Monster Integration - Chapter 484 One Hour

Chapter 484 One Hour

I sat on the floor with a dazed look, it had been ten minutes since I finished performing Body Cleaning Technique.

I should have been lying on the floor like a dead dog but I am currently sitting the floor, able to move my hands at my will and the shocking thing is I am feeling only slightly tired and that slight tiredness also going away at visible.

Got up and tried few b.u.t.tons on the control panel of the Abode and soon suction could be felt across the room and a few seconds later beautiful fragrance is spread the drowning the whatever foul small that had remained.

But I am still feeling the foul smell as the source of the foul smell is me, as long as I didnt clean myself thoroughly, the foul smell would not be gone.

Without wasting time, I went to the shower and cleaned myself thoroughly and only came out only when I started to smell like a flower.

When I came out, I found all the physical tiredness I am feeling is gone, if not for me feeling a little tired mentally, I would have thought I have never performed the Body Cleansing Exercise.

After wearing a fresh set of clothes, I went to the I again took out one box of monster meat and started to cook it. It is for tomorrow, after waking up tomorrow, I dont think I will have time to cook.

Seeing the effect of the medicine energy in the monster's body, I have decided to practice Body Cleansing Technique daily two times a day. The thing I was most worried about had completely vanished as through the medicine energy I could fully able to recover within fifteen minuits.

Even if the enemy attacked my abode while I am lying weak, it would still take it more than fifteen minuits to break the defenses of my abode.

It took me little more than one hour to cook the lunch for tomorrow when Ashlyn demanded to eat it again, I had already guessed that she will demand it and that is why I made it a little extra.

"Ashlyn today I will sleep first, you keep the watch!" I said to Ashlyn as I laid on the Bed.

Usually, it is I who took the first watch but seeing I am planning to practice the Body Combat Exercise two times a day, I decided to sleep first in that way not only I could practice Body Combat Exercise but I can also get time to rest my body and mind before going out, so the sleeping early is the best option for me.

I was woken up by the Alarm six hours later and when I woke up, I found Ashlyn is looking at security feed with concentration,

"Good girl! You can sleep now, Ashlyn." I said to her, chirping one more time she laid on the small bed that placed on the kitchen counter, she usually sleeps on be or bed but today she had to sleep on the small bed as I will needing the s.p.a.ce for the practice.

I quickly freshened up and started to eat the dish made of snakes meat, it feels a little weird eating this late at night but the deliciousness of the dish enough evaporated.

Before heat could spread in my body, I quickly took off my clothes and started performing Body Cleansing Technique and Supreme Combat Exercise.

I was in a hurry because I have eaten a similar amount of meat as yesterday and I know how terrifying this heat could be and that is why I had wasted no time and started performing as soon as I finished eating.

The heat started to spread through my body when I had reached the 20th pose, I was a lot faster than before and continued to be faster.

Time pa.s.sed by and the heat in my body getting higher and higher but unlike last time, I had started performing before the heat started to spread to me and I am also lot faster than last time and that is why I reached the 83rd pose without getting injured and Miracle fruit energy also came out that time.

A few minuits later I am lying on the floor tired, though I am tired happiness is clearly visible in my eyes.

I was not able to make huge progress of 12 poses like yesterday but I am still able to make go gree poses higher than yesterday. If everything went according to my plan then it wouldn't even take more weeks for me to go through 1st major cleansing.

From what I have read major cleansing is uncomparable to the Minor cleansing, the difference between minor cleansing and Major cleansing is similar to normal seal and Amethyst seal of Supreme Combat Exercise.

I had already reached 87th pose and now only twenty-one poses remain to be performed, Body Cleansing Technique had 16 moves and each move have 106.

I got excited just thinking about it but I know it will be difficult to reach the Major Cleansing because of big chasm exist before it if I able to cross that chasm I will get through the major cleansing if I did not then I will have kept trying till I cross that chasm.

Despite knowing it is very hard, I am very confident in my self that I will be able to do it. I laid on the floor for fifteen minuits before going to the bathroom for a shower.

After getting out of the shower, I laid on the bed for reading for two hours before going into the meditation room.

My Killing Rule has advanced to Mid Level of Basic stage and its power had increased tremendously, so I will have to make changes into my swirling armor as I cant use the proportions of Rule power I had been using before.

Its not a very complicated thing to do but it takes little time, it is better to do now than dong in the time of the battle.

Puff puff…...

The fire started to appear in my body but before it could fully be formed, it is collapsed. I was not surprised by this, I had already expected this to happen.

After failing the first time, I tried again and again. I have failed many times but I kept learning through my failures and kept improving till I am able to form the swirls before collapsing.

The more I failed the more I learned and through this failure, I was even able to make the little adjustment in the position of swirls so I could increase the power of my swirls.

Finally after more than an hour and half later the swirling armor finally stabilized on my body and the power it radiated is fearsome, with such power my I have nothing to fear those against those below two-star elite.

I can even exchange a few blows with the Two Star Elite before running away, now I just wanted to outside now and find the good opponent to fight, to how powerful I have become.

One hour, I just have to wait for an hour before I can go out.