Monster Integration - Chapter 404 Totem Artifacts Power I

Chapter 404 Totem Artifacts Power I

Ring Ring Ring...

I woke up before dawn by the alarm and started to make my preparations.

Today we are are going to hunting in the most dangerous part of the Madeleine Swamp, Madeline swamp already one of the most dangerous low-level hunting ground and now we are are going to hunt in most dangerous Grimm race monster's are of most dangerous area.

This is going to be very dangerous, if not for Team Leader is present, I would have never dared to go there without being completely sure of my strength.

As I've said this is the most dangerous area if we are able successfully able to beat every chalenge that comes in our way without team leader's help we will have an eligibility to hunt in Mid-level hunting ground.

The team leader said that we will train in the most dangerous area of the Madeleine Swamp for four days and as far as what we will do for the last three days he didnt mentioned anything, just said that it is going be a surprise worth remembering.

I finished all my preparations within an hour and left my apartment for the city gates.

When I reached the city gates, there was only Ben present there but withing ten minuits Richie and Emma had arrived and not long after them Sophia and Reina, it is the Team Leader that arrived late.

After he arrived we started our journey following the team leader as he didnt specify on which route we are going to enter in the center of the Madeleine swamp.

"We will take a shortcut today, by circ.u.mventing the forbidden Ground we will enter the very core of Madeleine swamp," said Team leader but just as he said that all of us stopped on our tract.

Forbidden Ground! Did he just say Forbidden Ground?

"Forbidden Ground!" all of us shouted that word in shock, the forbidden grounds is the most dangerous area of the world, they found everywhere and our republic also has them.

The areas that were not even explored by powerful experts, as the simple mistake inside them could result in death.

They are simply death ground's, It is said the forbidden ground is the place where the membrane of our world is most thin and that is why chaotic energies of the outside had infiltrated through that membrane, thus creating a forbidden ground.

The energies of the outside are very dangerous and even whip of them could turn one ash with a second, they are that dangerous but it is not without treasures also.

Though forbidden grounds are death grounds, They are also treasured ground. Everything found there are a treasure and even soil of that place sold at extremely high prices.

It is said that chaotic energy that comes from outside could make everything a treasure, as long as something is being in prolonged contact with that energy it will either be destroyed or will turn into treasure.

That is why every mineral, a metal found in that place is Ideal material for crafting the Totem artifact and all the herbs that found there is used to brew the priceless potion, the bottle of potion she had left for me also made of herbs found in the forbidden ground.

The 99% that venture there die, only very powerful people could survive the onslaught of that chaotic energy inside of the treasure ground, even they did not dare to stay at that place any longer.

It said that chaotic energy is not the only danger in the awakening ground, there are many things far dangerous than this exist in that place.

I don't know if there is any truth or not in this sentence, I think it made up to thwart those daring one's who wanted to enter the Forbidden ground in search of the treasures.

"Relax, I do not have a death wish. We are just circ.u.mventing around it, we will be at least a mile apart from its boundary," said Team leader in a very a.s.suring tone.

"But going that close to the forbidden ground, won't it be dangerous?" said Emma, sounding una.s.sured despite the team leader's a.s.surance.

This is the terror of forbidden ground, one time people would be ready to go the extremely dangerous Ruin which has a negligible chance of surviving than go to the forbidden ground.

"Trust me, I've used that way tens of times in the past and it is the best way to go also as this will save us four to five hours time." said instructor confidently.

Seeing his confidence we all felt a.s.sured enough to follow him but we are still very scared about the forbidden ground.

Time pa.s.sed by and two hours later we reached the vicinity of the forbidden ground, where not a single soul could be seen.

"All, if we followed this path, then it would take us a maximum one hour to reach the center of Madelein Swamp." said the team leader and started to speed up and this time his speed is more than three times of that normal.

I have to merge nearly 40% of Sunfire to my knight grade skill to able to follow the team leader, this is the first fire he is this fast as most of the time he very careful and vigilant.

He seemed to be quite familiar with this area as he is not checking the map on his holowatch now and then which he usually does.

Except for team leader, we all very careful like a frightened rabbit, who jumped on hearing the smallest sound. The terror Forbidden Grounds had ingrained deeply in our heart, that even we know that there is almost no danger outside the boundary of the Forbidden Ground, we still felt despite a mile away from the boundary of the forbidden Ground.

With pa.s.sing time, we started to loosen our nerves little by little and started to loosen and we started to look around, this time with a gaze of curiosity, not fear.

If one looks around this area, they will find it quite normal like others are Grimm Battlefield were dense foreign energy of Grimm race but when concentrating enough they will sense another energy, which is very faint but extremely intimidating.

That is the energy of Forbidden Ground, I have heard about how intimidating it is and how just a faint sense of it is enough to shake one to the core.

Thank G.o.d its just aura of that energy we are able to sense, if it were real energy, we would have run with tail tucked between our legs.

Soon an hour pa.s.sed and we got far enough that we can sense that intimidating aura even if we wanted to.

Suddenly Team leader stopped and closed his eyes for a moment before he speaks with the smile.

"You guys are quite lucky to find Grimm race monster to fight before you even reached your destination." said team leaver.

"How many Grimm race monster are there and what are their levels?" Emma asked the main point directly. Hearing her question smile on the team leader's face brightened even more as he looked at us.

"There are fifteen Grimm Race monsters of Purple strip Tigerman race and all of them are Elite Colonel stage." The team leader said which shocked all of us as fifteen elite colonel stage monsters are very very difficult for us and we were about to shake our head saying no, the team leader said something which stopped us on our track.

"If you are able to defeat this group of Grimm race monsters then some of you able to defeat 2nd opponent in guild challenges while some of use will get very close defeating it."

" So, are you guys are up for the challenge?" asked the team leader with teasing voice.