Monster Integration - Chapter 450 Calm

Chapter 450 Calm

"What a day!" I thought as I laid on the bed tiredly. if one thought this is warring outpost and won't have anything to do with the fun then they are severely wrong.

This outpost has many places that can make one believe that this not warring outpost but a metropolitan city of a very developed country.

There are many amazing things in this outpost that even the Capital city of the republic dont have.

The restaurants, recreation center's and many other things and that could make gape in astonishment but all of them have one thing in common and that is their sky-high price.

The prices here are higher than in the sky though. If I had seen these prices one my first day I came here, I surely would have fainted on the spot but now they are nothing much compared to the thousands of Mana Crystal I am harvesting.

The exploration of the city was very good but I am not the happiest one, the happiest one is Ashlyn who ate at her heart content today.

Today, I had not restricted her in any way, whatever she wanted to eat I had rough for her and probably because she ate so much, she fell into sleep as soon we entered our apartment.

Now I dont plan on doing anything right now, just a long good sleep and wake up early tomorrow to start hunting again.

With that thought, I freshened up and laid on the bed, I did not quickly fell into sleep as I usually do but I still fell into sleep after ten minuits and when I woke, it was before dawn and I felt completly relaxed in both Body and Mind.

I have never had such feelings ever since I have come to this Grimm Battlefield, since the first day I have come here I have trained or practice or did something that is beneficial to my strenth but yesterday I did no such thing.

I've just explored the city, eat different kinds of things and even watched the movie. It had been months I watched one and felt quite watch one again.

An hour later, I got out of my apartment and flew toward's twins apartment building.

We have decided that whoever got ready first would wait in front of the other's building, seeing twins are not waiting I go towards their apartment building.

I had just waited for two when I saw Sophia and Raina came out of their apartment building.

"How was yesterday?" I asked despite knowing how it went, Sophia had posted tens of photos and videos yesterday.

"The Spa was really amazing!"

"You should have come Micheal, the spa's here is much much better than that of home, even now I am feeling relax and calm after the ma.s.sage I had got yesterday," Sophia said as she touched her extra glowing skin.

She had invited me to Spa yesterday but I had declined as I had made my own plans for yesterday and spending the whole day at the spa wasn't my thing.

If it would have been a thing of hour or two I would surely have accepted Sophia's invitation but Sophia had planned to spend the whole day and that was too much for me.

I've had not accepted her invitation but the other two members our team had accepted her invitation to the spa with glee. Leo and Rachel had gone to the spa trip with twins and from the photos and videos, I have seen they had quite fun.

Especially, Leo, he had looked like he was having too much fun with all the facial and ma.s.sages.

Soon we had reached the gates of the outpost and waited by our usual corner for our teammates. We didnt have to wait for long both of them had arrived within the fifteen minuits.

After they arrived we started our journey, a few minuits later after we had crossed the city gates, I increased my speed suddenly.

It is not that I had increased my speed, its just that I had switched my sky walking skill.

The sky walking skill I had been using until now was the Low-Level Knight Grade Skill but knight before yesterday, I had completly finished studying this Mid Level Skywalking skill and now I had decided to try it.

Currently, I have only two Mid Level Knight Skill I can use, first is Strength type named Giants Strength and this Skywalking skill named Soaring Leaps.

I had chosen it to be my second Mid Level Knight Grade skill because it was easy to study, this Skywalking Skill and Previous Skywalking Skill that I had used were derived from the same Peak Level Knight grade Sywalking Skill and that was why I was able to completly study it in less than ten days.

As I had activated my Skywalking skill, my gait was a little unstable as this was my first time using the skill, controlling it will be difficult but with the pa.s.sing time, I started to get a hang of it and relatively able to control myself.

"Are you trying out your new Skywalking skill?" Sophia asked after seeing I got relative control over skill. "Yes," I said while tweaking skills here to find the perfect way to use the skill.

"You got under control pretty quickly, without failing even once!" said Sophia and that exact moment I had tweaked the more than I could handle and started falling down from the sky.


I cursed loudly as I was able to stabilize myself just a meter above the ground.

That was close! If I had been a little late, I would have surely had broken some of my bones despite falling on the air cus.h.i.+on that Rachel had created in the haste.

"Thank You!" I said to Rachel and then angrily glared at Sophia if not this loudmouth mentioning falling on the ground, I would have lost my concentration and nearly fallen on the ground.

We continued our journey and about an hour later we had reached the edge of the Black Gra.s.s Prairie and stopped.

"Our hunting speed would be quite fast now that you have able to kill the Elite Brigadier Stage Grimm monster," said Sophia with a smile.

It is a fact that our two teammates are a little weak compared to three of us and because of that, each battle took longer than it should be but now they have become capable of killing Elite Brigadier stage, we will be able to hunt a lot faster than before.

We stopped after walking in Black Gra.s.s Prarie for about twenty-five minuits as Raina has sensed the monster ahead. As usual, I had sensed before her but kept quiet.

Soon we discussed the plane to hunt the eleven monster ahead of us and after discussing the plan we have attacked the eleven Elite Brigadier stage monsters.

With three of fighting three monsters each while the other two monsters are being fought by Rachel and Leo.

In fifty-five minuits the fight is over, we three finished out fight within the fifteen minuits while an extra half an hour taken by our two new teammates.

After harvesting the mana core from them, we move forward in the search of the new targets to hunt.