Monster Integration - Chapter 451 Killing I

Chapter 451 Killing I

It may be the pressure of Aferian Ruin or time of limits of League of legends and Continental Champions.h.i.+p, we are improving at the breakneck speed.

It has been ten-days since our new team formed and we have started hunting Black Gra.s.s Prairie, we have been killing Grimm race monsters like crazy.

We are killing so much Grimm race monster that yesterday, I have crossed the mark of the 10000. I have harvested over ten freaking thousand yesterday.

I have not dared to believe that number and checked it many times to feel if its real or not. Ten thousand Mana Crystal is not the small amount, even in the outpost, it is a substantial sum much less in Republic where even a fortune is not a good word for it.

In the past ten days, we have killed both normal and Elite Brigadier stage, not only that we have also come across the One-star elite one time but it was hogged by Sophia before Raina and I could run toward it fight it.

Sophia must seem like an Impulsive and Loudmouthed girl but she is an extremly smart girl, she never lets an opportunity go.

After that one Star Elite, we have not come across any other One Star Elite but that might change today as we have decided to go deeper in the Black Gra.s.s Prairie to specially search for the One Star Elite.

Because of the immense pressure, they are feeling, Rachel and Leo when from being beaten black and blue from the Elite Brigadier stage monster to kill Elite Brigadier stage Grimm Race monster and it is not simply killing one Elite Brigadier stage monster.

Both of them now are able to kill three elite Brigadier stage Grimm race monster and it was Rachel and Leo who suggested to deeper.

We have been quite surprised when we heard this but we didnt have to think much to know why they have said that, two days ago both of them have challenged their guilds challenge respectively and their result was not so good.

They still lack little strenth to clear up the third challenge and if they have not able to clear it in the next four days then they will have to say goodbye to the Aferian Ruin.

It is an early afternoon in the Black Gra.s.s prairie and we had just killed the team of 17 Elite Brigadier the Grimm race monster's and now harvesting the Mana Crystal out of them.

As we are getting deeper in the Black Gra.s.s prairie, all the monsters we have encountered are the Elite Brigadier stage Grimm race monsters and they are not the normal Elite but the stronger than the ones we faced before.

Since the morning we have already finished five teams of Grimm of the Grimm race monster and all these teams had 12 or members in their teams.

"Let's move forward!" Sophia said as Rachel and Leo had finally finished their harvesting.

We took our position and silently started walking through the Black Gra.s.s, with the ten days of fighting together we have developed very good teamwork and formation we used to walk through the Gra.s.s.

The four of Excluding Rachel move ahead with having little less than the one-meter distance between them so we would not able to impede each other movement but also seen where another one is.

And as always, Rachel follows behind us as she is an Archer, this formation we have learned through the many trials and errors.


Its hadn't been ten minuits since we started to walk from the previous battlefield when I had sensed the Group of Grimm race monsters and when I sensed their levels, I couldnt help but get happy for a moment before turning very serious.

What I am sensing is Fifteen Grimm race monsters, of which 10 of them are Elite Brigadier stage and five are One Star Elite but what made me serious in two One Star Elite, thy are emitting quite a powerful battle power than rest of three One Star Elites.

"There are ten to twenty Grimm race monster, they should all be Elite Brigadier stage monster but there is a chance that there may be one of One Star Elite between them," Raina said.

I shook my head, she is very wrong, It looks like I have to finally have to reveal my sensory ability otherwise, they will have to pay quite a dear price if they fought unknowingly.

"There is Fifteen Grimm race monster in total, ten are Elite Brigadier Stage monster and five are One Star Elites in which two One Star Elites is especially strong," I said softly.

Just as I said that all three of them with mouth agape as if they could not believe what I have said.

"Micheal you are still hiding very deeply." Said Sophia as she curled her lips in a small smile.

"How strong are those two strong One Star Elites than the rest of the One Star Elites?" asked Raina with a serious face.

"Both of them about 30% stronger than the normal One Star Elite," I replied, hearing that there was a rapid change on everyone's faces, especially that of twins.

One star Elite is very powerful that even a 1% increse could make a difference and the one I had mentioned has about 30% stronger than normal One Star Elite.

Sophia quickly motioned toward the back and a few seconds later Rachel came closer and everyone started discussing the plan with a soft voice. As we were discussing the plan, something alarmed me greatly but soon I calmed down seeing no reaction.

"Rachel and Leo will have five Elite Brigadier stage Grimm Race monsters each while, Micheal you will handle two One Star Elites, one of them would be stronger one while my sister and I will handle the three One Star Elite including the second strong one," Sophia said.

"Does anyone have a problem with the battle plan?" Sophia asked and we all shook our head saying no.

"Now lets attack then sneakily before then notify us," Sophia said about to move when she found a weird smile on my face. "What is it, Micheal?" Sophia asked in impatience.

"They have already noticed us and even surrounded us," I said with the dry smile.


In this group of Grimm race monster, someone had very good senses and it could be compared to sensory ability. Earlier when we were discussing the plan, they have already noticed our presence and surrounded us, os we could not escape.

"If they have already surrounded us then there is no use of hiding," Sophia said as she stood and with her, we all stood up and like I had sensed fifteen silver tooth hyena men had already surrounded us.

"Looks like rats had finally come out." said the tallest Silvertooth hyena man.

We were about to attack the Grimm race monster's, ignoring its taunt when we saw something in the hands of the Grimm race monster that made us stopped short on our tracks as our blood started to boil.

In the hands of some Hyenamen are raw human parts and they seemed to be eating it with enjoyment without care our bloodthirsty look.

"Leave no one alive," I said through gritted teeth and attack with the ferocity as the killing intent in me had risen to the terrifying degree that had never before.