Monster Integration - Chapter 483 Shocking

Chapter 483 Shocking

I have always thought that my rule of Killing would advance when I am fighting an intense fight or I or my enemy or both producing terrifying killing intent, that is when I will get inspiration to break of Low level but I have never expected that I will have my rule power advance when I am verge of death in safety of my abode.

I didnt notice that when I was full of joy due to advancement in rule, I continually kept performing and just as I reached the 83rd pose, the miracle fruit energy came out and started guzzling medicinal energy like crazy.

The b.l.o.o.d.y Ribbon inside me continuously growing and the aura of it started to get stronger and stronger.

The Ribbon quickly took the place of feather and started to suppress it, to be honest, I thought it would be Sunfire Rule that would advance first to Mid-level of Basic as it is infinitely closer to reaching mid-level, I would just need a tiny amount of insight but I was wrong.

I had understood the understood principle of Killing which directly advanced my killing Rule to the Mid-stage.

Suddenly there was slight change occur in the ribbon, bright blood color that ribbon exclude started to become soft and it's aura also started to become milder.

Though it had become milder, its might stayed the same even increased I may say as this the insight I have myself comprehended.

Most of my Killing Rule earlier was based on the Killing Rule I've sensed from the White Axe which is had the flavor of rage and madness, I had tried to stay away far as possible from that rage and madness.

When I was comprehending the Rule but that flavor of Rage and Madness affected my killing intent a little but I now I had made a big leap with the comprehension I myself comprehended and because of that there was a slight change in the representation of my rule.

The Ribbon kept growing for while before stopping finally, the aura of it became many times stronger than before, now I have the power to easily beat the 5th challenger in the Guild changed which means I am quite close to having the power of the Two Star Elite.

Even if I have come across the normal two-star elite, I will be able to run away from it with my life in my hand, I would not be completely powerless against it.

Ashlyn had somehow sensed my rule power had advanced and entered inside me and now the red ribbon in source s.h.i.+ning its b.l.o.o.d.y light on my source which in turn transmitted it to the projection of Ashlyn's source and Ashlyn source transmitted into the b.l.o.o.d.y ribbon in her source.

The insight that I have gained just now is imprinting into Ashlyn's source, her killing rule also started getting stronger and stronger until it became strong enough of mine.

I was just watching the process of imprinting when I smelled the very familiar foul smell and Instantly opened my eyes, to see my body is unconsciously performing Body Cleasing Exercise and it had reached the 84th move and because of that my body is going through the 7th minor cleansing and hence the smell.

That's not the only thing happening, the miracle fruit energy has come out it and now speedily eating the Medicinal energy.

The miracle fruit energies enting speed is still slow, as it is barely maintaining the balance in my body, as it is eating the medicinal energy the new medicinal energy filling my body from the meat that just digested.

I am not worried though, because the more medicinal energy the miracle fruit energy ate, the bigger its size will become and the bigger size is equal to higher eating speed.

So, as long as I kept performing Body Cleasing Technique, I will not have to be worried about getting popped like a balloon.

Currently, I have no energy left in my body but I still kept performing as I know stopping means getting popped up like a balloon and there one other thing that is the growth of the Miracle fruit energy.

The size of Miracle fruit energy is growing at the Visible rate if it kept growing in this rate, the process I thought which would take months to collect the required energy to help me level up to the Mid-level of the Master stage but now with this meat, I would need just three weeks maximum.

The only regret is that I am in the Aferian Ruin where I could not practice the Body Cleansing Exercise without fearing some monster would attack me and I wouldn't have the energy to defend.

But no worries, here I would mostly focus on the collecting monster and after I reached home, I will eat this meat and practice, so I would level up quickly.

From tomorrow, I would mostly focus on killing these monsters as only these monsters have what I need to level up quickly, if I collect them enough then I would even able to realize the dream that I have dreamed since childhood.

I have this confidence because the mutation that is occurring in the Miracle energy, through that mutation is only finished about 5% percent, it had increased the speed of swallowing very much compared to before.

Currently, its speed of swallowing already is five times greater than it was when the mutation was about to begin and if it kept increasing and reached at least 50% then with such speed, I would be able to level faster than I've ever dreamed.

Its finally digested! I said in my mind as all the Vipers meat I have had eaten before had completly digested and so, there will no more medicinal energy will be coming to my body.

I continued performing 84th pose over and over as I do not have energy in my body to move forward, this continuing taking all the willpower I have if not the there is lots of medicinal energy present in my body that could still heavily injure me, even kill me I would have fallen into the floor.


Bit by bit energy of the Medicine energy got swallowed by the energy of the Miracle fruit, till there is not a speck of energy remain in me and seeing that I finally took a sigh of relief and fell on the floor.

I laid on the floor on the floor like a dead dog, smelling the very foul smell that is coming out my body. I very much wanted to vomit but I do not the energy to do.

It barely had been minuit when I sensed the shocking change in my body when I casually scanned my body with my mental sense.

Seeing that I became extremly startled and heavily concentrated on a single injury with my mental sense, only to see the remaining green energy in my body healing the injuries at a visible rate.

If that was not shocking enough, a minuit later I found I was able to twitch my fingers which normally took me near half an hour to do that.