Grimm race monsters. Five minuits later they finished eating the four Big bodies of Grimm race monsters.

The last remaining two monsters were taken by two most powerful of two Ghosttooth monsters.

I want these four plants no matter the cost! The things these monsters give will be akin to having second like.

It is said that even speck on the core of the monster is enough to heal any injury on the body while its seeds are enough to regenerate any body parts within the minutes.

The poison it produced is extremly precious for the research purposes, the flower, roots and any other part of it also precious as well. Having these four plants would be worth the whole trip to the Aferian ruin.

Though the plant is extremly precious, it is extremly dangerous as well. The poison of it could make one on the spot while giving the h.e.l.l-like pain.

Every part of it is strong like steel, its only weakness is the small part below the flower.

The most troublesome ability of its is poison trans.m.u.tation, it can transmit poison through any part of its body, as lost any part of it touched my body, I will be poisoned.

Its good thing that I have finally mastered the Mid Level attack skill and it is a long-range skill known as fire arc, it can send the arc of fires through the sword.

"Ashlyn ready, we will attack in a minuit!" I said. Due to it being hybrid, it had power. Its aura is equal to the Brigadier stage and Battlepower is equal to the Two Star Elite.

The only advantage I will in this battle that this hybrid has the limited mobility but the vines it released can still move at a 50-meter distance that means in this battle I will act as support and Ashlyn will be the main force.

Due to her tiny and her silver b.a.l.l.s being more powerful, she will be able to better fight that me.

"Remember the plan!" I said as I moved out of my hiding place and attack the plants when they are about to eat the two monsters whole.

Sup sup sup…..

I launched more than ten fire arcs one after another toward all the four monsters.

Dhub Dhub Dhub…..

The plants got immediately altered and tens of vines came out of the ground and defended against my fire arcs.

Soon all the fire arcs were defended by the vines, the scorched marks left behind by the my attack vanished within the second, as not even trace left of them.

It is inconceivable that the attack that merged with the Rule power vanished within the second it made.

Sup Sup Sup....

Just as my first attacked got defined, I started to launch another but this time there is no stopping, I launched one after another with my full strength.

With me having a monster core in my stomach I won't have to worry about mana expenditure of such an attack but it takes a toll on the mental power.

My soul energy is quite high but I will still need rest for a few moments to recover the soul power but currently is not a time to rest, I have to provide the distraction for the Ashly n's attack.

I started to feel tired while attacking as it has been five minuits since I am launching the fire arcs one after another and unsurprisingly, all the attacks got defended by the Ghostooth plants, not a single one able to reach the flower.

Sup Sup Sup….

As I was attacking, a palm-size silver fireball came from the sky its speed was so great that it had reached the range of Ghosttooth vines and they tried to catch that fireball.

The fireball went inside the vines but whenever they tried to catch, it will move away skillfully, the vines tried but there was no use as the fireball was a way to fast.


Finally about second after entering the Ghosttoots range, it finally crashed against the flower.